On our third day, we woke up late and were grumpy. We left our house thinking it wouldn’t be very cold but we were so wrong! The moment I stepped out of the lift, I regretted and went back up to grab my parka. We had a brief breakfast somewhere near our place.

Seoul Day 3-1

Nothing worth writing about because food wasn’t good.Seoul Day 3-2 Seoul Day 3-3

Our first stop of the day was to Namsan Hanok Village, which is only a stone’s throw away from our house!

Seoul Day 3-4 Namsan Hanok Village-1 Namsan Hanok Village-2

There is no admission fee to the place.Namsan Hanok Village-3 Namsan Hanok Village-4 Namsan Hanok Village-5 Namsan Hanok Village-6 Namsan Hanok Village-7 Namsan Hanok Village-8

We joined in the fun by playing their traditional games.Namsan Hanok Village-9

Got sick of taking pictures halfway.

Namsan Hanok Village-10

Okay maybe not, let me strike an act chio pose.Namsan Hanok Village-11 Namsan Hanok Village-12

Namsan Hanok Village-13

We spent around 1 to 1.5 hours at Namsan Hanok Village and off we went to Itaewon! Itaewon is a place largely populated by westerners and expats. The first thing I came across after exiting the subway was Lady M! Yeah of course this place is for the westerners, Lady M is from New York.

I’ve never tried Lady M in Singapore so I gave it a try here.

Itaewon -1

I love the whole vibe of the place, with the white washed walls and soft music. Itaewon -2

We ordered a Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake because it was selling out fast.Itawon -3

Couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the crepe!Itawon -4 Itaewon -5

It was soooo good, Roy and I both loved it!Itaewon -6

Yeah camwhore time.Itaewon -7 Itaewon -8

As previously mentioned, Itaewon is very popular among westerners so the entire place has a very caucasian atmosphere. Just look at the Satorini Taverna restaurant below:Itaewon -9Yep, really thought I was transported to the US or something.

Itaewon -10

The inner streets were empty so we took the opportunity to snap some photos, heh.Itaewon -11

Itaewon -16

The streets are so picture-worthy right?? Anyhow take also nice one. haha. Itawon -5

Stopped by some angmoh looking restaurant again. Itaewon -12

Itaewon -17

Our stomachs were growling by then and we stepped into a random Ahjumma restaurant. I had pretty high hopes for the food since the place was run by aunties but the food wasn’t nice at all… T.TItaewon -13

Yep this is me when I see food.Itaewon -14 Itaewon -15

Even the side dishes weren’t nice! Itaewon -18

Roy in his Ah Beng shirt hahaha.

Itaewon -19

Itaewon -22 Itaewon -20

The food looked pretty decent but were a big nono! See you never again~

It was getting late so it was time for us to head for some midnight shopping at the legendary Dongdaemun! There are many shopping malls located at that area and they open till late so you can go at 12am and still shop around.
Itaewon -21

The first mall we saw was Doota. Hmmm, Doota is filled with local Korean designer brands so the clothing are all very pricey. They go for at least $80 and above.

Dong Dae Mun - Doota

The layout reminds me of La Fayatte in Paris. I think people who are very fashion-conscious will like this mall as there are many cool looking and edgy stuff. Dong Dae Mun -Doota2

Dongdaemun map

Then we went to Migliore, Hello apM, Good morning City and Fashion Mall U. AND CAME OUT EMPTY HANDED HAHA.Dongdaemun-2

I don’t know which mall this was already, we were just walking aimlessly.Dongdaemun-3

We came out for some food and saw the famous corn biscuit filled with Vanilla soft serve. It was pretty good!


Yeah just one of those malls again.Dongdaemun-6

Here are the reasons why I didn’t buy anything at Dongdaemun:
1) The pricing is ridiculously expensive. Each piece of clothing go for at least SGD30-SGD40. To pay SGD40 for a piece of crop top is a major no for me.
2) The sales people are VERY PUSHY. They will keep calling out to you, snap their fingers in front of your face even when you ignore them, and they will follow you till the escalator. WTF
3) Once again, the pricing is too expensive. Some of the bags I saw there are sold in our Singapore pasar malams and they were selling for SGD80. I could get them on TB for less than SGD20.
4) Don’t trust the Made in Korea label because some of the things are obviously made in China but they changed the tag.


