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  • Easy DIY Christmas Gifts - Banner

    Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

    Easy DIY Christmas Gifts - Banner

    As the festive season is nearing, many of you might be attending parties or Christmas gift exchanges. And then the big question comes… What do I buy?!?!  If you have no idea what to get for your friends, you may wish to get hands on and try out these following easy DIY Christmas gifts that I’m going to share with you:

    Easy DIY Christmas Gifts - 4

    In this post, I will be teaching how to create 5 different types of simple and easy DIY Christmas gifts for your special ones!

    The first gift I would like to share is the Photo Coasters! This is one of my favourites out of all the ones here. You will need:

    •  1 x Mod Podge – Artfriend
    •  1 x Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (optional!) – Artfriend
    • 5 x Tiles – Artfriend ($1 each if I remembered correctly)
    • 1 x Felt Fabric (You can choose  any colour you want, it’s gonna be at the back of the tiles)
    • 1 x Sponge Brush
    • 5 x Printed Photos (I got my Instgram photos since they are already square-shaped but I had to trim them smaller in order to fit onto the tiles)

    Photo Coasters - 1 Photo Coasters - 2

    1. Let’s start of with cutting the photos so they fit nicely onto the tiles.
    2. Arrange them on the tiles.
    3. Apply Mod Podge on the back of the photograph and lay them on the tiles.
    4. Flatten and squeeze out any air bubbles.
    5. Apply Mod Podge over the entire tile once you have placed the photo on it. Allow to dry.
    6. Once the surface has dried, you may proceed to cut the felt fabric and stick them on the back with craft glue.

    Photo Coasters - 3 Photo Coasters - 4

    It is normal for Mod Podge to be creamy, it will dry to a clear, matte surface. So don’t start freaking out if you see this!

    Remember the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic I mentioned earlier on? It is supposed to make the surface glossy. I didn’t like it and found it too streaky. So only go for that if you want the surface to be glossy!!

    Photo Coasters - 5

    And there you have it, Photo Coasters!!!

    Photo Coasters - 6 Photo Coasters - 7(Inspiration from http://tatertotsandjello.com/2013/11/gift-idea-diy-instagram-coasters-in-wooden-box.html)

    I wrapped a set of 5 with 2 types of ribbon I got from Daiso for a nice and simple packaging!

    The second DIY Christmas Gift is very easy!!! You don’t need any creative juice for this! 😉 All items are from Daiso for this gift!

    You will need:

    • Potpourri (get whatever flavours/colours you like!)
    • Glass Jars
    • Small Christmas Decor Ornaments

    Potpourri Jar - 1 Potpourri Jar - 2 Potpourri Jar - 3

    1) Pour the Potpourri into the glass jars, fill them up to the brim
    2) Arrange the Christmas Ornaments on the jars.

    AND YOU ARE DONE!! SUPER EASY AND CUTE RIGHT?? I got the glass jars with handles ‘cos that would be easier to carry around. You can also get other types of jars, depending on the kind you fancy. There are various types of small Christmas ornaments in Daiso like Christmas tree, Santa’s sleigh, etc.

    Potpourri Jar - 4

    The third gift for this post a minimalist Accessories Dish.

    DIY Accessories Dish - 5
    For this, you will need:

    • 1 x Acrylic Paint (depending on your colour combination)
    • 1 x Glitter Glue
    • 1 x Paint Brush
    • 2 x Ceramic Dish

    DIY Accessories Dish - 1 DIY Accessories Dish - 2

    I tried doing some patterns on the back of the dish to test out how the colour will look like and what patterns I prefer the best.

    Okay so I got the acrylic paint from Daiso. They come in different series like Glitter Acrylic, Pearl Acrylic and Normal Acrylic. I highly advise going for Normal Acrylic because the other two series are very translucent. You will need at least 3 coats to get any colour. You can also get cheaper acrylic paint from our local Popular stationery stores at $1 + each. Daiso ones cost $2.DIY Accessories Dish - 3

    There are only 3 easy steps to this gift:

    1. Draw on the pattern that you like on the dish. Leave to dry.
    2. Add on some glitter to make it pop! Leave to dry.
    3. Coat with a layer of Mod Podge to protect the colours.

    As easy as 1, 2, 3!

    DIY Accessories Dish - 4  DIY Accessories Dish - 6 DIY Accessories Dish - 7

    The fourth one that I will be touching on will be the Washi Tape Photo Frame!

    Washi Tape Photo Frame - 5

    You will need:

    • 1 set of Ice Cream Sticks (from Popular)
    • 2 x Charms (Daiso)
    • 3 x Washi Tapes (Daiso)
    • 1 x Craft Glue
    • 3 x Printed Photos

    Washi Tape Photo Frame - 1 Washi Tape Photo Frame - 2

    (Inspiration from http://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/diy-holiday-gifts-kids-can-give-to-their-parents)

    1. Stick the ice cream sticks together with the craft glue
    2.  To make it a stronger structure, you may wish to coat a layer of Mod Podge over them
    3.  Apply the Washi Tapes onto the photo frames
    4.  Glue your photos onto the frames
    5.  Lastly, add on some charms to decorate!

    Washi Tape Photo Frame - 3 Washi Tape Photo Frame - 4

    The last gift that I’ll be sharing is also very uncomplicated. These are colourful Mason Jars that you can put anything into. I decided to put my makeup needs like cotton pads and cotton ear buds as the mason jars will add a bit of edge and colours in the bathroom.

    You will need:

    • 2 x Mason Jars (Daiso)
    • 3 x Acrylic Paint (Daiso)
    • 1 x Paint Brush
    • 1 x Mod Podge
    • 1 x Ribbon

    DIY Mason Jar - 1

    (Inspiration from: http://lilluna.com/75-gift-ideas-5/)

    DIY Mason Jar - 2

    1. Paint the jar lids with a layer of white Acrylic paint in order for the coloured paint to go on smoothly. (I didn’t manage to get plain mason jars at Daiso so I had to coat 2 layers of white to cover the existing floral design)
    2. Paint 2 layers of coloured acrylic paint on the jar lids. You can choose whatever colour you want.
    3. Once dried, you can apply a layer of Mod Podge to protect the colours.
    4. To package it, tie the jar with a string of gold ribbon and  you’re good to go!

    DIY Mason Jar - 3

    Easy DIY Christmas Gifts - 2 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts - 3

    I hope you guys like what you learnt from this post today and let’s go get some DIY craft done!! It’s always extraordinarily special when you add a personal touch to the gifts. 😉 Merry Christmas to you guys! *kisses*

    Nuffnang’s 12 Days of Giveaway this year will also include some of these products! Stay tuned to their Facebook page from 14 – 25 Dec for exciting prizes you could walk away with! 

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