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I managed to wear makeup to work the entire of this week and I have to give myself a pat on the back haha! This is because I rarely wear makeup to work and always look very restless. I love how makeup can enhance your features and also makes you feel good about yourself! This week, since I wore makeup to work, I also made an effort to dress up too. And I felt great about myself. :) so if you ever have a shitty feeling when you wake up for work, dress up and put on some makeup. You’ll feel a lot better. 

Sharing about my life right now: 

  1. Hmm, the past month and past week have been hectic and I am not complaining one bit. Work atmosphere is great and I am glad things are improving! I really hope to do my best and bring the company far with whatever I have. 
  2. Roy and I have less than a year to our wedding but nothing is done or planned yet because we just do not have time for it. Lol. We are always tied down at work from 9am – 10pm, and are usually died in bed by the time we reach home so we rarely have time to sit down and talk over coffee. So nothing is planned yet!
  3. I went to Bangkok, Tioman and Malacca last month in March and I must say it feels really good to be out of the country for many consecutive holiday trips. I lost track of time and left my woes in Singapore. 
  4. We are going to JB tomorrow just because Roy randomly said he wants to go to the HUGE Giant which I’ve never been to before. I am also looking forward to the Jelly Bunny store! :3 Last night, I chanced upon Jelly Bunny at Plaza Singapura and thought the shoes are pretty cute and comfy. They are also a lot more affordable than Melissa though I have to say that Melissa shoes are more solid, structured and feels heavier. Jelly Bunny shoes are priced from $15.90 onwards (that was the cheapest I saw) and I think it will be even cheaper in JB. Hehe, wish me luck! 
  5. I signed up for Snapchat (@urbandollsg) and have been updating my Dayre (@urbandoll) daily. In case you can’t find me, hope over to Dayre and I’ll be there, for as long as I can be. Haha. I’m trying to make an effort to stay active and remain relevant online!! 

All right, I’m off to put on my facial mask and get my much needed beauty sleep. Gotta leave my home early tomorrow for our trip across the causeway. Good night! 

Hello all! Today, I’ll share about my IPL treatment at Ginza Calla, Plaza Singapura. A few months ago, my sister and I decided to try out IPL treatment for our over-hairiness because we just got too sick of tweezing our armpit hair. So I posted on Instagram and asked if there were any recommended places to go. Actually we were considering Strip’s package at around $388.00 for 12 sessions (not too sure) of underarm IPL treatment. After receiving comments and whatsapp messages from many friends, all of them said the aforementioned treatment was too expensive and suggested I try other salons first.

Out of those mentioned, the popular few were Regina and Only Aesthetics. I considered Regina because they have a branch at Bishan, which is relatively near my office and home. Only Aesthetics wasn’t one of my top choices because of the location. It’s quite inaccessible. So I did seriously consider Regina since they offer quite affordable packages and is very accessible for me. However, I googled for some reviews and saw that their service was quite slipshod. Then, I went to Groupon and chanced upon Ginza Calla’s promotion. It was selling out fast!

The package was $38.00 for 1 person, and $70.00 for 2 people. So of course, I asked my sister, Kay, along! I also introduced this package to my other friends who also bought the Groupon.

In this blog post, I would like to share about the service and treatment I received at Ginza Calla. Please note that this post is in no way sponsored. Prior to the treatment, I googled for Ginza Calla reviews, but was unable to find any objective ones because all those I found were sponsored posts. So I guess I only had to go try it out myself as a consumer.

I made my appointment for consultation over the phone and experienced slight communication difficulties with the Japanese receptionist. That, I don’t blame her since the brand is authentically Japanese. And it can be hard for a foreigner to understand our Singlish accent. Anyway, I had the option of booking a consultation first, and treatment on another date, OR I could have both the consultation and treatment on the same day. I opted for having my consultation first, and scheduled a treatment 2 weeks later.

During the consultation, they brought out the contract and explained to me the Dos and Don’ts of IPL aftercare. They also did try to sell me their Unlimited Brazilian Package but I told them I’ll think about it and consider it with my sister. (I went for the consultation alone by the way) They didn’t hard sell further and in no way forced me to sign up for any package.

Actually I would prefer having the consultation and treatment on the same day because the consultation did not take long. I thought they would have to take a look at my skin and hair condition before assessing if IPL treatment was suitable for me. But none of that was done. Hence, I booked at treatment appointment for myself, and consultation + treatment for my sister.

When the date came closer, Ginza Calla called my sister to supposedly confirm her appointment. They asked if my sister could bring forward her appointment timing to 7pm. It was supposed to be 730pm. We both end work at 630pm, so there was no way she could be there by 7pm even by taxi. They told her that it was only consultation. (I remember I booked consultation and treatment for her) Okay never mind.

