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  • Daiso in Seoul | Myeongdong | 8 storey Daiso

    Daiso has got to be one of my favourite lifestyle stores to visit, anywhere and everywhere! I would never not step into a Daiso store if I see it. I used to always purchase things from Daiso because they have basically everything you need! Nowadays, I try to restrict myself and spend less than $10 whenever I go to Daiso because I’m on a reduce & reuse lifestyle. It’s been a few months and counting now. I’m also cutting down on the amount of plastics I use so… I’m not gonna buy any more containers unless necessary.

    But anyway, I heard of a 8 storey Daiso and knew I had to pay that store a visit. I had to go there even if I wasn’t buying anything haha. That’s my love for Daiso for you.

    (*inserts short story: If you watched my Seoul vlog, there was an emergency incident when I was on the way to Daiso. Lots of fire trucks and police in the direction of Daiso building but it didn’t stop me from going there hahah. I did hide at a distance and observed for a while before walking to the building though!)

    Let me bring you guys through my 8 storey Daiso experience!! P/s: This post is image-heavy!

    This is a blurry picture but the first floor of Daiso features mainly cosmetics and beauty related items. Girls would probably spend a longer time here stocking up on their beauty essentials. Tweezers, sponges, brushes, hair clips, etc.

    *GASPS* Makeup!!!!! Their makeup variety is much larger than the ones we have in Singapore. And look at that pink packaging! 

    Let’s zoom in closer.. Eye shadow palettes?!?! Wow. 

    As it was cherry blossom period, they had lots of sakura-themed items for sale. There was a dedicated section full of sakura printed novelties!

    Everything pink and dainty!

    Wooden trays are great for flatlays!

    The boxes and tins are more pastel and minimalistic as compared to the ones we have in SG. Ours are more kiddish.

    They have dedicated sections for Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse and the likes. This was the French bulldog area hehe! 

    Marbled printed notepads!

    Look. at. that. massive. flowers. area. So much more variety!!

    Sunflowers are sure to brighten anyone’s day!

    Artificial succulents for those who would like some greenery on their office work desks or their rooms. Don’t have to fret about watering your little plant, wet puddles, and insects.  

    Super cute soft toys, great for a kids playroom.

    This section is more scandi-style! Simple. Grey and cool tones. Love it!!!

    I specially took down this cushion cos I wanted to buy it but decided not to due to my luggage space constraint T_T Can you see the faux knits?? And it’s in blush pink oh my!

    Fake fruits and bread for kitchen display.

    I took this picture because even their piggy banks are cuter than the ones we have in SG. I think Daiso SG hasn’t had a new piggy bank design in yearssss. I keep seeing the same ones in SG. If you spot the red post box piggy bank, that was one of my favourite ‘cos my brother had it when I was much younger and he stored lots of $1 coins in them. *winks*

    The tableware section is amazing!

    Eating from these plates instantly improves your appetite and mood xD

    Gorgeous bath section T_T

    Marble printed soap dish and shampoo holders.. I wish I could bring all of these back home!

    Super pretty trinket trays!

    I’m gushing at all the pretty stuff while writing this post. Wish I could just teleport there again!!!

    • Allocate enough luggage space (or buy more space if you think you’re gonna be buying lots of crockery and tableware here)
    • You may take 1-2 hours here.. Maybe even more if you’re shopping for a new home. I think I took 1-2 hours and didn’t buy much. Was just simply in awe and admiring the entire store, section by section, floor by floor.
    • Males may wish to find a nice cafe nearby to sit and wait for their partners/spouse lolol.This 8 storey Daiso is located near Myeongdong Exits 1 & 2. 

    If you are are Daiso fanatic like me, you will be thrilled to learn there’s a lifestyle store in Seoul called Butter!!! Posting right after this post hehehe.

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