In the morning of our Taipei Itinerary Day 5, we visited Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (国父纪念馆). Okay hang on, we had breakfast at this (apparently) famous Goose Shop near our hotel. So we went in…. thinking that they serve DUCK, oh yes we did. So we happily ordered a (thankfully) small plate of DUCK thinking we could finally sink our itching teeth into tender, juicy, braised duck meat that we love.

And this plate of “DUCK” was served to us.

Taipei Day 5 - Goose meat-1

We thought it was duck.. until the texture was hard, rubbery and it tasted very salty. And I need to mention there was a weird smell coming from the meat. Then I looked up and stared really hard at the menu and signboard, before coming to a realisation that it was GOOSE MEAT, NOT DUCK MEAT. Oh my lord were we petrified. LOL.

Taipei Day 5 - Goose meat-2

Erm yeah so, we did finish the noodles but not that plate of hard rubbery meat on the left.

On our way to the metro (Xi Men Ding), we saw a long queue for pineapple juice. And being typical Singaporeans, we queued up for it too!

Taipei Day 5 - Xi Men Ding Pineapple Drink

Taipei Day 5 - Xi Men Ding Pineapple Drink-2

We ordered a small size of regular pineapple juice that came with 2 slices of pineapple. Didn’t taste impressive and tasted like the canned pineapple we can get at the grocery store in Singapore. So don’t queue for this!

Taipei Day 5 - Xi Men Ding Pineapple Drink-3

Sadgirl90 decided to have a cup of bubble milk tea instead to cleanse my palate. HAHAH. After the weird goose breakfast and mediocre pineapple juice.

Back to serious business, we hopped on the train and headed to our first destination. The nearest station is of course, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall station. You can follow the signage in the metro station to get to the memorial hall.

Sun yat sen memorial hall banner
Taipei - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall-4

Over there, before we were greeted by the huge grand palace, we were faced with A LOT A LOT OF TOURISTS. There were many tour buses bringing groups and groups of aunty-tourists there. We took a short walk around the place, unimpressed because mainly we were disturbed by the uncouth behaviour of the tourists. :S There were many small groups of local dancers practising their dance routines, not too sure if it’s a daily affair or if there was a dance competition later on. Anyway, the nice attendants told us the change of guards ceremony was starting soon.

*The change of guards ceremony happens daily, every hour.*

It was similar to the one we saw at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, except this time with a lot more rude people around pushing and nudging us. So we left the ceremony halfway and headed for the exhibition room.

Taipei - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall-1 Taipei - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall-2 Taipei - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall-3  Angsty girl using my phone to serve the net instead of indulging in the cultural heritage site. hmmm.

Taipei - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Taipei 101
From there, you can also catch a glimpse of Taipei 101 tower. We did not include this is our itinerary because.. we weren’t gonna pay admission fees to stand on top of a tall building.

Taipei - SOGO Food

We later went to SOGO to pick up my Babyliss hair curler I reserved the other day woooo~~! Best thing that ever happened to me during this Taipei trip was to acquire myself a set of Babyliss Miracurl! I’ve been yearning so so so much for it but couldn’t get it in Singapore without worrying that it’s a knock-off. And paying $100-$200 for a knockoff is not worth it. I read online somewhere that the price was around $200 and if I ship it over it would be $300-$400 so I gave it a miss the other time. And Roy, knowing that I wanted it very very very much, DECIDED TO PURCHASE IT FROM QOO10 for my birthday present last year. OH MY GOSH. Luckily I heard his conversation with my sister that afternoon so I had him immediately cancel the transaction because I’d rather pay for a good quality, real product than paying a hundred for a fake product. Anyway we got it from SOGO, a departmental store, so I reckon it should be real. Paid around $200 for it, and was made a VERY HAPPY GIRL.

If you’re curious, here is how it looks like and how it works:
babyliss miracurl

I’ve tried it quite a few times. While I’m not a pro at it, I must say it really did help me achieve the curls I wanted, fuzz-free and without having to burn myself with the traditional curling tongs. I’m extremely clumsy so this is a good enough product for me. Though I really wish I can create different hair styles with a proper curling iron.. But let’s leave that to next time. You can check out my curled hair in my Instagram photos the past few months.

