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  • Butter Lifestyle Store in Hongdae, Seoul

    If you are a fan of Daiso, Miniso and similar lifestyle store, then you definitely have to pay a visit to Butter when in Seoul. Butter is a one-storey store with lots and lots of cute items you won’t want to miss. I was *__* the whole time I was there. I mean, I’ve been to Daiso and Miniso and various stores in SG and Butter was a refreshing change!

    What sets Butter apart from Daiso is that the items are mostly very aesthetically pleasing. You will get the idea as you scroll down this post. I was looking at the pictures while preparing this post and something struck my mind. Ah, it feels like Typo! Yes yes it does in many ways.

    If you wanna spice up your home design, then please visit Butter. You won’t regret it, trust me.

    However, please note that unlike Daiso, Butter does not have a fixed price system where most items are priced the same. Every item has its own price tag! Some I found were a bit too expensive for me, I may be able to get a similar item somewhere else at a cheaper price. Some I found were quite worth it. So… please allocate enough time here as well lol!Butter Seoul - 1

    Like the 8 storey Daiso that I went, they had a section dedicated for sakura printed items as it was cherry blossom period. Butter Seoul - 2

    If you look closely, the transparent tooth brush handles have small petals in them. So pretty!Butter Seoul - 3

    Moomin, right?Butter Seoul - 4

    Look at these super cute tents for your pets!!! I have contemplated for about 2 years now to get one for Peanut but still haven’t gotten it due to space constraints at home T_TButter Seoul - 5

    They have dog clothing too hehe. Butter Seoul - 6

    Trinkey trays, holders and accessories holders.Butter Seoul - 7 Butter Seoul - 8

    And not to forget, some super soft plushies!Butter Seoul - 9 Butter Seoul - 10

    Cards and stationeries. I can imagine this place getting flooded with people during the Christmas season.Butter Seoul - 11

    Mini games! Great for small group bonding if your friends are over for some drinks of steamboat session.Butter Seoul - 12 Butter Seoul - 13

    I love the diffusers! I got 4 of them haha. Butter Seoul - 14 Butter Seoul - 15

    The cherry blossom scented one was my favourite, hehe. Butter Seoul - 16

    Some scented sachets. I got them as well and placed one in my wardrobe!Butter Seoul - 17

    Mini rustic hand bouquets.Butter Seoul - 18

    Mini succulents. I think those are real!Butter Seoul - 19

    This reminds me of stepping into a Smiggle store.Butter Seoul - 20 Fairylights and the likes.Butter Seoul - 21 Butter Seoul - 22

    Gahhh wooden plates and trays.Butter Seoul - 23

    I bought the pink cloud Hello floormat! Butter Seoul - 24

    Bath items.Butter Seoul - 25

    Almost wanted to bring all the floormats home cos they were too cute!Butter Seoul - 26

    Got one of them for a good friend’s new house!Butter Seoul - 27 Butter Seoul - 28 Butter Seoul - 29

    Tumblers!! I am a big fan of tumblers cos I just like drinking water out of one. Got the purple rainbow one with sparkly glitter inside hehehe. You would have thought I got the watermelon one right? No cos my friend already bought a watermelon tumbler for me from Perth lolol!! These were about SGD8 each.

    I spent about SGD100 there buying gifts for my friends. If you watched my Seoul Vlog, I bought 4 cherry blossom printed umbrellas! Hope you’ll have a great time there!

    Butter is located at Hongik University Station, Exit 1.

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