The next day, Ginza Calla also called me to confirm my appointment. They asked if I was going at 8pm. I said yes, and then they asked if I could bring forward my appointment to 7pm because “another customer has treatment”. I did not agree to it, and requested to stick to my original appointment timing at 8pm. They said okay.

The day of my very very first IPL treatment came, and I must say I was pretty scared! I googled about IPL treatment and the pain the came with it. Mostly said it was an “ant bite” kind of pain. I think that’s quite subjective because some ant bites can be quite painful!

Ginza Calla - 1

I was seated at the reception area while my sister went for her consultation. And it was my turn for treatment! Here is how the room looks like.
Ginza Calla - 2
It looks just like the basic IPL salons I’ve seen online, though slightly better.
Ginza Calla - 4
I was to change into a pink robe and also put on the disposable panty. My treatment was Underarm and V-line.
Ginza Calla - 3

This is their in-house machine developed in Japan.
Ginza Calla - 5

My therapist came in and asked put a layer of cloth over my eyes. Later, she also made me wear the alien caps over my eyes, and added extra towel to cover over it. This is to protect our eyes from the laser.

She started off with my V-line first……. Was it painful? YES YES YES YES!!! IT WAS SOOOO PAINFUL I was on the verge of crying. Okay wait, perhaps let me share with you about my hair condition first before freaking you out. I have a lot of hair, everywhere on my body. My hair is naturally very dark, thick and coarse. And of course, my nether regions are not spared from it. I usually go for full brazilian waxing (you can read my post about my waxing at Blush Wax) My tolerance of pain is usually quite high, I can wax any part of my body without screaming or tearing. The first time the laser was shot, I let out an “ouch”, and the therapist continued. After a few “ouches” from me, she lowered down the voltage or something, and told me it was the lowest. It was still painful.

She also commented, “your tolerance of pain quite low ah.” To which I replied, “No leh I usually do full Brazilian waxing and I wax my arms, and my legs all the time.” And she was quite puzzled as to why I could withstand waxing but not IPL. Here’s the reason: it is laser zapping on your skin. It feels like being electrocuted and pulling my skin/hair out kind of pain. I’m not sure how other girls feel because everyone’s experience is different, and of course everyone’s hair condition is different. Finally we were done with my V-line and moved upward to my underarm.

By then, my hands were already sweating. For underarm, I think there were around 8- 12 shots. Okay, NOT the entire underarm was painful. Out of the shots administered, I’d say it was painful 4 times for each armpit. Some parts were painful, some parts were not. So now I get why some girls don’t feel pain at all. It’s because of their hair. If your hair is naturally thin and fine, you should not experience much pain. However, if you are suay like me to have thick and coarse hair, please be prepared for some pain.

Ginza Calla - 8

Victory sign because I survived the “torture”. HAHAH I was really happy to be done with it.Ginza Calla - 9

When I left the treatment room, my sister was still having a consultation. It took around 10-15 mins. She asked if it was painful, I said yes. Later on, the consultant asked my sister if she wanted to give a try just to experience how it was like. They administered shots on her armpit and top of her V-line. What was her verdict? Yes, it was painful.

The therapist said we could wear deodorant the next day. My sister and I both experienced some slight discomfort on our treated areas for around 1 hour after the treatment.

And the next question I think most people would want to know is, how was the growth after IPL treatment?

I monitored my hair growth on both my underarms and V-line for a week. The growth was visibly slower.  Let’s take my armpit hair for example,

Before IPL: On 3rd day of shaving, the growth will usually be around 0.3cm
After IPL: only on the 4th day of shaving, the growth was 0.3cm.

It was not a significant impact but I could tell from my naked eyes that there was retardation in growth. Hair thickness wise, no changes.

How was the service at Ginza Calla?

Hmmm, I’ll say it was okay. The staff are generally nice and soft-spoken.

How was the hygiene level at Ginza Calla?

I did not see anything particularly unhygienic or dirty there. They did use an electric shaver on me, I’m unsure if it was sanitised or replaced with a disposable head (if there was such a product) prior to using on every customer as my eyes were covered.

Treatment and and effectiveness wise, I cannot comment much as I have not been to other salons. I’ll probably touch on more on this if I were to try out at other places. Also, since I have thicker and harder to manage hair, I do not expect instant or fast results. :)

Have you been to Ginza Calla? Or do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below,  it’ll be great to share with others regarding your experience! I would love to know too! :D

Hello everyone! How’ve you been? Recently, Roy and I had a major craving for boat noodles aka Kuai Tiao Ruea all thanks to the delicious ones we had in Bangkok a few months ago. Hence, we decided to google if there was any boat noodles sold in Singapore. And viola! We found one located at Golden Mile Complex, well, where else right? When we arrived at Golden Mile Complex, we had a hard time locating the shop as it was our first time there. We walked around and thought we were at the wrong building hahah. So anyway, we called them up and they said to go to “Diva” club.

