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  • 5 Tips to ensure great feminine health with Betadine!

    Have you ever experienced itchiness in your feminine area? Or perhaps a thicker discharge during a certain period of the month? If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are you’re neglecting your vagina health. Other than our facial complexion, let’s not forget our privates downunder do deserve extra care too. And daily care at that I mean!


    Today, I would like to share some tips in maintaining good vagina health after attending an intimate sharing session with Betadine held at Mundipharma, the makers of Betadine, a few weeks back. Since then, I have been observing and practising the tips I’ve learnt in ensuring a healthy and clean intimate area.

    1. Cotton material is the preferred underwear material as it allows the skin to breathe and absorbs moisture. For a person with dry and sensitive skin, I always avoid silk or polyester panties as these materials may irritate my skin. If you take a look at my lingerie collection, you’ll find 99% of them are made of cotton!
    2. For people who use panty-liners, please change them every 4-6 hours. I have been wearing panty-liners daily since I was 13 because lazy me can’t be bothered to hand wash my panties everyday haha. So the easiest way out for me is to wear panty-liners. Just like our sanitary pads, they absorb discharge from our vagina and there will be bacteria. Hence, it is best to change them frequently to reduce bacteria breeding.
    3. Avoid using scented body wash when it comes to your intimate area because this is a special part of your body. Normal body wash is not meant for your vagina as it does not help maintain the pH value of your feminine area. That is to say, if the pH value changes, the chances of infection is higher, leading to odour, itchiness, discharge and other vaginal discomforts. I am so so guilty of this as usually just use body wash all over my body. *hides*
    4. Plain greek yogurt (not the sweetened ones!) contains live cultures that are good for preventing yeast infections.
    5. If you’re under antibiotics treatment for any illness, ask your doctor if you can take a probiotic as well. Some antibiotics can cause vaginal itching or discharge and disrupt vaginal balance. Consuming probiotics will help to counter these situations and promote a healthy feminine flora.

    For the past 2 weeks, I have been paying extra attention to my feminine health because I noticed a stronger odour one week prior to my menstruating date. During Betadine sharing session, I learnt that it is normal as our bodies are undergoing hormonal changes, before menstruation. So I got home and opened the package right away to try Betadine Feminine Wash for myself!

    I switch between the liquid feminine wash (left) and wash foam. Both are suitable for daily use, so it just depends on my mood on which one I want to reach out for that day haha.

    For those who are more concerned about contamination, you may wish to opt for the foam pump version!

    Betadine Feminine Wash is designed for your daily hygiene needs with the following key ingredients:

    • Immortelle – a flower that is a natural antioxidant.
    • Syricalm CLR – to relieve itchiness and reduces redness
    • Deoplex – an effective and natural solution to odour neutralisation

    So after 2 weeks of using Betadine Feminine wash regularly, what are my observations?

    • THE ODOUR IS GONE. Yeah remember I mentioned about the stronger odour just a week before my period came? In fact, it cleared up the very day I used Betadine Feminine wash! I’m not kidding on this one okay guys. This is REAL.
    • Vaginal discharge is not as thick and yellow-ish.
    • No allergy reaction or skin irritation. Hooray to sensitive skin users like me! I know just how troublesome sensitive skin can get.

    Onwards to a better feminine floral health! You can try Betadine Feminine Wash for yourself by redeeming the samples here! Try them out for yourself and you will know what I mean. I hope you love the benefits of using Betadine Feminine wash because I really do! 🙂


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