Our next stop was to Shi Da Night Market (师大夜市).

Shi Da night Market banner

Directions to Shi Da Night Market: Take the Red/Green Line to Taipei Power Building Station (台电大楼站). The market is located along both Shi-Da road and in the alleys off both sides.

Taipei - Shi Da Market-1

It was raining when we got there so we stopped by a nice bakery for shelter. We got some Japanese cheesecake while there. It was not bad!

Taipei - Shi Da Market-2

We got lost after walking for 10 minutes so we asked a random person on the streets and they told us it was just a turn into the alley ahead. What I learnt in Taipei is that, everyone is very friendly and ready to help. They are willing to share. Although some people may look engrossed in their own things (cooking/using their phones), whenever I asked them for directions, they would always be most willing to share with me how to get there in the shortest possible time. Whenever I said thank you (谢谢)to them, it would always be responded with, “No need” (不用)。TAIWANESE SO NICE!!!!

Taipei - Shi Da Market-3

Taipei - Shi Da Market-4

Roy wanted to try the  生煎包. I think he said it was not bad. I didn’t eat this.

After some shopping, we saw a huge crowd outside a braised food stall. It’s called 台北平价卤味. I don’t think you can miss this because there will be a queue there.

Taipei - Shi Da Market-6


Basically it’s like Singapore’s version of Yong Tau Foo in soya sauce.Taipei - Shi Da Market-5

Taipei - Shi Da Market-7



This was our plate of Braise Yong Tau Foo haha. It was okay, wouldn’t say it was very delicious but we did finish this. Can’t remember how much we paid for this, maybe $10?

My verdict about Shi Da: You can get really cheap clothes here, I got some for $5-$10. (In SGD of course la hor) I didn’t shop much throughout this trip but got the most stuff from Shi Da Night Market. You can get clothing at 2 for $13, etc. Quite good deals. But please please do not expect the quality to be tip top I must repeat this whenever I talk about cheap deals. There is also a big stationery store where I spent close to 2 hours in. OMG did you know I’m a super stationery hogger? I love love LOVE all cute stationeries and can never resist myself. By the way, the top shops that I can never step into in Singapore, (self-imposed ban) are: 1) Watsons 2) Popular 3) Sephora. There are not many cute stationery shops around in Singapore so I always go to Popular. LOL.

After Shi Da, we went to Shi Lin Night Market to play some games. Hehehe. There were many booths where you can catch fishes for fun or catch prawns, and later grill them to eat. We chose the booth where we could just catch prawns for fun and not eat them later because… Roy is against it HAHAH. Anyway, it was super fun nonetheless! A pity we didn’t managed to snap some photos because we were happily playing~~

Here I will share with you guys my Taipei loots…Taipei - loots
HAHA MOSTLY CUTE STUFF RIGHT??Stationeries from the right were all bought from the stationery shop at Shi Da Night market! Taipei - loots-3These thinnly sliced Bak Kwa were from Jiu Fen. Taipei - loots-2

OMG MY CUTE PLUSHIES!! Okay let me share with you.
From the top is a 1) Rilakumma mini pillow which ROY WON FROM SHI LIN NIGHT MARKET GAME!!! HEHE the game we played was hitting a water balloon that was coming down from a slide. I think you get 5 water balloons, and if you hit 3 balloons or more, you can get the grand prize. And so we did!! YAY!!

2) Clockwise down: Little Red Riding Hood Hello Kitty from where else.. MCDONALD’S OF COURSE! I was away in Europe when this series was launched in Singapore so lucky me managed to get this in Taipei.

3) Stitch, Minnie Mouse and Jack Union Pouches were from Jiu Fen. $4 each.

4) Rilakumma couple plushie in the middle: a very random lady was selling them in the middle of Xi Men Ding at 11pm one night. We got this set at only $10. SIMI SAI OF COURSE MUST BUY! This would probably set us back at $39.90 or more in Singapore.

