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  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

    Shall post some pictures of my recent working experience as one of the Gatsby girls. Last Thursday was my last session for school activation. Think the next time I see these girls will be later this month at the Singapore Karting Championships!

    Some pictures of us last Thursday outside Singapore Polytechnic Food Court 5.

    From left: Jamie, Joey, Wenting, Me, Yvonne and Samantha.

    Walter and me! 🙂 Walter deserves the best events intern award I swear. He is one of the nicest event organizers I’ve ever met. Hey I was in the events line too and I know how shit can happen sometimes. Random but I hate the hair tie mark whenever I remove my hair tie after the event. Makes the top of my hair flat and the bottom so puffy. pffft.

    Tim, who is leaving for UK in a month’s time! Also one of the nicest events organizers around to help us girls shoo away weirdos and providing good welfare. Na Tim, thumbs up for you also (Y)!

    I’ve been sleeping a lot the past few days and nourishing my throat with lots of honey water. My daily routine is sleep, wake up, sleep wake up and sleep again. Le sigh. I hate falling sick. And I hate it more when I fall sick at the wrong time. It’s my last week to enjoy my holidays before school starts zomgxzxz. Oh ya and I have a FYP meeting with the professor tomorrow. Great. This week is filled with activities like an interview, nails appointment, shoots, a trip to the HDB Hub, designing a website, blahblah I don’t even want to remember. I’LL GET THROUGH THIS! *fighting*

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