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    Cadbury Joville The Most Marvellous Bloggers Party

    Wow wee!! I recently attended a super fun and marvellous event organised by Cadbury Singapore! Thank you William for the invite! 🙂


    On the way to town to meet up with Herine.



    We got up the Joyride at Tangs and omg look!! The entire bus is nicely decorated and all the seats had lots of props for us to camwhore with. Haha. It was a very entertaining and fun ride with the funny hosts around. They were also distributing FREE Cadbury Chocolate bars!!



    I told you there were a lot of props. Sorry for the blurry images, the bus was moving and my camera’s shutter speed wasn’t fast enough to capture those moments.

    We arrived at Nassim Hill and the first thing I went for was no doubt…




    Kiyora and me!! A really nice girl I met that day! 🙂

    There we had our three Marvellous Ambassadors, Ladyironchef, Beatrice and Misstamchiak introducing their favourite flavours from the marvellous creations.

    Time for some whacking good fun!cadbury-10

    Ladyironchef whacking his pinata~

    Look at Henry’s pose -.-cadbury-12

    Famous food blogger Brad aka Ladyironchef , me and the beautiful Beatrice! 🙂


    Time for some magic! Actually I missed the magic show because I was in the washroom bahaha.


    We went to play the blind tasting game!! So there were 9 flavours of chocolates altogether and we had to be blind folded and were fed the 3 different flavours of chocolates. If you guessed the correct answers then you’ll get a Cadbury thumbdrive. I got the thumbdrive, thanks to the help of my friends!



    Henry’s turn!


    Kiyora and I again. Let me tell you how much Henry’s (a guy’s) photography sucks. Just look at my arms -.- Well, I admit I have been gyming for the past month and my biceps are showing but this… makes me look a LOT bigger.


    And then compare with a girl, Herine’s photography skills. Which is better?! You tell me!


    Herine & me! Once again Henry’s substandard photography skills evidently displayed in this photo.


    Then Kiyora was like, “you want me to take?” OF COURSE PLEASE!! haha. Thank you babe!


    The Cadbury Joyrider came to pick us up after the event! 🙂 This is how it looks like on the exterior, you might have seen it in your schools or on the roads.

    Guess what!? You can actually CHARTER THIS BUS by spending $20 on Cadbury Chocolates!! Check out  Joyrider.sg for more information!



    Forgive me while I indulge in some camwhoring session.



    Here is Henry goofing around again.


    The thumbdrive I won from the blind tasting booth. Heh, super cute! Forgive my peeling nails but the nail design is nice right? 😀 Done by my talented sister, Kay @ Twentysixnails!cadbury-24

    I went home with SOO much chocolates!! haha greedy is my second name.


    Jelly popping candy & beans!! Has gotta be my favourite marvellous creation!! You know last time when we were young there was this candy in the shape of a foot which you can dip into some crystals and it goes pop pop pop in your mouth? IT’S IN THIS CHOCOLATE!! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!!cadbury-26

    MORE CHOCOLATES! I am going to share them with my Japanese class friends tomorrow since tomorrow’s our last class!!


    These are the three flavours of the marvellous creations series, 1) Jelly Crunchie Bits, 2) Jelly Popping Candy & Beanies and 3) Peanut Toffee Cookie!


    We had lots and lots of fun at the Hello Stranger photobooth!!

    086-M 089-M 090-M

    Thank you Cadbury Singapore for this marvellous party! Really enjoyed myself, plus I made new friends! :)) Was really worried about attending the event alone (I’m a very awkward person…) but thank God for Herine who brought Kiyora and Henry along! So thankful!

    Visit Cadbury Singapore’s Facebook page!
    Follow them on Instagram @cadburysg

    pink heart border

    I went to meet Roy after the event and we headed to Far East Plaza. There, we chanced upon a damn awesome tze char place that I think everyone should go to!!

    It’s called Susan Chan Food at the 5th level.


    Forever using my phone.


    Hello Chinaman.

    Sweet & sour chicken! A must-try. Most places only offer sweet & sour pork but this place has the chicken version. Major love please because I don’t usually take pork!


    This photo’s from my instagram @urbandollsg. Follow me if you haven’t! 🙂


    We licked the plates clean. Okay not like clean clean but it was soo yummy! I highly recommend everyone to try this place!! The bill came up to about $30+ for two.

    keline keline-2

    Thanks for reading, love yall!!


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