5) Purple and Pink Bunny Plushie were won from Rao He Night Market UFO catcher machine. I’m so sorry I just realised I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO WRITE ABOUT THOSE UFO CATCHER MACHINE IN MY RAO HE POST BECAUSE YOU CANNOT MISS THEM. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN CATCHING THEM!! We only spent $2-$5 on each plushie.
- The bunnies were caught after around 3 – 5 tries
- The banana keychain was caught only after 1 try
- The stitch was caught after 2 tries
Roy and I are very bad with games and can never win ourselves anything from such machines but this particular shop in Rao He was amazing lol!!

*You must go to nice shops where you can actually, really, catch the plushies instead of those scam shops that you can never ever get the plushies until you spend $30 or something. HMPF. So please look around first and analyse the machines before you play!*
*Fun fact: Roy & I actually spent $27 in Singapore to catch a Hello Kitty Plushie key chain the size of a computer mouse…… -_-….

We ended our exciting night with some comfort food from a shop at Xi Men Ding. We had it ta bao-ed (take away) and had it in our hotel.
Taipei - Xi Men Ding supper

The next post will be on our adventure at Yang Ming Shan, stay tuned!

Taipei Day 1 - Air Line Inn Hotel (头等舱)| Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall |Xi Men Ding(西门町
Taipei Day 2 - Fu Hang Dou Jiang | Yeh Liu Geo Park (野柳) | Jin Gua Shi 金瓜石 | Jiu Fen Street  九分)| Kee Lung Miao Kou Night Market(庙口夜市@基隆)
Taipei Day 3 - Mao Kong Gondola (猫空缆车) | Shi Fen Old Street (十分老街) | Shi Fen Waterfall (十分瀑布)
Taipei Day 4 – Ah Zhong Mian Xian (阿宗面线) | Yong He Dou Jiang (永和豆浆)| Hello Kitty Exhibition | Wu Fen Pu (五分铺) | Rao He Night Market(饶河夜市)
Taipei Day 5 – Breakfast at Xi Men Ding | Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (国父纪念馆)| Shi Da Night Market (师大夜市)


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On the fourth day of our Taipei Itinerary, we had Ah Zhong Mian Xian as it’s located just right below my hotel. Personally, I didn’t really like it as the pig intestines were too overwhelming for my liking. Roy liked it a lot thought! I guess I’m just too picky!

Taipei - Ah Zhong Mian Xian-1

Since I didn’t eat much of Ah Zhong Mian Xian, we headed to Yong He Dou Jiang for PROPER breakfast! It is only within walking distance from my hotel. Love the location of my hotel, so much good food around and very accessible!Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang  Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang-4 Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang-5 Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang-6

The eatery was full-house so we could only order takeout. Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang-7

Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang-3

Happy me with my you tiao (dough sticks) and soy bean milk!

Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang-8 Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang-9 Taipei - Yonghe Dou Jiang-10

After filling our hungry stomachs, we finally went for the Hello Kitty Exhibition. We took the train to Song Shan Cultural and Creative Park.

Taipei - Hello Kitty - 2

Very surprisingly, there wasn’t much of a queue.Taipei - Hello Kitty -3 Taipei - Hello Kitty -4 Taipei - Hello Kitty -5

There were quite a bit of people in the merchandise section but not many people were buying anything because it was so freaking expensive!!

Taipei - Hello Kitty -6

Taipei - Hello Kitty -8

Taipei - Hellokitty-1

  Taipei - Hello Kitty -15 Taipei - Hello Kitty -14 Taipei - Hello Kitty -13 Taipei - Hello Kitty -12 Taipei - Hello Kitty -11 Taipei - Hello Kitty -10 Taipei - Hello Kitty -7

After the exhibition, we went to Zhong Xiao East Road to hunt for Dazzling Cafe. It was highly recommended by a few of my friends. However, we walked around the whole place but couldn’t find it!! So we settled for this cafe which looked pretty promising. It’s called Dante Coffee. (Just checked out TripAdvisor and saw good ratings for it!)

