One of the biggest problem I’ve faced as a girl is, I’ve got too much hair. I’ve too much facial hair, too much body hair, etc. My body hair issue used affect my self-esteem quite a bit because my friends and classmates would always point out my facial hair (upper lip) and hair on my arms and legs. Hence, ever since I discovered ways to tame my body hair, I’ve never stopped keeping them at bay. You can check out my 10 years transformation post where I shared about how I looked like during teenage years. At around 15, I discovered the importance of eyebrow shaping.

Shaping your eyebrows is important because:

  1. It helps to lift your eyes, and hence, brighten your face. You will look more refreshed and approachable. 
  2. A set of nicely shaped eyebrows will accentuate your facial features.
  3. It gives a more polished look overall. Unkempt eyebrows make you look like you haven’t slept for ages and you definitely want to avoid that.

Here is how my eyebrows look like without shaping.

Without Waxing

You can tell that they are growing everywhere! On top of the brow bones and below them. My hair follicles are too active for their own good. Without Waxing-2

Also, you can see that my brow area has some pimple scars. I’d blame the hair for this because they tend to trap dirt and eyebrows are often one of the areas we forget to wash during our facial regime.

If I don’t trim or shape my brows, I look really tired and messy. Whenever I take a selfie and feel like I don’t look right, I know it’s definitely gotta be my brows issue. For sure!!

I’m really happy and lucky to have Benefit Cosmetics wax my eyebrows for me. With professional care, I’m sure my hair bush will be nicely tamed. :)

Benefit Brow bar

At the Benefit Sephora store in Ion.Benefit Brow bar

Here is a front view of my bushy brows. Let me assure you that they look even worse than these when they are fully grown out. Benefit Brow bar

Here, I  have the Benefit Brow Expert measuring the my face and eyebrows proportion. Let’s not forget Benefit’s Signature Arch look where they measure the highest point of your eyes and where the arch should be at.

Benefit Brow Waxing-6

You see, I told you I look really tired and unkempt with those bushy brows right. Benefit Brow Waxing-4

Applying the pre waxing treatment and wiping off any makeup on that area.

Pretty hair credits to Jerry from Shunji Matsuo 313. Quote my name “Keline” for 10% discount!!

Benefit Brow Waxing-5

The tools that will be used during the waxing session.Benefit Brow Waxing-7

The wax is shimmery!!!Benefit Brow Waxing-8

And here we go!! The first area for the treatment is in between the brows, above the nose. The brow expert applied a layer of wax.Benefit Brow Waxing-9

And then a waxing strip on top of the hot wax. And before you know it, the wax strip will be pulled against the direction of growth of your hair. In this way, it is easier to grip stubborn hair and ensure the hair will come off with the waxing strip. I rate the pain 2/10!! It’s definitely A LOT A LOT less painful than eye brow plucking or threading! I have quite a high threshold for pain but THREADING is a big no no for me. It always never fails to make me tear.

For me, I have really thick and coarse hair. Every individual strand is very thick and stubborn so plucking can get very painful at times because  you can feel the person plucking every single strand of hair out. Benefit Brow Waxing-10

Cleaning up the extra hair strands that are growing everywhere but on the brow bone.Benefit Brow Waxing-11

OMG LOOK AT THAT DIFFERENCE. The waxed brow is a lot more cleaner and polished than the other right? You can tell that the waxed brow looks a lot more tamed and neat. Benefit Brow Waxing-12

Another picture for your reference. Your brow area may turn red depending on your skin reaction but it will go away. Mine went away in a couple of hours.

I cannot be more thankful that I have discovered eyebrow waxing so I never have to go through the pain of eyebrow plucking again.

I used to pluck my eyebrows but recently it seems I cannot withstand the pain, not too sure if it’s due to my hormones or what. And also, sometimes the person may pluck a bit too much and I end up with very thin brows and overly-arched brows.

Benefit Brow Waxing-13

Here is the price chart for all you lovelies who are interested in taming your facial hair. Trust me, it makes a freaking lot of difference!!

Some pictures of me during my Taiwan trip after I waxed my eyebrows. These are all taken within 1-3 days of my waxing session.

After waxing

Ignore my fat face cheeks please.After waxing-3

After waxing-2

Nice right my brows!!

You can check out Benefit brow waxing services at Sephora Ion because it’s just so convenient! You can contact Sephora Benefit Brow Bar at 8228 9987 to book your appointment.