The most rewarding stuff about that night was this super tasty Gimbap we got from a street vendor.Dongdaemun-9

And the fish cakes on stick were all that we needed. Seoul had been kind on my pocket thus far. Didn’t shop for anything except my New Balance kicks. The rest of my money were spent on food. :D

We went to Everland on Day 4 and it was full of fun! Can’t wait to share it with you guys. :)


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Hello everyone! I’m here to share about my Seoul Itinerary! We travelled in early May, right after spring season so the weather was not hot yet. The air was still cooling and it was not possible to be out in denim shorts at all.

We got discounted tickets at $650 per pax, return tickets to Seoul from Singapore Airlines. Wooohoo, a pretty good deal I scored! Roy previously went to Seoul once for his business trip but did not visit places of interests during his short trip there. It was my first trip to Seoul and I was sooo looking forward to it! I mean, it’s the land of kimchi, good looking people and bingsu, what is there not to love about Seoul?

Seoul Day 1 Banner

For our accommodation, we booked it only one week before our trip. And this, I will not suggest because the Airbnb listings there are very sought after! I was initially looking at one listing my hair stylist shared with me, the next thing I know, the page refreshed itself and stated no more booking available. WHATTTTT.

Lucky us got to find a nice accessible place within our budget of $100 per night. That works out to $50 per person per night.

Our host recommended us to take the AREX Express train that goes straight to Seoul Station where we change the train to Chungmuro. We purchased the Express Pass for KRW8000 (SGD10) that goes directly to Seoul without stopping. If you take the normal AREX, it is KRW4000 (SGD 5) but it stops at 7 stops in between.

If you are travelling light, it is okay to take the AREX. But we were travelling with 4 luggages and it was tough for us to go up and down the flight of stairs at Seoul Station. An alternative is to take the airport bus. We took the airport bus when we went back on the last day, but it took us at least 2.5 hours.


The nearest train station is Chungmuro, which is less than 100m away from the train station exit.

Chungmuro Airbnb-1

The BnB was very neat, cozy and clean. I think the entire building is meant for service apartments and BnBs.Chungmuro Airbnb-2

It came fully equipped with a Queen size bed, a fully fitted kitchen with pots and pans, television, vanity table, and dining table.Chungmuro Airbnb-3 Chungmuro Airbnb-4

The toilet came with a bidet toilet bowl. You can choose to blow dry your butt after washing hahahah. You can check out the listing here.

Chungmuro Airbnb-5

By the time we settled down in our house, it was already 8pm. So we headed to Myeong Dong for some street food and window shopping before calling it a day.

Seoul Day 2 banner

Rise and shine! Our agenda for Seoul Day 2 was to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insa-Dong.

Seoul Day 2 - 2

Seoul Day 2 -1

We had an hour before the Change of Guard ceremony commenced, and we were famished. So we took a walk opposite the palace and chanced upon this little restaurant filled with locals. Anything with locals means the food must be good! We went in there without further hesitation and placed our orders. hehe.

Gyeongbokgung Palace - 2

Gyeongbokgung Palace - 3I ordered the Spicy Tofu stew which was superb! None of those I’ve tried in Singapore can beat this.Gyeongbokgung Palace - 4

I think Roy opted for Bibimpap (mixed rice).Gyeongbokgung Palace - 5 Gyeongbokgung Palace - 6

I don’t have the exact address to this place but when you are at Gyeongbokgung palace facing the road, cross the road and head leftwards. Gyeongbokgung Palace - 1

Gyeongbokgung Palace - 7

I love the colours of the guards’ uniform! The colours used were all very vibrant and fresh. Couldn’t keep my eyes off their uniform.Gyeongbokgung Palace - 8

After the ceremony, we went for a free tour. If you are unsure of the guided tour meet-up point, just ask the ticket counter and they will show you the way.Gyeongbokgung Palace - 9

I can’t remember how long the tour was, I guess it was at least an hour or so.

Gyeongbokgung Palace - 10

We learnt about the King’s daily life and how different rooms are for different occasions and purposes. I won’t post more pictures about the palace because I think it is better for you to experience the grandeur of the place yourself.

Our next stop was to Insadong, the nearest train station is Anguk Station.


Most of the stuff sold on the streets were handicraft such as paper fans, traditional wooden toys and handcrafted stamps.Insadong-2

Then we walked past O’sulloc! It was full house so we had to wait for a while for our table. Insadong-3

Insadong Osulloc-10Drool-worthy cakes and desserts! Insadong Osulloc-9

Insadong Osulloc-5 Insadong Osulloc-6 Insadong Osulloc - 4

The staff recommended us to try the Green Tea cake roll and it was AH-MA-ZING!! It was the softest, most fluffy cake roll I’ve ever had in my life. Would kill to be there right now and have this again.Insadong Osulloc-7

Insadong Osulloc-8

Here is my fiance :)

Insadong Osulloc-11

Just directly opposite O’Sulloc was Ssamziegil. I read about it online but didn’t plan to go there. But since we were already there, we went into take a look. It is a multi-level mall that is connected by upwards slope. Yeah so you just keep walking up the slope and you will end up at the rooftop without having to take a lift or staircase.

