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    Blogshop Photoshoot: Kestano Tribe Emblem

    Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures of a recent outdoor blogshop photoshoot with Kestano! It was my second time working with them and Kelly decided we do it outdoors again 🙂 You can refer to our previous photoshoot taken a few weeks ago here. It was on a Saturday morning, the poor girls waited for a cab for almost an hour. Guess where we went to for our photoshoot? 😀

    Checking the lighting of the picture! I like Kelly because the photos she takes are even nicer than some of the professional photographers out there. Of course don’t expect her to produce top-notch professional quality photos but she does put in a lot of effort and I like her pictures!

    See how Kelly is checking the photos again haha, making sure the lighting is okay as I frown by myself at the side. Okay no la, I don’t know why my default face is so frown-y, I am just like that. I always look angry when I am actually not.

    Floral Bustier Top 🙂

    There were some scribblings beside me that read “I have yet to see the world” :’) Me too.

    Thank you Kelly and Jiajia!

    And thank you Roy for the behind the scenes photos, you really are my superman! 🙂 You’ll send me for photoshoots whenever you can and sit around waiting for me. You buy me drinks, go under the hot sun with me to snap photos, wake me up and rush me for photoshoots. You are the most amazing boyfriend ever. There are a billion things I want to thank you for but I guess I’ll save them for another post. I just can’t thank you enough.

    After shoot, Roy had to fix his DSLR at Canon so we went to Vivo City for a quick late lunch before heading home. I had to rush a project. 🙁

    We will always dine at Sushi Tei whenever we go to Vivo City because sadly, there aren’t many choices for us to choose from. Okay they have a lot of restaurants but are either too costly or not to our liking. Plus, they don’t even have Mcdonald’s! I don’t mind having Mcdonald’s at anytime of the day. As long as it’s Mcdonald’s! The only fast food restaurants they have are Burger King and Carl’s Junior. I don’t like Burger King and Roy doesn’t like Carl’s Junior hurhur. And then they have like Tung Lok Seafood that is way out of budget, Kim Gary that is constantly packed, Marche which we had a few weeks ago, and some other boring restaurants that weren’t enticing enough for us to head into. So the only available option which we both agreed on was Sushi Tei.

    Roy’s Japanese Curry Fried Chicken Don – $13.50

    My Tenzaru Cha Soba – $13. The tempura serving on the left looks pathetic though. They used to serve four pieces of fried prawns and sweet potatoes but have reduced them to three.

    I love Soba, and I’ll always order this whenever I dine at any Japanese restaurants.

    Soft Shell Crab yummz! – $12


    I survived an entire day of class yesterday till 930pm! My last class was dancesport (so far, I have learnt the basics of Samba, Waltz and Chachacha) and now I have some blisters on my soles they hurt so badly. I will only have one 3-hour lecture today, and a 2-hour tutorial tomorrow. And then wooohoo comes the weekend! I am always busy throughout the week. I either have school, final year project, group projects, or work. I am trying to reduce my external work assignments (like events and blogshop modelling) because I am really too caught up with school. And school comes first, definitely. There where times where I tried to rearrange and reschedule my group meetings with photoshoots and then when I finally settled everything, the blogshop owner told me she had to cancel the shoot. Wow, thanks really. That said, I have also met a fair share of nice blogshop owners around who actually do care about the wellbeing of their models. For that, I am thankful.

    If you haven’t already seen my Instagram @urbandollsg or Facebook, I recently did my nails with Trina from Simplicity Nails again!

    My boyfriend and a guy friend both thought those flowers look like strawberries. Strawberries or flowers, the nails still turned out great! Exactly what I wanted 🙂 I’ll post up more pictures of my nails this weekend! Stay tuned, xx.

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