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  • Flaunt letshangout - 2

    Advertorial: Flaunt.cc

    Here’s bringing you guys my picks from Flaunt.cc! I’m sure you girls are pretty familiar with Flaunt.cc. I have been following them since it was kindofwonderful.sg days and was really glad to receive an email from them. The reason why I like Flaunt.cc because it offers various styles of clothing catered to different types of females, from young to mature. You can find playful dresses for date, floral tops for school, bodycon dresses for a night out and even work dresses at Flaunt.cc.

    Anyway, I made a trip down to their store at Orchard Central and bagged home two pieces of clothing. Here are some snapshots of the quaint little shop!

    Look at how many pieces of clothes I had on hand to try. #thisishowishop

    This necklace was only $12.90 if I don’t remember wrongly. What?!? Super nice and affordable!

    While browsing the online store, I already had my eyes set on the Let’s Hang Out Top. Hehe I always have a soft spot for denim shirts because they are just so easy to match, especially for lazy days. You can look good even when you are lazy, why not? God knows how many denim shirts I have in my wardrobe already haha. This distressed shirt comes with a combination of studs and pearls embellishment, which is pretty different from the usual shirts out there with spiky studs only. Here is all I wore it:

    My second pick is the Playing Nice Dress – White on Black, it’s a soft and white flowery lace dress with shimmery black cloth underneath. I like this dress because it suits petite frames perfectly. I always have trouble buying clothes because of my small size but when I first tried on this dress, I knew I had to get it! I paired it with a simple black belt and wore it to dinner with Roy’s family. Hehe.

    You can wear it as it is or add on a belt to accentuate your figure!

    Start shopping at Flaunt.cc! I am sure you’ll set your eyes on some pieces on their online store doll!


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