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  • Bollywood Veggies Singapore | Poison Ivy Bistro

    You know how sometimes you feel stifled and all you want to do is run away but you can’t just book an air ticket and leave? I often feel this way and my only resort is to visit Bollywood Veggies farm for some breather

    .Bollywood veggies - 1

    It is a good place for those who are also sick of cafe hopping every weekend, just trying to take the nicest pictures of brunch and posting on IG, competing who’s visited the most cafes/taken the most photos/has the nicest likes on their photos…. Honestly, when I see people posting these photos, almost every single day.. Seriously, don’t you get bored of eggs benedicts? I’ve only had it once in my life, it was unforgettable. But the thought of eating that every alternate day bores me out. Well yes, the pictures are nice and drool-worthy I can’t deny. I still need a temporary sanctuary from all that hustle bustle of life and commercial crap.

    Bollywood veggies - 121

    So one day during March this year when I was all caught up with school work, I decided to google for farms to visit in Singapore. After scrolling through a few websites, I decided to head to Bollywood Veggies. It’s a large 10 acres of land filled with greenery. It’s super laidback I swear. The moment I set foot onto the farm, I felt relieved of all worries. And it didn’t have to cost me an air ticket for that. Away from buildings and people, you will find yourself in lush greenery, pure fresh air.. And the only sound you hear? Probably birds singing, cricket chirping, and a couple of children running around.

    Of course the first thing that came to my mind when I reached there was to look for food. At the entrance is the Poison Ivy bistro that serves many homemade dishes that are very simple, delicious and leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

    Bollywood veggies - 2

    I particularly love the Warrior’s Curry, you have to try it when you’re there!

    Bollywood veggies - 8

    For the two times I was there, I ate Warrior’s Curry and Nasi Lemak. This time, we also ordered Egg Omelette with Otah.

    Bollywood veggies - 7

    Bollywood veggies - 6

    Please don’t forget to request more of their Chilli. I think there’s lemon grass in it or something I don’t know. I only know it’s super goooood! πŸ™‚

    Bollywood veggies - 5 Bollywood veggies - 4

    What do you do when you’re happy? Camwhore!

    A refreshing drink to take was the Lemon Grass Drink. Love it!!! I just love everything about this place! (okay except the red ants haha)

    Bollywood veggies - 9

    Aww, look at those cute puppy eyes! The dog was following the cleaner around, hoping to get some foody rewards.

    We took a short stroll around the farm after our lunch. Didn’t walk around much because it was wet (it rained in the morning) and we were wearing slippers so walking on wet soil didn’t seem like a good choice.

    Bollywood veggies - 11

    Bollywood veggies - 13

    Bollywood veggies - 14

    So all along you guys think that Roy’s a quiet and reserved guy right? LOL, he is not lor.

    Bollywood veggies - 15 Bollywood veggies - 16

    Bollywood veggies - 1

    You should really check this place out if you want to get away from city life for a good few hours!

    Bollywood Veggies is located at:

    100 Neo Tiew Road Singapore 719026 (Kranji)

    By public transport:
    Kranji Countryside Shuttle bus

    Watch my weekend vlog at Bollywood Veggies!


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