Ssamziegil-5 Ssamziegil-4

It’s a pretty unique place but would be boring to some who don’t appreciate overpriced handicrafts. I would say this is the Korean version of our Haji Lane. Many youngster were there too.Ssamziegil-2

There was a shop selling shit bread. HAHAH I mean they were shaped in the form of shit. Very cute but I don’t think it was nice.Ssamziegil - 1  Ssamziegil-3

We left the place shortly after and took a stroll down the streets of Insa-dong when we chanced upon a small alley with a lot of people.

Insadong Bokchon Mandu-2

It was a dumpling shop! It’s called Bukchon Mandu.Insadong Bokchon Mandu-3

Yeah I was the last in queue. When we finally got in, the space was very crammed and it was hard to move around without pushing people.

We ordered the mix platter and a bowl of cold noodles soup. I’d say the dumpling were not too bad, but they are a tad salty for me. Insadong Bokchon Mandu-4 Insadong Bokchon Mandu-5

The cold noodles were tasty but very chewy and took us a long time to finish. We saw this on every table so we ordered one for ourselves too!

It was getting late and there wasn’t anything for us to do in Insadong so Roy suggested we head to Hongdae. I swear Roy loves Hongdae, we probably went there every night.

Hongdae is the place for all the hip youngsters to be at. The streets are always lined with buskers dancing or singing.  There are quite a few clubs there too so I won’t suggest staying there. Or if you are planning to stay there, may find a hotel/bnb that has good soundproofing or somewhere further from the clubs. Because at 2-3am, the crowds can still be very noisy too!Hongdae -1

Yep, look at the crowd.Hongdae-2

Went to O-Lens to buy myself a pair of contact lenses because I didn’t bring any extra for the trip. So I needed a pair of backup! I got one pair of contacts for KRW15000 (SGD19) that can last for 3 months. They even threw in a free bottle of contact lens solution and casing. SO GENEROUS!! I thought there wasn’t gonna be any freebies since I bought the cheapest contact lens in the store but no, Koreans are just generous.

We roamed around and found ourselves at their BBQ street. We didn’t know which one to go so we randomly walked into Mister Cheese Pork BBQ.


The BBQ came with Mozzarella cheese ZOMGWTF!! It was damn goooood. I don’t like pork or beef but I finished them all here. Too tasty to resist!Hongdae-5

Missing Mister Cheese BBQ right now.. :(

P/s: you can read more bits and pieces of my trip on my Dayre here: https://dayre.me/urbandoll/rp6OHuFMu1


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Hello everyone! As you may already know, I travelled to Tioman somewhere in March this year for Roy’s birthday celebration. In this blog post, I will share about how to go to Tiomanwhere to stay in Tioman and what to do in Tioman.

It was his 28th birthday and I wanted to bring him somewhere he could enjoy and get away from his work. He loves beach holidays so my plan was definitely to get him to the beach. Since I had a tight budget to work with, flying out of the country was not an option. So I set my eyes on the beach resorts in our neighbouring country Malaysia. Malaysia has a lot of nice islands such as Tioman, Perhentian, Rawa and Redang, the island popularised by the Hong Kong movie, Momo Tea. Out of all the above, I shorlisted Tioman because travelling time was shorter and the waters are relatively clear, and that is great for our favourite sea activity, snorkelling!

Tioman - How to go

After some intensive research, here is how to travel to Tioman from Singapore:

1) I booked a coach from Singapore to Mersing Jetty.  (http://www.busonlineticket.com/bus-from-singapore-to-tioman-island)
– The bus ticket to and fro Mersing was around $63 per pax.
– I selected the operator: The One Travels and Tours Pte Ltd. They use the buses from Five Stars.
– The bus ride starts from either Golden Mile Complex or Jurong, you can choose. I opted for Jurong as it is nearer to my place.
– Departure time was somewhere around 6am, I reached at 5am and had a light breakfast before our journey.
– Travelling time was around 2 – 3 hours inclusive of immigration procedures.

