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    Brunch at Pique Nique, Ngee Ann City

    This was supposed to be up like a month ago but I misplaced my SD card and only found it a few days ago. So here is my experience at Pique Nique Ngee Ann City, and also my face with pimples.

    We went to Pique Nique on a Saturday afternoon and there was a short queue outside the restaurant. So while in line, I started taking pictures of the place because everything was so nicely packaged with nice typography, etc.

    Look at all the cushy seats calling out for me.

    Hello pretty looking cakes. I wonder if they taste as nice as they look.

    Just look at the cupcakes omg the colorful sprinkles! I actually am very skeptical about cupcakes because most of the ones I’ve had are trash although they might look really nice and cute. I also hate cream frosting so… I guess cupcakes are better to look at than to be eaten, for me.

    The cake counter.

    Roy looking around at the decor while waiting for our food to be served.. waiting..

    And I camwhored while waiting… Don’t like the yellow lighting where we were seated at ‘cos it makes my nose bigger than it already is.

    And I was losing my patience.

    Finallllllly, food was served!

    I had the Pique Nique’s Big Breakfast 2 eggs poached, scrambled or fried, grilled bacon & pork sausage, grilled tomato, baked beans served with white toast and side salad, with choice of OJ.$15.80

    Honestly, the food wasn’t too good. It was my first time trying poached eggs (I love my eggs scrambled) and when I regretted trying poached eggs at Pique Nique. The egg white exterior had an extremely dry texture, and was not wet or smooth. It seemed to me that they might have cooked a bunch of poached eggs and left them there before serving to people who ordered poached eggs. It came with two poached eggs, I had one and forced Roy to finish the other one for me.

    So it kinda screwed up the impression I had of poached eggs hahaa. Yeah but I guess this is not representative of all other nice poached eggs around. Also, the pork sausage was too hard. You know how sausages are expected to be tough on the outside and soft & juicy in the inside? This one was way too hard. I had problems slicing the sausage with my fork and knife, and I even asked Roy to help me with it. He too, found the sausage too hard.

    Ah I liked the white toast though, the only thing that I finished in the entire plate haha. I think the orange juice would have tasted better if it was chilled.

    Roy had White Wine Prawn Aglio Olio sauteed prawn with garlic, chilli, white wine and olive oil tossed with spaghetti – $18

    His pasta definitely tasted better than my breakfast!

    Well I guess the only saving grace is the location and the nice interior design. Everything there looked dreamy. And you can tell they put in a lot of effort in their packaging and designing

    Roy took this picture and went, “you see the interior design of this place is so nice.. but look outside, it’s KFC -.-” HAHAHA.

    Will I go there again?  I guess so, but this time I’ll try their Mac n Cheese and desserts. 

    Accessibility: 4.5/5 It’s located in town!

    Taste: 2.5/5 Judging from the breakfast that I had, mehhh.

    Service: 2.0/5 Service was slow and staff were not attentive

    Overall: 3.0/5


    Pique Nique (Ngee Ann City) is located at:

    391A Orchard Road
    #B1-01/02 Ngee Ann City
    Tel: 62386705

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