A while ago, I was invited to the launch of Benefit’s very first flagship store in Singapore at Westgate Mall! I was really excited like a small fangirl because I really am a fangirl (not young though) of Benefit cosmetics. Hehe, so it was an honour to be invited to their launch. Thank you for having me, Benefit Singapore!

I arrived at Westgate pretty early quite surprisingly because I didn’t want to be late for the event haha trying to kick my bad time management habit away. My plus one for the event was Hui Yan, also known as Celine (read her blog here). It was our first time hanging out together officially as we’ve been chatting on whatsapp and social media but didn’t get the chance to attend the same events together. So yay, finally!


The ribbon cutting ceremony! Oh yes, all the entire Benefit Singapore team was dressed in their signature mascot costumes. In case you didn’t know, for every of their products, they will have a signature mascot or icon for it. So here you see a group of Spy Gals from the Porefessional series and Simone. Benefitwestgate4 copy

Swear I didn’t know about the Benefit lipstick collection until I stepped into the store. What kind of (fail) fangirl did I just proclaim myself to be? :(


Brow Zings that they have so kindly gave me the other time at their Gimme Brow event! It’s a really handy eyebrow kit that comes with tinted wax and brow shadow for your brows. Also comes with tweezers for emergency use when you’re out and you see an ugly conspicuous strand of stray hair. Benefitwestgate6The next few Benefit products that I’m aiming to add to my Benefit stash is the Stay Don’t Stray Primer and That Gal!


Benefitwestgate7 Benefitwestgate8

For me, cakes are always nice to look at but awful to my taste buds.benefit cosmetics

Grabbed one, took a photo and placed it back haha. benefit cosmetics

One of their latest products the POREfessional (I love punny names!) PRO Balm that helps to minimise pores and smoothens the skin appearance. Haven’t got the chance to try this though. benefit cosmetics Benefitwestgate12Camwhore time!!


How’s my new fringe? Hehe, if you missed my previous post about my hair, it’s just right below!

Benefitwestgate14 Benefitwestgate15

Hirzi from MunahHirzi was one of the emcees for the night. I swear they make the best emcee duos! Love love love their videos! They are as candid in real life as their videos. Benefitwestgate16

Celine and I with Constance, whom we didn’t notice was preggers until she told us! p/s: she used the Cha Cha Tint for her birthday! (The coral version of Benetint)Benefitwestgate17

With Ashley from Samanthashley! Nice meeting  you and see you around at events! ;) Thank you for coming up to say hi!!


And of course, thank you Mei Ting from Benefit Singapore for having me at Benefit events. I cannot be more happy for all the invites you extended to me. To more working opportunities with you! :D

p/s: I am heading down to the Benefit counter this afternoon!! Let you guys in more on that later!


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One of the biggest decision in my past 3 years of life was to decide to snip my long fringe off, reason being I’ve had my long fringe for a long time now and was starting to get sick of it. Also, I was starting to bald on the centre parting so it was finally time to get ride of fringe. It was a scary decision to make initially but I entrusted my dear hair to Junichi, a top Japanese hair stylist at Shunji Matsuo. And he didn’t disappoint! (Of course, he’s Japanese! haha.)

Last Sunday, I made a trip down to Shunji Matsuo Ngee Ann City for my new haircut. I met Junichi, who was already standing at the reception waiting for me. So paiseh! We briefly said hi and went into the salon. I told him I wanted bangs so he flipped a few pages of magazines for me and asked what kind of style I wanted. Lol, it was quite funny because he has only been in Singapore for a few weeks and couldn’t speak English fluently. But he made sure I knew what he was getting at and even got another Japanese hair stylist (who has been in Singapore for more than 20 years) to translate for us. Junichi was really nice and gentlemanly.



