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    Bio-Oil Event at Spruce with Jolene :)

    Was invited by Access Comms to attend the Bio-Oil event at Spruce last Saturday and I didn’t wanna turn up alone so I got Jolene to attend with me! hehe. Thank you babe for being so sporting! It was nice to meet up with you again 🙂

    Camwhoring while on my way to Spruce!

    It was my second time at Spruce and it looks really different in the day. I had my 20th birthday dinner at Spruce in the night and did not get to explore the restaurant much. But, Spruce never disappoints. The food was still as good!

    I love tier trays, they always make the ambience so classy. Anyway, we were served a bit of food before the event started. Greedy me was aiming for the chicken wings already!

    We were then led to the private dining room where the talk was held at. Here are the main ingredients of Bio-Oil: Calendula, Camomile, Lavender and Rosemary. The last plate was actually Vitamin E for demonstration purposes.

    When I saw Calendula, I was immediately reminded of the Calendula Toner I am currently using! It works like a miracle!

    Bio-oil is made with a main breakthrough ingredient, PurCellin Oil, and is a specialised skincare product for scars, dehydrated skin, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and ageing skin.

    Lay Peng and Bio-Oil’s product manager giving us a detailed explanation about Bio-Oil and its benefits.

    Bio-Oil is suitable for people of all ages and skin types. Although it is made of oil, it is not as thick and does not clog pores as easily as other oil products. Bio-Oil is less dense, non-greasy and is actually absorbed into the skin much faster. And it smells so pleasant and not overwhelming! When I first smelled it, I turned to Jolene and said, “this smells like baby shampoo.” haha I’m gonna apply this to sleep every night and wake up feeling fresh and nice. 🙂 Product fragrance plays an important role in my decision making process when I buy products, because my nose is sooo allergic I sneeze even from the aroma of food. Yes so I can’t wear strong perfumes, and my nose can’t stand super nice and strong smelling food. Bio-Oil is just nice for me! And the best part? It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

    It is also good for stretch marks and scars. I may skinny but I do have some stretch marks near my tummy, butt and boobs (God knows why) and Imma start applying Bio-Oil and see the difference for myself! Bio-Oil is especially useful to those who have stretch marks due to gaining/losing weight problems. I’m gonna lend it to Kay and see if it works on her! It will work within weeks to months depending on the severity of the scars or stretch marks. 🙂

    They served us another round of food again! I loveeee nice PR people. I worked in the industry during my internship and I must say good people networking skills play an important role. I mean, you don’t have to suck up, you just have to be genuinely nice and sincere. Thank you Access Comms girls, Lay Peng, Yijing, Megan and Q!

    Nom nom egg mayo sandwich.

    Fruit tarts and white chocolate coated strawberries. I love these the most hhehe ^^

    Bio-Oil cookie! I have a feeling the girls baked these themselves since they are so nice hhaha.

    Here are some other ways you can use Bio-Oil:

    1) Makeup Primer:  Many makeup artists use Bio-Oil to prep the skin of their celebrities and models before applying makeup on their bare face because it apparently helps the makeup lasts longer and provides a good layer of protection between the makeup and the skin.

    2) Hair Damage Care: Bio-Oil can be used on damaged hair such as split ends and dry hair. My hair is SOOO damaged, I think I have to start using it on my hair soon! All you have to do is just pour a bit of Bio-Oil, lather with your palms and apply it gently on your hair ends. Omg my hair will smell good too!

    3) Makeup Remover: Bio-Oil can also effectively remove stubborn makeup on your face. I’ll try this soon! Just remember to rinse it off later in case you’re afraid of the combination of makeup and oil clogging your skin.

    4) Moisturiser: I think one of the best functions of Bio-Oil is its ability to act as a moisturizer. Initially when I first found out that it was for  scars and ageing skin… I thought I probably won’t have the chance to use this product until I realised it is for dehydrated skin as well! If you know me, my skin is really dry and flaky so this really comes in handy! In fact, when I went home that night, my limbs started itching because my skin was so dry, I immediately took the Bio-Oil from the beautifully packaged box and rubbed it all over my limbs. It was quickly absorbed into my skin and the itch was gone INSTANTANEOUSLY. SIMI! Yes it’s true! I even shun bian applied Bio-Oil on my cracked heels and my heels are now a lot smoother and less rough.

    This humble 60ml bottle of Bio-Oil can actually work miracles! I’m gonna start using it religiously and tell y’all about the progress. Bio-Oil is retailing at Watsons for $15.50. So after reading all the benefits of Bio-Oil, you thought it was gonna be expensive huh! It’s cheap and good!!

    A picture of Jolene and me with the Bio-Oil stand up banner hahaha.

    Thank you Bio-Oil and Access Comms for the invitation! See y’all soon! And thank you Jolene for your company! 😀

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