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    Woohoo it’s Labour Day (!!) and everyone’s gonna be lazing around at home or hanging out in town while I work my ass off 🙁 Oh well, that’s the nature of my job. Anyway, I’ve received requests to post pictures of my new Aldo sandals and so here they are! I love sandals because they’re so casual I can wear them to school, to town or work!

    Presenting to you my new pair of Aldo sandals,

    These are Fremming – 28 in Size 35. I love the prints and the gold details hehe, I wore them out today^^

    This is my other pair of sandals… It doesn’t look at eye-catching as the other but I thought I should have a normal pair of sandals that is suitable for any outfit.

    These are Maranville – 53 in Size 36. The cutting for this pair of sandals is smaller so size 36 fits fine!

    Last Sunday, I was working for Ben & Jerry’s event at Tampines. We had so much fun putting smiles on faces of kids, teenagers, couples and even the elderly!

    Woody helped the aunty sweep the streets clean and we gave her an ice cream while she took a rest by the side 🙂 This picture garnered close to 600 likes on Facebook! (Picture credit to Ben & Jerry’s Singapore)

    (Picture credit to Ben & Jerry’s Singapore)

    We helped the uncle sell his tissues and rewarded the people with free ice cream! Within a few minutes, his tissues were all snapped up. I was so glad he didn’t have to sit under the scorching hot sun the entire afternoon. In fact, he knocked off early that day^^ Kudos to the crew!

    Last but not least, the Ben & Jerry’s crew – the chunk girls and ice cream boys! We were all tired and drained out from all that moving around but I guess it was worth it! Looking forward to working with them again 🙂

    That’s about it guys, have a good holiday and be charged up for the rest of the week. I’ll be back with more pictures this weekend:D

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