2) When we reached Mersing, we had to purchase our ferry tickets from the jetty.
– The ferry tickets were approximately RM100 return per pax (I cannot remember the exact figure)
– Bluewater Express is the default ferry service that operates from Mersing to Tioman.
– THERE IS NO FIX SCHEDULE, hence I skipped booking the tickets in advance.
– The daily ferry rides depend on tide conditions.
– We waited 2 hours before boarding the ferry.
– The ferry ride was another 2 hours long.
– We alighted at the third stop, Tekek Village as we stayed at Berjaya Tioman Resort. Here is a map of Tioman for your reference:
Tioman Map

3) Once we arrived at the Tioman Jetty, we asked around and crowded at a shelter to wait for our shuttle bus to Berjaya Tioman resort.
Tioman - 3

Tioman - 4

The shuttle bus looks like this and it is the biggest shuttle bus in that area. If you cannot find the waiting area, just ask the locals, “Berjaya Tioman Resort” and they will ask you to wait at a spot.

Tioman - 1

Tioman - 2


Tioman - where to stay banner

So here comes the next biggest question – where to stay in Tioman? I researched and browsed through Agoda before deciding on Berjaya Tioman Resort because it is one of the biggest resorts in Tioman. The reviews were not too bad and they provide many inbuilt facilities (such as spa massage, manicure, snorkelling packages) for patrons to enjoy. I thought it was a pretty safe option, hence, Berjaya Tioman Resort it was!

I booked the standard chalet and it was SGD80 + per night via Agoda.com. It may be cheaper if you book directly from their website, you may wish to check and compare. Our room only came with breakfast, no lunch and dinner. If you book via the website, all 3 meals are included.

We reached the resort after 10 minutes of shuttle bus ride. The lobby was big and had free wifi connection. Please note that there is no wifi connection in the rooms, only at the lobby!

After check-in, we took a mini bus to our room. Actually our room was within walking distance from the lobby.
Berjaya Tioman Resort - 12 Berjaya Tioman Resort - 11

Berjaya Tioman Resort - 1

Tada! our room!!Berjaya Tioman Resort - 2 Berjaya Tioman Resort - 3 Berjaya Tioman Resort - 4

There is a dressing table area where I threw all my makeup at hehe.Berjaya Tioman Resort - 7

Roy and I both think the room was quite good and the space was not too big or small. Just nice for the both of us and our luggages.

Berjaya Tioman Resort - 8

This was the wardrobe area where we placed our luggages.

Berjaya Tioman Resort - 9Berjaya Tioman Resort - 10

Here is how the toilet looks like:

Berjaya Tioman Resort - 6 Berjaya Tioman Resort - 5

A pity it did not come with a bathtub, I think the other better rooms do come with a bathtub. But everything else was good so it was okay!

It was already evening and we were famished from the long travelling journey. Can’t imagine if we travelled to anywhere further like Redang. It will take at least 1.5 days there.

So we went to the hotel restaurant just right behind our room to order some food.

Berjaya Tioman Resort - 13

Roy had chicken chop while I ordered Nasi Lemak. The food wasn’t great but still edible.Berjaya Tioman Resort - 14

We had a stroll at the beach and enjoyed the breeze before deciding to head out for food. Initially, we attempted to walk out of the resort but we met a huge group of monkeys, around 20 of them. And I was carrying a pineapple bag and was scared they would attack me. Never mind if they took my bag, but if they scratched me, I’m sure the scars would be pretty bad. So we hoped onto our shuttle bus halfway on the road, luckily the driver took us in!

We randomly chose a Ramly burger street stall. This uncle was very nice and chatty. He said he came to Singapore 10-20 years ago but now cannot afford to go anymore as he needs to take care of his baby son. Awww~~Berjaya Tioman Resort - 16 Berjaya Tioman Resort - 15

We tried the Ramly burger from another stall on another night and it did not taste as nice as this uncle’s. This was very tasty, buttery and full of flavour. I think it must be the sauce! The other one did not have as much sauce.

Berjaya Tioman Resort - 17 Berjaya Tioman Resort - 18

We also went back with a small packet of yummy Nasi Lemak which Roy bought and ate the next day. Thankfully it didn’t spoil. According to Roy, the Nasi Lemak was good! I didn’t get to try though. :(

We called it for a day after our mini supper to rest as we needed to get up early the next day for our snorkelling trip!

Here is how we planned for our snorkelling trip:
1) I did not plan or make any booking in advance
2) There is a water activities centre within the hotel at the lobby where you can book your activities from!
3) We opted for a 9am – 4pm full day snorkelling trip to Renggis Island, Coral Island, and Malang Rocks.

Will update the next post about our snorkelling trip soon!

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