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    Brazilian Waxing at STRIP: Ministry of Waxing Ion Orchard

    Wow, you’re still reading my blog haha. Thank you for visiting although I haven’t been updating for quite some time now. Anyway, I was invited to try the Brazilian Waxing Sundae Combo at STRIP: Ministry of Waxing outlet at Ion, Orchard just a few days ago. Omg I never knew they had an outlet INSIDE SEPHORA. I’ve been to the Sephora store a number of times but never noticed STRIP was located just there. Then I was later informed that STRIP just moved in a while ago so this is their latest outlet!

    As the title says it, I’ll be talking about Brazilian Waxing today.

    brazilian waxing

    Hmm, I actually started going for Brazilian waxing about a year ago after some friends introduced me to a particular waxing salon. I thought the service there was pretty good, although I had never been to any other place. Been wanting to try out other places but wasn’t sure if they could do it well, besides… it’s quite a sensitive area and I know most people wouldn’t be willing to bear it all for a stranger, me included.

    So when STRIP offered a complimentary service, I was really eager and excited to try out simply because they ARE Ministry of Waxing! (Okay reminds me so much of work, ahem Ministry of Print). But yes, they pride themselves in offering the best quality waxing service in town. And I have to say, I am deeply impressed!

    This is the first time I’ve been so eager to share about my experience. Come on, I only went there 1 week ago and I’m already blogging about it! I rarely do this for other brands hahah.

    Okay so I arrived at the Ion outlet inside Sephora and was greeted by nice receptionists. (+1 point)

    strip4 strip5



    I was given an introduction with a nicely designed “Virgin Forest Rescue Book”. This book is mostly for people who are first timers for brazilian waxing. They introduced their waxing services and their “NO Double Dipping” philosophy. Also, they even have ways to distract you from the pain or fear of waxing during the session. I am serious, they have a mantra for you to chant. Haha so cute right! Can’t believe they are so dedicated and have really marketed their services well.

    Later on, I was brought into the room, which looks…. like a capsule in a spaceship or something. Honestly, it was a little intimidating because it was quite foreign to me since the usual place that I frequent has dim lights and all.



    The treatment chair where you lay down and get prepared to be waxed. I love how detailed their marketing efforts are. It does not end just by creating a simple poster, and BAM HEY LOOK, MARKETING CAMPAIGN!! But even the pillows, chocolates, and the hair bands on the employees are all ice cream themed!


    This Rescue Remedy is to help first timers calm their nerves. I was very nervous when it was my first time last year as it wasn’t too sure how it would go. At STRIP, they will provide 7 drops of this flower essence oil to all their first-time customers. Anyway, I tried this oil because I just wanted to try and see if it really does help haha.


    Lol, the first thought which came into my mind was.. “why does this look like a condom package?” Inside this packet, there is a cleansing wipe for all customers to cleanse their body before proceeding with the brazilian waxing session. Seriously, you wouldn’t want the therapist to have a hard time breathing while working on your nether regions right?


    They also have a nice closet (full of mirrors!!) beside the therapy chair for customers to store our valuables and belongings! That’s my therapist, Coco, standing outside the room while waiting for me to get ready.

    My Brazilian waxing experience?

    – One word: GREAT!

    – They used their specially formulated chocolate and strawberry flavoured hard wax. God, the wax smelled so good I swear I might have thought they were real if I was blind-folded.

    I’m not sure if it was the medicine that I took that day as I was running a fever but the pain level was about 3/10 only. Could have been panadol as it is a form of painkillers. But overall, the experience was perfect. My waxing therapist, Coco, made me feel extra comfortable and kept talking to me. I think within the 15mins, we talked about quite a lot of stuff. She is really bubbly and cheerful, super nice to talk to! No awkward silence with you having a therapist staring at your nether regions intensively while you suffer alone lol. Oh also, because I am hmmm, genetically blessed with more hair (just look at my eye brows and my thick hair), I was quite apprehensive about a stranger doing brazilian waxing on me. Aiya, just paiseh la! But she assured me that my hair level was “normal”. SERIOUSLY?! I thought I am like the hairest girl among all my girlfriends. I mean in terms of eye brows, leg hair, arm hair, etc. Maybe she was trying to make me feel better. Regardless, I REALLY FELT THOROUGHLY COMFORTABLE AND HAPPY DURING THE SESSION. So if you are also shy about yourself, don’t worry. Coco will do a great job! If I were to revisit the same outlet again, I’ll definitely look for Coco, hehe. Thank you for making my day. 🙂


    Jeanne offered me a box of chocolates after the waxing session.


    The Ice Cream is a cooling after care treatment. You can apply it onto your delicate skin for about a week, right after your waxing session to protect your skin. It helps to soothe and calms your skin. It is retailing at $51.36 at all STRIP outlets. It really helped to calm my sensitive skin after waxing. I now have no more ingrown hairs! omg 😀strip13

    Oh oh, they also have this squishy for you to squeeze and transfer your pain! haha really damn cute. I think they come in other designs like monkey, etc.


    A very satisfied me after Coco was done with the session and I put on my clothes. So I decided to camwhore a bit in the room. But the room was a bit dimmed as she had switched off the lights when she left.


    Group photo with my waxing therapist, Coco, and Jeanne! Thank you guys for having me! And sorry I look so horrible as I was having a fever that day. 🙁

    You can enjoy the same treatment as I did, for just $25!!! Yes, I’m not kidding!


    Yep, all you need to do is to purchase the brazilian waxing session here!!

    For a limited period only till 6 October 2013, indulge in a serving of Strip’s Ultimate Brazilian Wax Combo at $25 (U.P. $62) by purchasing a voucher here! Apply promo code KelineW during check out and get additional 10% off!

    For males, you only have to top up an additional $15 to enjoy the same treatment as well!:) I am so gonna purchase one for Roy haha! Go, try the brazilian waxing session and let me know how it goes dolls! 😀

    Oh also, you can snap a picture of the Sundae Ice Cream Standee,

    strip standee


    Post on your Instagram with hashtags  #stripsundae #stripalicious, show it to the STRIP counter and receive a $10 discount voucher. So much discounts!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!



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    How do.i purchase this. Thanks

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