We found a staircase that leads to the basement (not the carpark!) and found this gem, Noodle Cafe.

Boat Noodles Singapore-2 Boat Noodles Singapore-1

It’s a very small and cozy place. And it was full house!Boat Noodles Singapore-3

Lucky us managed to get a table.

Boat Noodles Singapore-4

Boat Noodles Singapore-5

While waiting for our noodles to arrive, we were busy camwhoring away because we haven’t really been going out in a long time.

I forgot to take a picture of the menu but other than boat noodles, they also serve Ovaltine Pork rice, Braised Duck rice, Chicken Egg Noodles, etc. Okay wait, I just found their menu on their Facebook page!

boat noodle menu

There are 3 steps to ordering the boat noodles.

1) Choose the type of noodles you wish to have – Kway Tiao, Tung hoon, Glass Noodles (THIS IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD ORDER!), Egg Noodles, Mee Kia

2) Choose the meat you wish to have – Pork Ball (THIS IS GOOD!), Pork Meat, Pork Liver (great for females), Beef Ball, Beef meat, Beef Liver

3) Choose the noodles sauce base – Special Sauce (THIS IS THE ORIGINAL ONE), Tom Yum sauce, Dry noodles, Clear Soup

*The noodles are spicy there, so please opt for less spicy or no chilli (not sure if they have this option) for those who can’t take spicy stuff!*

As compared to the one I had in Bangkok, the service here was pretty slow. So I had too much time on hand to camwhore.

Boat Noodles Singapore-7 Boat Noodles Singapore-8

Oh yes I recently got my brows fixed at Benefit Brow Bar @ Ngee Ann City Sephora. Please look for Jerlyn! You can make an appointment by calling 6235 8176. SUPER SUPER LOVE JERLYN’S SKILLS! I can never let another person touch my brows the same way ever again.

And finally our first round of noodles came! The small bowl of noodles costs $1.90 while the big one is $5.00. I’d say, just go for the big one right away! Unless you’re just there to try to taste out different flavours and soup bases.

The first one we ordered was the dry version because I thought this was the one we usually have in BKK. I WAS WRONG!! T_T It was still good nonetheless but the special sauce is still the best!Boat Noodles Singapore-9

And so we went for our second round of noodles. This time with the correct special sauce + less chilli!

It came with a huge portion of kang kong, one of my favourite vegetables, hehe. Roy opted for Pork Meat while I had tonnes of Pork liver. Please order the Pork ball!!!! I love it even though I usually don’t eat pork! Actually it seriously doesn’t taste like pork at all. It tastes like chicken? Idk, but it tasted the same as the pork balls I had in BKK. Major love!Boat Noodles Singapore-10

And here are our empty bowls of boat noodles! Roy ate 2 big bowls + 1 small bowl while I had 1 big bowl + 1 small bowl. The bill came up to approximately $21.00. For BKK standards, the pricing is quite expensive because the one I had was 20baht/25baht for the small bowl? And the big bowl was around 60baht.

But I guess if you were to compare this to other eateries in Singapore (not hawker centres la of course), then the pricing is still quite ok. The workers are all Thais so it’s quite an authentic experience. Though I must say the place stinks a bit hahaha. You’ll get used to it in minutes.

Drinks wise, Roy had the Thai Ice Tea which he said was good and I opted for mineral water just in case the noodles got too spicy for me to take.

Boat Noodles Singapore-13

You can try this place out if you wish to have boat noodles in Singapore and won’t be going to Bangkok anytime soon! Boat Noodles Singapore-14

Noodle Cafe is located at:

5001 Beach Road
Golden Mile Complex

Contact: 8666 6675
Operating hours: 12pm – 9pm

I was wearing Lace & Ebony’s Paddle-pop Trumpet dress and it fits me to a t!  Super love it! The material is stretchy and really comfy. I think I’ll be wearing this quite frequently to work from now on. The print comes in my favourite colour combination, pink, purple & blue! This is my first ever trumpet dress! Previously, I didn’t dare to wear trumpet dresses as I was afraid they wouldn’t look nice on me. Hehe, I was wronggggg. It’s such a flattering cut. I will post more full body pictures once I have them!

Boat Noodles Singapore-11 Boat Noodles Singapore-12

This dress will be launching this coming Sunday, 1st February! QUOTE “URBANDOLLXLE” for 10% off at checkout! The discount code will be valid till 28th February!

 Do keep a lookout for my Instagram updates @urbandollsg!


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