Last picture of my centre parting! Goodbye hair!
shunjimatsuo-ngeeann2 shunjimatsuo-ngeeann3

In a few minutes, tada!! My bangs!!

shunjimatsuo-ngeeann4 shunjimatsuo-ngeeann5

Junichi was trimming my ends off as I have quite a fair bit of split ends. Uh oh, I actually haven’t been conditioning my hair for a while. :/


When the fringe was cut, Junichi did fringe perm for me. I always wondered how some models have perfect fringe and yuan lai it’s fringe perm! Call me sua ku but I never knew this existed. As my hair is naturally very very straight, I didn’t want my fringe to stick to my forehead so Junichi suggested fringe perm for me. Here we go!


Lol I look like I’m wearing a turban. The towel was there to absorb the excess chemical which they used on my fringe while perming, making sure it doesn’t hurt my eyes.shunjimatsuo-ngeeann8

Went to wash off the chemical after 15 minutes and this was when they were blowing my hair. It’s taking shape!



Hello bangs!


Junichi did a bit of curling for my hair.


This was a candid shot when I was trying to fix the camera settings in my camera.


Thank you Junichi! I’ll miss you when you go to Wisma T.T (Idk why he’s not smiling in this photo but he is really friendly and warm in real life!!)


With the new bangs, I’ve been receiving lots of comments that I look more refreshed and younger now. I take all these as compliments so yay! The one thing about having bangs though, is to worry about it splitting in the middle or anywhere when taking photos. That’s the only thing I have to get used to. I love my bangs! Do you? :D

SHUNJI MATSUO HAIR STUDIO Ngee Ann City is located at:

Ngee Ann City, Podium B #05-23,
391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
Tel: 6238 1522/1514

If you wish to have Junichi do your hair, find him at:

Wisma Atria, Isetan B1
435 Orchard Road
Tel: 6836 6567

Shunji Matsuo Facebook


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If you haven’t already know, Bath & Body Works has recently opened its first store in Singapore and Asia Pacific Region at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Two years ago when I was in the USA, I remember Bath & Body Works being one of my favourite stores because of all the nice smelling shower gels. I used Moonlight Path and Twilight Woods when I was staying there. :D

Bath & Body Works Singapore

Angela was my plus one that evening. It’s always nice to have her around because she makes such a great company! Thank you for being you dear!BathandbodyworksMBS2

There was a dessert table filled with lots of good looking food. Rose macarons for me please!


It was my first time trying a rainbow cake can you believe it lol! I’ve never been a fan of cakes. Well I mean I really like how pretty cakes look but don’t fancy how they taste in my mouth. Especially the cream…. Let’s not go there. BathandbodyworksMBS4

Sweet treats for all of the attendees!



After stopping by the dessert table, we made our way into the store!

Bath & Body Works Singapore 2

Be Enchanted is definitely one of my favourite fragrances next to Moonlight Path and Twilight Woods. I love all fragrances that are sweet and girly!Bath & Body Works Singapore | Marina Bay Sands

Carried Away is a more refreshing series, it is a spirited blend of jasmine, raspberries and whipped vanilla.

Bath & Body Works Singapore shower gel Moonlight Path is a soft blend of lavender, lilies, oak moss and musk. This was the one I got in the US!!

Bath & Body Works Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Another sweet smell which I fancy.


This one was too over the top for my liking. Well I like sweet notes, but this particular fragrance made me start sneezing when I smelled it. :( Not for me, uh uh.


One good thing about shopping at Bath & Body Works is that they have a full range of body products for each fragrances, (e.g. from shower gels, to body scrub to body lotions, etc) So if you like a particular fragrance, you can smell like it throughout the whole day if you use the full range hahah! You’ll be spoilt for choices there! BathandbodyworksMBS14

They have lip glosses too! Every girl who stepped into the Bath & Body Works Singapore store definitely came out with a bag or two. BathandbodyworksMBS15


Bringing your boyfriend along while shopping? Here’s a corner for him to spend his time at. BathandbodyworksMBS8

There are lots of toiletries for the guys too.


As you can see, the store was really packed. Singaporeans must be too excited about the opening of the Bath & Body Works store!


Taking my time to smell the different fragrances.BathandbodyworksMBS18

Here’s me with one of my favourite!

The first Bath & Body Works Store in Singapore and Asia Pacific is located at:
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #B2-42, Canal Level.


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