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    Blogshop Shoot – Fabfad Summer Vacation

    My Sunday morning was spent at Fabfad’s shoot and here are the pictures. I must say the pictures turned out great 🙂

    Featuring my Leopard Prints luggage that I always bring for shoots hehe. Put to good use!

    Happy girl leaving for a vacation haha. The topic of summer holidays reminds me of my upcoming Bangkok trip this July. Can’t wait to indulge in all that shopping and tom yum goodness~

    Vivi Denim Military Frock – perfect for picnics!

    In a darker shade.

    A picture of Zoe and I in the Vivi Denim Frock in both colours.

    Swirls and Floral Romper, another pretty piece every girl should own.

    Mesh Around Toga Top in Black.

    I’m wearing Freshlook Pure Hazel, you can read my post about contact lens here.

    Zoe in the same top in White 🙂

    Us looking all touristy with a map and magnifying glass in the Summer Floral Midwaist Shorts!

    Comes in Size S & M.

    Us in the Vintage Floral Tie Blouse.

    Me in Pink.

    If you like any of the clothing above, hurry go to Fabfad now 😀

    Reb tying my hair before the shoot~ Thanks for that babe!

    Fixing my hair in the middle of the shoot hahah.

    We surprised Zoe and celebrated her birthday in advance! I was trying to keep her in the changing room while the rest prepared the cupcakes and candle outside.

    Me: Are you going out after this?

    Her: Yes I am!

    Me: -okay shit how to make her stay here?- Where are you going? Town ah. Let’s take pictures!

    Just then, the Fabfad team came in and we sang a birthday song for her. Happy 23rd babe!

    I rushed home right away after shoot and rotted for a few hours.. AND I fell asleep at 8pm! Can’t believe I slept for 13 hours last night, I woke up today feeling like I finally slept enough. But my eyebags don’t seem to go away anytime soon. Sigh, gotta make it a habit to sleep early!

    By the way, it was my last shoot with Fabfad and I would like to thank my two very understanding bosses, Reb & S for the care all this while. Thank you guys for the care and concern when I injured my knee last December and had to limp around during the shoot. Thanks for all the Koi Ice Cream Bubble teas you guys bought on several occasions. Not forgetting Zoe, it was really fun working with you. I’m really lucky and grateful to have met all of you, let’s all stay in contact and see you guys when I see you! 😀

    (P/s: I have updated my portfolio page as I noticed many people have been clicking on it and it was kind of empty. If you wish to engage me for your blogshop, pop by here and drop me an email at ^^)

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