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  • My first ever Brazilian waxing experience at Blush Wax.

    Ohai everyone, how are yall? On Saturday, I had my first ever Brazilian waxing experience! Quite a number of my friends recommended Blush Wax so I booked an appointment at the earliest slot, 11am, on Saturday. I shouldn’t have booked such an early slot because I hate waking up early on weekends but oh well, you’ll know later why I am thankful I did it early in the morning haha. I went alone and was very scared simply because it was my first time. My waxing therapist was Lynn, who is the owner of the place. She is really nice and gentle. Most importantly, haha it didn’t feel like she was judging me for having hair on my nether region.

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    As it was my first time, she recommended hard wax. The difference between normal soft wax and hard wax is, normal wax will be applied on your skin and a waxing cloth will be placed on top of the wax before the therapist pulls the entire cloth away.

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    Hard wax hardens by itself when applied onto the skin, it can be removed by just pulling off the wax itself. I just read online that hard wax is mostly preferred for sensitive areas such as the groin and the armpits whereas soft wax is commonly used for arms and legs.

    I know the question everyone has been dying to ask is… WAS IT PAINFUL?

    Hell yes it was! But it was bearable, like I did not cry or tear. Then again, my tolerance level for pain might be higher than normal girls? Because I have waxed boths my arms and legs before. Plus, I pluck my eyebrows and armpit hair. So I kind of know how removing hair from the roots feel like. The worse thing is, my menses came hours after I got waxed! And Zoe told me it is most painful when you do Brazilian wax one week or less before your menses because that area is more sensitive. Yes so imagine the pain I must have felt hahaa.

    After the waxing was done, she applied some soothing lotion and tea tree oil. The area was a bit reddish and there were some bumps, like the hair follicles and pores were irritated. But the redness and bumps went away in a few hours 🙂

    It was also awkward to have somebody staring at your nether regions, bending your legs and trying to figure where to apply the wax. I was distracting myself from the pain and awkwardness by watching a movie on the small TV right beside me. Besides, the owner has been in this line for about 8 years and I’m sure she has seen a lot worse cases HAHA. So if you’re thinking of waxing and are unsure of going, or you’re just scared of being judged, you know what? JUST KEEP CALM AND GET WAXED. It’s okay, it’s not as scary as it seems.

    I used to shave and I’m converting to waxing for good. It leaves the skin soft and smooth. In addition, the hair does not grow out as quickly and will be much thinner. Shaving makes your hair more coarse and.. gross. I hate hair, I don’t think there should be any form of hair on a girl’s body except the head, eyebrows and eyelashes haha.

    You know there are some people who refuse to wear bikini because they are afraid their pubic hair will show when they wear the bikini bottom? If you are one of them, then you won’t have to worry anymore once you get waxed!

    So yes, get waxed! Avoid getting caught in embarrassing moments.

    Blush Wax is located at:
    Orchard Road  Singapore 238841
    6836 5421
    Tel: 6836 5421 

    P/s: You get points for referring your friends or when your friends refer you. And these points can be accumulated to exchange for any waxing services!

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