Taipei - Dante Cafe -1 Taipei - Dante Cafe -2 Taipei - Dante Cafe -3 Taipei - Dante Cafe -4

THIS WAS A PLATE OF SGD 6 EGGS BENEDICT DISH WTFFFFF!!!! COME GIVE ME 10 OF IT!!! For SGD 6, the quality of the food is fine! I would pay for this than any other $20 bucks mediocre brunch in Singapore. However, please do note expect 5 star standards for the price you are paying okay. Taipei - Dante Cafe -5

The cafe is air-conditioned and divided into 2 levels. Basement 1 and level 1.Taipei - Dante Cafe -6 Taipei - Dante Cafe -7

We were full from brunch and walked around.. Then we chanced upon quite a bit of nice cute cafes around!

Taipei - Dante Cafe -8 Taipei - Dante Cafe -9

After getting lost around Zhong Xiao East Road, we returned to the metro and went to Hou Shan Pi station for Wu Fen Pu.

Taipei - Wufenpu -1Perhaps because I wasn’t in shopping mood, or maybe because the clothing wasn’t really my style, or maybe the clothing were more suited for autumn season, and since I probably won’t need much autumn clothing in Singapore, I left the place only with 4 pieces of clothing I think. Taipei - Wufenpu -2 Taipei - Wufenpu -3 Taipei - Wufenpu -4

The highlight of my trip to Wu Fen Pu was the Wa Kueh (in Hokkien), made of white radish, drenched in sweet sauce and accompanied by some cai po (preserved turnips)Taipei - Wufenpu -5 Taipei - Wufenpu -6 Taipei - Wufenpu -7

We randomly walked into a shop and ordered Pork cutlet rice. It wasn’t as nice as the one we had at the Jin Gua Shi park. After the meal, we decided that was enough of Wu Fen Pu for us.

Next stop was Rao He Street Market (饶河夜市). It’s a 800m walk from Hou Shan Pi metro station.

Taipei - Raohe Night Market-1 Taipei - Raohe Night Market-2 Taipei - Raohe Night Market-3

We chanced upon a stall selling roasted pork and wanted to give it a try although roasted pork is also easily available in Singapore. Hahah, but we don’t see it at our night markets! Taipei - Raohe Night Market-4

Oh oh and there were a few Teppanyaki restaurant that were very crowded so we decided to try it too!!Taipei - Raohe Night Market-5 I think we only spent around SGD 10 in the restaraunt. It’s so affordable! I think a teppanyaki meal in Singapore would probably set us back at SGD 40-50 at least.Taipei - Raohe Night Market-6

And it was desserts time! Mango shaved ice with flavoured nata de coco!Taipei - Raohe Night Market-7 Taipei - Raohe Night Market-8 Taipei - Raohe Night Market-9

And the famous Hu Jiao Ping (Pepper bun). The texture is soft and chewy on the outside. Shiok shiok!!Taipei - Raohe Night Market-10

You can also find it at Shi Lin. The one at Rao He has a superrrrrrrrrrr long queue. The one at Shi Lin doesn’t have any queue at all lol! So if you miss the one here, you can try Shi Lin! :)

Taipei Day 1 - Air Line Inn Hotel (头等舱)| Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall |Xi Men Ding(西门町
Taipei Day 2 - Fu Hang Dou Jiang | Yeh Liu Geo Park (野柳) | Jin Gua Shi 金瓜石 | Jiu Fen Street  九分)| Kee Lung Miao Kou Night Market(庙口夜市@基隆)
Taipei Day 3 - Mao Kong Gondola (猫空缆车) | Shi Fen Old Street (十分老街) | Shi Fen Waterfall (十分瀑布)
Taipei Day 4 – Ah Zhong Mian Xian (阿宗面线) | Yong He Dou Jiang (永和豆浆)| Hello Kitty Exhibition | Wu Fen Pu (五分铺) | Rao He Night Market(饶河夜市)
Taipei Day 5 – Breakfast at Xi Men Ding | Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (国父纪念馆)| Shi Da Night Market (师大夜市)


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