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    Choupinette | Brunch Singapore

    Met up with my school friends for brunch last Sunday! Okay actually, only Lisa is my official schoolmate, there are two foreign students who are from exchange (a Dutch and a Scottish) and then Qiuyu from NUS 🙂 We decided on brunch at Choupinette as it was pretty accessible, beats having to comb through alleys and walking under the hot sun searching for quaint cafes haha.

    What is a blog entry without some pictures of me? haha. Anyway hello the stupid hugeass pimple on my nose. Hope it goes away before Christmas, don’t want people to come singing “Rudolph the red nose reindeer” to me.

    Shall post an introductory group picture of us taken AFTER the brunch haha. So please pardon the messiness and used serviettes on the table.

    Left: Craig from Scotland, Lisa, Qiuyu, Rexin from Holland, and me.

    Moving onto food!!

    Lisa ordered the Enzo Salad Set – $23

    Her salad that looks REALLY GOOD!

    Then she insisted that I took a picture of her sauteed mushrooms – $5

    Qiuyu had Eggs Benedict – $23

    Rexin and I both ordered the Tristan’s Set – $21

    Rexin had poached eggs and german sausage. Seriously, look at the food presentation.. it doesn’t seem appetizing at all. And I was wondering why it looked so plain and lifeless, I just realised it was because there weren’t any greens! Probably the only place I’ve been for brunch that doesn’t serve greens along with the breakfast. Thought the plate looked very empty 🙁

    Each breakfast set comes with two drinks, a hot and a cold. This was Rexin’s coffee I think! Like that the porcelain cup is painted with pastel polkadots. Lightens up a morning!

    My Tristan’s set, with scrambled eggs and chicken sausage. I only like the scrambled eggs, which were smooth and buttery. I didn’t have to add any pepper or salt because it was tasty by itself. And I also like the chicken sausage. The rest? Mehhh. The sauteed mushrooms were tasteless 🙁 The roasted tomato was awful, I thought it was overcooked. And the baguette was hard. Rawr.

    I must commend the hot chocolate drink. Okay, I’m not a fan of thick hot chocolate because I think it makes me feel heaty. Like my nose might start bleeding any second after slurping a cup of hot chocolate. This is the right amount of chocolatey that I prefer, that is slightly more liquid than like the thick kind of chocolate.

    Craig had Le Fromage Hamburger – $21

    Omg fries overload!

    It felt like the people or the chefs didn’t put in any effort in cooking, and presenting the food. First, the food tasted mediocre, and then the presentation style of the food was so haphazard and messy. I think that was what that disappointed me the most.

    Available lunch sets at Choupinette.

    Brunch sets.

    The service wasn’t all that good either. Rexin and I didn’t like the waitress because she served us with a straight face and did not seem polite. AND THEY OVERCHARGED US. The first bill came to $197 and we all paid cash. We gave either exact, or slightly more than our main courses/sets/whatever we ordered but we were still lacking about $50 or so. And then us… being communications, and law students, couldn’t quite get the Math. Hey even Craig, an engineer, couldn’t figure out. And I was like okay pass me the receipt and I started scrutinizing each and every single detail like a cheaopo aunty. Then I realised they charged us two extra breakfast sets! RAWR! What if we didn’t find out? We would have just paid ignorantly. Please refer to picture of the receipt:

    I labelled each main course to our individual names. The ones circled in red were the ones that were not ordered but charged to our bill.


    Will I go there again? Maybe, if I am around the area and I’m desperate for some breakfast.

    Accessibility: 4.0/5 It’s near Coronation Plaza, and Botanic Gardens MRT Station is just 5 minutes walk away.

    Taste: 2.5/5 Wasn’t impressive, at least to me.

    Service: 1.5/5 Nobody likes getting served by a straight face.

    Overall: 2.5/5


    Choupinette is located at 607 Bukit Timah Road

    Tuesday – Saturday: 8am – 8pm
    Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 6pm
    Closed on Mondays.

    We later walked over to Serene Centre for some good homemade ice cream from Island Creamery!

    I had a scoop of Nutella and Milo Peng (milo flavoured ice cream with marshmallows)

    The girls doing a Lisa by closing our eyes HAHA.

    Thank you guys for the awesome brunch date, we should do it again after exams! 😀

    Hope y’all enjoyed this brunch post, I have lots of unpublished drafts haha. Will be back!^^ xoxo

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    I do agree with you that the plate presentation looks empty. Perhaps a smaller serving plate would fit in 🙂


    July 7, 2014 at 10:48 pm
    • Reply urbandoll

      Yes, it was very empty without greens. Or perhaps they could insert some greens into the plate, that will add more colour in the presentation as well! 🙂


      July 10, 2014 at 10:23 am

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