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Jul 22


make your own history

Didn’t sleep well last night and it’s 5.59am as I type this. I know I’ve been neglecting my cyber life and social life for the past one year ever since I started working. It’s not healthy, but I need to focus on my career. It’s too big an opportunity for me to miss right now. And I need to prioritise on what is important now that can help pave a smooth journey to my future.

Lately, things have been busy (as usual!) in the office and we are very short of manpower. We are looking to hire responsible and motivated individuals to join us so I can take on a more managerial position in the office. Went through restructuring and built a slightly bigger team last year – now. Everything seems okay, but can definitely be better. You’d think that I would have a smooth-sailing job since the boss is my boyfriend, and essentially I’m the boss’s boss. But I do not wish for my colleagues to view me in that manner. Respect is to be earned, not demanded. Hence, I have been working very hard to show my worth. I’m not just somebody with a local bachelor degree, and I’m not just a girl who takes selfies of herself. I’m so much more than these. And I am thankful that my boss, who happens to be my boyfriend, believes and sees so much in me that he has left the company in my care. I have so much more to learn from Roy though! If you know, Roy operates a few other companies so he has lots of other things to do and manage elsewhere. Right now, I’m taking charge of MOP and ensuring everything goes bigger, and better.

Currently, I am working on a project which I hope to launch in the next few months.

It’s tough, but I’m definitely getting there.

Am back from my 6 days travel in Taipei and I must say it was lots of fun! It was my first time in Taiwan and I can’t wait to go back there again. Roy had been there previously during NS days but he can’t recall much things about Taiwan so we could explore Taipei together.

Taipei banner-1

We flew with Jetstar Airways at 7.10 am and arrived in Tao Yuan International Airport 4 hours later. Our tickets costed SGD$240.00 each inclusive of 15kg check-in luggage for a round trip, pretty affordable I must say! Think we got it during the sale in January earlier this year.

Before our flight, we headed to pick up my surprise gift from Changi Airport Singapore, the world’s best airport.

Changi airport-1 Changi airport-2

Changi airport-3

The peeps at Changi Airport prepared a box of tasty macarons and a Victoria’s Secret toiletries pouch for me. How thoughtful of them!

Changi airport-4

This is the fifth year of Changi Millionaire competition!Changi airport-5

And I realised, 3 out of the 4 previous winners all shopped at the perfume and cosmetics section. BIG HINT MAYBE!? You may wish to pop by here when you realise you left your makeup pouch at home while travelling, omg the horror! Fret not, you can always purchase makeup at the airport. :D

As with all my other travelling experience at Changi Airport, check-in was smooth and fast so I had enough time to walk around the airport and shop!Changi airport-6

Thank you for the free Internet service, especially when we need to check our emails/work urgently when travelling. If you’ve followed me long enough, you would have read about my travels to other places like the Europe and USA. Having been to several countries, no other airport ever comes close to our very own Changi Airport. I mean, the efficiency and the environment is something you can never experience elsewhere. A big thumbs up to the people at Changi Airport.

pink heart border

Part One of Taipei.

When we first arrived at the Tao Yuan airport, the first thing to do was to get a 3G card. Most Singaporeans cannot leave without Internet/Data usage so we had to get it. My sister, Kay, reminded us repeatedly to buy from Taiwan Da Ge Da Myfone (台湾大哥大) as it was highly recommended by her friends. The booth is located on the right when you come out from the arrival area. There are quite a few companies there selling 3G card and the one with the longest queue (of Singaporeans) was 台湾大哥大!

Taiwan-3G Card

From the above photo, you can decide which day pass you would like to have depending on the duration of stay. Roy and I bought Plan C, which offered 7 days of UNLIMITED Data and NT$300 worth of call time. It was sufficient for our usage. The staff helped us with the set-up and ensured everything was done before we left the counter. Off we go!

After purchasing our 3G card, we followed the signs to the bus station to take a direct bus to Taipei. Randomly checked out a counter and they offered a direct ride to our hotel, realised it was called FreeGo aka 飞狗, which I read about online.

Taiwan-Shuttle Bus to Hotel

We got 2-ways ticket for our way there and from our hotel back to the airport on our last day. I think it costed around NT$200-$250.Taiwan-Shuttle Bus Freego

The bus ride was comfy with aircon and nice seats. We slept our way to our hotel!

We arrived along the road where our hotel was situated at. It was a boutique hotel with an airplane theme (hence the name, Airline Inn 头等箱). I read about it online on both Tripadvisor and Agoda and decided with this hotel because of the high ratings.

Taipei-Airline Inn

Checking in with our luggages. We went with 1 full luggage, and 2 empty luggages.

