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    Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream Review

    Do you know how it feels to have constantly itching skin? And worse is when, nothing you do helps ease the itch? If you scratch your skin, the itch gets worse and your skin turns red. Then it starts to flake over the next few days and form a scab. And you think your skin is gonna be fine after it heals but no. The red, dry patches take forever to go away and just when you think things can’t get worse, the scabs get even itchier!! T_T This is the kind of skin problem I face on a daily basis – it’s so sensitive and unpredictable.

    I’m not diagnosed with eczema but my family history (my first nephew has it) and paternal relatives do have eczema. I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to go to the docs and they diagnose me with a skin condition. Extremely dry skin that I need to constantly moisturize or my skin will flake. The skin of my face is a desert hahaha – I can even use night cream in the day just to make sure my face is moisturized and hydrated you know??

    Sometimes, I get stares in public when people see my arms and legs because they can get overly dry and horrendous looking. It does hurt my self-esteem and makes me more self-conscious. I really hate it when people stare at my arms.. If I don’t moisturize my arms or legs, they turn white when scratched and the marks look very obvious on my tanned skin.

    Ever since secondary school, I’ve been trying out several brands that claim to help in dry skin. And Cetaphil was one that worked for me. I can say this because I’ve used Cetaphil products since I was 13.

    Here and there, I would try new products because I love trying things but when they don’t work for me, I will always reach out for my trusty Cetaphil.


    Today I will be sharing my review of the Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream. Yep, intensive moisturising is EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. Everywhere on my body! lol.

    But first, I have a confession to make…. Most people would assume I have very soft and smooth hands. But the truth is, my hands are VERY wrinkly and rough. 🙁 I always complain to my sister about my hands because we rarely do housework and yet have rough hands. What is this?!?!


    My camera couldn’t capture the dry skin on my hands, but here is a picture nevertheless. Hang nails are a result of dry conditions and they are so freaking painful!! Especially when you can’t cut them out (too short) but they get stuck in your hair. And then you try to pull them out but they hurt so badly. Omg can I just say how much I hate hang nails?!?! I always feel extremely insecure when people shake my hands, or do a double take at my hands because I don’t have the nicest and smoothest fingers. I think it’s also quite shocking for them la.

    I always feel extremely insecure when people shake my hands, or do a double take at my hands because I don’t have the nicest and smoothest fingers. I think it’s also quite shocking for them la. cetaphil-intensive-moisturising-cream-3

    The Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream is what I’ve been bringing around with me in my bag ever since I got it! Not kidding hor, I still have it now in my everyday bag! I brought it to Seoul in early October and to Bangkok too. The air was dry and cool in Seoul, so having a moisturiser on standby is definitely a must. The cream soothes my skin and doesn’t leave any greasy residue!

    When on flights, my skin can get so dry, it actually gets scaly. I’m not sure if I want to add a photo here but… I’ll show you guys an example of how bad it looks like. And this is really what happens to my skin. Okay I’ll put a really small thumbnail here or it may scare people lol.

    (Picture from

    My legs turn like the above image. It scares me out. T_T It first happened to me on a flight to China back when I was 15. Now I know this always happens so I’ll always prepare and bring a moisturiser along. It can get painful if you don’t give it immediate attention and hydrate it!


    This cream is formulated for dry and cracked skin on hands, elbows and feet. It’s non-irritating and contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3 to help soothe and restore the natural protective barrier of your skin. There is also meadowfoam seed oil in the formulation that helps in providing moisture. Best part of it all is that it’s non-greasy.


    I now carry the Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream wherever I go, just in case my skin turns crazy randomly. It’s really very unpredictable whenever you have sensitive skin. Sometimes it could just be dust, or it could be a food allergy. And rashes can really spoil one’s day. cetaphil-intensive-moisturising-cream-6

    The Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising cream is permanently in my bag!! Here’s a mini what’s in my bag photo lol. You can’t see the details, but in real life the tube is already full of scratches and marks from being in my bag for a month haha. cetaphil-intensive-moisturising-cream-8


    Ready to fight dry skin and calm irritated skin whenever I’m out!

    Head over to the Cetaphil Singapore Facebook page for a chance to win yourself some handcare goodies!

    Now you are all set for the softest, most moisturised hand ever! Good Luck!


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    This article is brought to you in collaboration with Galderma Singapore.

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