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    Blogshop: Fabfad Summer Flight

    I spent my Sunday at Fabfad’s shoot 🙂 Met Rebecca and Sam early & we went to Marine Parade to get some balloons for the photoshoot. I saw an animal balloons farm at the party shop!

    Sooo irresistibly cute, there were even fences surrounding the farm.

    For all you Hello Kitty lovers out there, this one costs $16.90!!

    Heh even a purple elephant! First person who came to my mind was Hanisa simply because her favourite colour is purple!

    Behind the scenes..

    So you thought working at a studio was glamorous.

    Hello pimple.

    I think Zoe and I had quite a bit of fun at the shoot although it took quite a long while to get the pictures taken haha. At the end of the shoot, this was what happened:

    Reb: Who wants the balloons!
    Zoe & me: ME!!!
    Reb: Who wants which colour!
    Zoe & me: PINK!!

    Enough said, here are the pictures from Fabfad’s latest collection! My favourite pieces 🙂 (please pardon my eyebags and the bad lighting. I have not had proper rest these few weeks and.. I had completely no control over the lighting of the pictures)


    I love navy blue dresses, my entire wardrobe is made of Navy!!

    We both love this strappy floral printed blouse!

    Pair it with an asymmetrical skirt or shorts and you’re good to go!

    I think I’ve practised enough of “throwing” my skirt or top in the air on the count of three.

    Hop over to Fabfad now and get these nice clothes now!

    Not a very good Monday.. Then again, Mondays are never good anyway hahah. Looking forward to a better week and I hope the same for you!

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