Taipei-Airline Inn2 Taipei-Airline Inn3

When we first stepped into the hotel, we thought it was a bit small but when we settled down and placed our stuff, it was not bad!

Taipei-Airline Inn4 Taipei-Airline Inn5 Taipei-Airline Inn8

Taipei-Airline Inn7

I liked the toilet as it was clean and very organised. They made use of all the available space very well. Taipei-Airline Inn6

The bathroom did not come with a bathtub, but that was okay with us! The shower area was quite spacious.

How to go to airline inn

It is less than 100m walk away from the train station.

My rating for the hotel:

The hotel is situated near Xi Men Ding (西门町) Exit 6, which is the exit you need to get out of when going to Xi Men Ding. It is also near famous food stalls like Ah Zhong Mian Xian (阿宗面线 )and Yong He Dou Jiang (永和豆浆). Ah Zhong is just downstairs!!  If you are hungry at night, you can just head to Xi Men Ding to buy some street food or from the many 24/7 convenience marts.
The service staff were all very friendly and approachable. They never failed to greet us whenever we left the hotel or came back in the night. Always willing to help check on our next destinations and recommend nice places around.

It costed us SGD$130.00 per night, so it was SGD$65.00 per person for one night. Thought it was pretty reasonable given the accessibility and comfort.
Hotel room was very clean and organised as per above photos. There was everything we needed, a chiller, a hair dryer (very important for ladies!), comfy fluffy bed. Housekeeping was done everyday too. For the more eco-conscious travellers, you may opt to change your bedsheets only when you want to and not on a daily basis.
Other facilities:
TV Channels played many famous American movies so it was good for us. You can switch to their variety channels. Please do not expect bathtub, swimming pool and a gym.

If there is something I do not like about the hotel:
While the hotel is situated at a prime area, people with a very bad sense of direction might not be able to locate it as it isn’t a very big or grand hotel building that is a landmark by itself. It is located on the 8th floor of a building. You will need to find the lifts on the first floor of the building behind some clothing shops. Roy and I found the lifts very quickly because I saw the signs and we are quite good with directions. On the 9th level, there is a dance studio with ongoing dance classes from 2pm – 8pm. It didn’t affect us much since we were out in the day but if you have a bad headache or are sick during your stay and need to rest in the hotel, the dance classes may annoy you.

Taipei Airline Inn Rating

pink heart border

Moving on, our Taiwanese friends, Shao Qing and Jia Wei, came to pick us from from the hotel. I met Shao Qing during my stay in the US a few years ago. We hit it off almost immediately then. He visited Singapore around 2-3 times since 2011 and it was time for me to go there to visit him instead. Jia Wei is Shao Qing’s friend who came to Singapore the other time and we brought both of them around. :)


Saw a street food stall that sold quail eggs, it was NT$20 for a stick. Above is Shao Qing trying to pay for me haha.

Xi Men Ding-2

Xi Men Ding-1

Didn’t enjoy smelly toufu (臭豆腐) throughout our entire trip haha.

Xi Men Ding-3

Our friends brought us to a famous braised food shop that sold all kinds of braised meat. Braised duck tongue, braised veggies, braised chicken feets, braised intestines, etc.

Took the train to our first stop to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (中正纪念堂). Check out the guys who were travelling with me, all standing at 1.8m.

Taipei MRT-1

So this is their view of me HAHAHA, from Roy’s eye view. Must have been tiring for them to be talking to me the whole time.

Taipei MRT-2

Left: Shao Qing, Jia Wei, me.

Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-1

We arrived at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (中正纪念堂) pretty quickly since it was only a few MRT stops away.Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-2

It drizzled a little so the sky was gloomy and the surroundings were damp.Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-3  Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-6

Of course, a couple selfie with the iconic monument.Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-7

Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-8

We rushed through the museum as we were told by the staff that the flag ceremony was going to start at 6pm. Thankful that they informed us, otherwise we would have missed it!

Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-9Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-10

Out of nowhere, the guards appeared and started marching towards the podium. You can see the puddles of water on the floor from the slight rain that occurred earlier. Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-11

After the ceremony, we walked pass the Presidential Office Building (总统府)Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek Memorial-12

Alas, it was time to visit the famous Shihlin Night Market (士林夜市)!

Taipei- Shilin Night Market-1

We took the MRT to Jian Tan Station (剑潭). The night market is easily accessible by crossing the road opposite or going through the underpass.Taipei- Shilin Night Market-2

It felt like my lifelong dream to visit Shihlin Night Market as I used to watched  a lot of Taiwanese variety programmes when I was young and they always featured this place. Lol.

