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  • printed skirts heart collage

    Blogshop: A Black Diamond

    Blogshop update: Gonna show you girls some of the new designs coming up on ablackdiamond soon 🙂

    Expect lots and lots of printed skirts!

    All them floral skirts I love them so! Literally 眼花缭乱, if you understand Chinese.

    Abstract printed skirt.

    Mustard criss-cross top, great to pair with any outfit!

    Best thing about these skirts? They are actually culottes aka skorts! You don’t have to worry about them being sheer or zao gengs as they all come with lining. There are still so many more photos I have to post and I’m trying my best to churn out all the collages. Shall try my best to get them out by tonight.

    P/s: Boss said I can take home 3 sets of outfits! Outfits, not 3 pieces of clothes. Omg I’m so blessed! This means I get new clothes without spending money. Hehe what’s not to love about the ABD team!

    If you like pastel skirts, lace skirts, crotchet skirts, and lace shorts, I will be posting them up soon!


    Yesterday my wardrobe decided to die on me. By that I mean, the sliding doors got stuck (permanently) and refused to budge. So  I couldn’t reach for any clothes at all & when I tried to fix the doors, they almost fell on me. 🙁 What a way to start my morning.. But that means I get to buy a new wardrobe 😀

    We had dinner before the search for my new wardrobe.

    The New Ikea meatballs.

    Drumstick yum yum!

    Didn’t take a single bit of these Rings and Fries. But Roy and my friends finished them so I guess they are quite tasty?

    Meatballs and chicken wings are a MUST when you dine at IKEA!

    The wardrobes at IKEA are customizable and space-efficient. Unlike my current wardrobe which is huge but does not allow customized spaces, IKEA PAX wardrobes allow extra hangers, drawers, etc like these:

    But the wardrobes I saw yesterday did not seem to be very sturdy and I might have to give them a miss 🙁 Just read some online reviews, apparently these IKEA Pax wardrobes are pretty sturdy unless you move or shift them. Does any one of you have a IKEA Pax wardrobe? Is it good?

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