Taipei- Shilin Night Market-3

The first street stall we came across was selling fried milk!? (炸鲜奶) Yes, she was frying solidified milk. Tasted somewhat like custard to me.

And then we went to the underground eating area which was FULL OF PEOPLE as you can tell from the photo below.

Taipei- Shilin Night Market-13

We had to squeeze around and all the shops were selling the same stuff, fried crabs, fried squids, oyster omelette, braised meat rice, etc.

Taipei- Shilin Night Market-4

Then we randomly settled for a shop and started checking out what they had to offer. Taipei- Shilin Night Market-5 Taipei- Shilin Night Market-6 Taipei- Shilin Night Market-7

Basically they only had 8 items on their menu, namely,
1) Oyster Omelette (鸡蛋蚵仔煎)
2) Prawn Omelette (鸡蛋虾仁煎)
3) Mixed Omelette(鸡蛋综合煎)
4) Smelly toufu (臭豆腐)
5) Deep fried fish cake (基隆天婦罗)
6) Fried Shrimp rolls (现炸虾卷)
7) Squid with Vegetables (生炒花枝)
8) Braised meat rice (卤肉饭)

 Taipei- Shilin Night Market-8

Their oyster omelette came with a sweet orange coloured sauce. A weird but tasty combination. Taipei- Shilin Night Market-9

Smelly toufu, didn’t like it, never will. :/ Taipei- Shilin Night Market-10

This is the “fried” squid with vegetable. It’s a sweet starchy dish.Taipei- Shilin Night Market-11

Braised meat rice! The must-eat whenever you’re in Taiwan! Most of the braised meat rice are only about NT$20-$30 and they come in a very small bowl. Taipei- Shilin Night Market-12

Jia Wei, Shao Qing and me.

Onward to more food adventures! Taipei- Shilin Night Market-14 Taipei- Shilin Night Market-15

Think we were buying milk tea or mango smoothie.Taipei- Shilin Night Market-16

Ah this stall had a longggg queue but too bad we don’t take beef. But it was very tempting! Taipei- Shilin Night Market-17

Just look at how they torched the beef cubes.

Overall, Shihlin Night Market was a good experience and very very convenient to go to. In fact, we returned a few other nights because of its location and to play the street games!

how to go to shilin night market

Opening hours: 17:00-24:00

After some aimless walking, we went to Ning Xia Night Market (宁夏夜市).

Taipei- Ning Xia Night Market-1

Ning Xia Night Market is a lot more popular with the locals and relatively small as compared to Shihlin or the other night markets we went to. But let me tell you, it’s a rare gem! Luckily we had our taiwanese friends bring us there. It’s entirely open without shelter, unless you walk into the more established shops. There were a lot of great food finds and snacks.Taipei- Ning Xia Night Market-2

Our first stop was this Mua Chee Ice stall that bought us all away. Okay, especially Roy!!! He couldn’t stop talking about it the entire trip and kept wanting to return there but we didn’t manage to go back. Taipei- Ning Xia Night Market-3

They were cooking the mua chee on the spot. Who knew mua chee looked like this?Taipei- Ning Xia Night Market-4

Catching up while waiting for our dessert to be served.Taipei- Ning Xia Night Market-5

A special combination of warm, freshly cooked mua chee with ice and topped with sesame seeds. Think we had peanuts at the bottom too. You can choose from red beans, peanuts, yam, etc. (NT$40)Taipei- Ning Xia Night Market-6

Greedy me couldn’t resist this stall that sold deep fried potato stuffed with all sorts of stuff. I chose the Mozarella cheese filling!!! Super yummy!! No pictures of me eating it because I devoured it. Taipei- Ning Xia Night Market-7

It was 11pm by then and we were all dead beat. Took the train back to Xi Men Ding and headed to our hotel for a night’s rest because we had to wake up at 6am the next day!

Ning Xia Night Market is located at:

How to go to ningxia night market

Nearest MRT Stations: Shuang Lian 双连MRT 双Zhong Shan 中山 MRT.

Operating hours: 18:00-24:00

I’m trying to churn out the next post ASAP so that I will not have backlogs. T.T My Europe trip isn’t even half done yet haha. Hope I can finish my Taipei blog posts within the next few weeks because a lot of people are travelling there soon!

Taipei Day 2 – Yehliu Geopark (野柳)| Gold Ecological Park 金瓜石 | Jiufen (九分)| Keelung Miao Kou Night Market (庙口夜市@基隆)


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