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    Eurotrip 2013: London Travel Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5

    My second post on my London adventures is finally up. Omg, it’s been a month, can’t believe I’ve neglected my blog for too long. Sigh. I’ve been really, CRAZILY BUSY at work. I go to work at about 10am everyday, and then I leave the office at 3am, sometimes 5am or 6am. This shit is cray. But I’m not complaining at all. I choose to stay in the office as I have a lot of uncompleted work and I need to get things going. Roy and I are trying to build the company, and we are shifting office soon. We just really need to maintain and improve whatever we have now. I’ll talk more about work next time!

    Okay on Day 3 of London, we visited Borough Market right after Portobello Market (read previous London post here). So this place was highly recommended by a mutual friend but by the time we got there, most of the stalls were closed already.


    The entrance to the marketlondon3-boroughmarket2 london3-boroughmarket3

    Hmm, actually Borough Market is like a wet market that we have in Singapore, except that the decor is a lot nicer haha. They sell fresh meat, produce, fruits, etc.london3-boroughmarket4 london3-boroughmarket5 london3-boroughmarket6

    london3-boroughmarket8 london3-boroughmarket9

    Perfectly grilled lamb!! It costed us a bomb though. If I remember correctly, it was 8 pounds. That’s SGD16. We were EXTREMELY hungry by then and couldn’t care less about the price because we didn’t manage to eat much at Portobello Market before this :(. We were rushing here and then all the shops were closed. So bo bian. But anyway, this was a great find!

    There was a long queue for the Seafood Paella so we decided to give it a try. Paella is a Spanish dish and is pronounced as.. “Pa-yet”. Not “Pey-la”. I thought it was “pey-la” until I met a Spanish couple in Rome and they pronounced it as “pa-yet”.


    Later, we took the train and went to.. London Bridge! *starts singing london bridge is falling down~~*


    Lo and behold.. The London Bridge looks like this,


    Which was really nothing very spectacular. Okay before somebody comes in to say that I don’t know much about the UK history blahblah. I don’t, I really don’t know much about their history. But I just thought you know, we’ve been hearing about London Bridge since young and it wasn’t how I expected it to be.

    On the other hand, Tower bridge just right opposite was a lot nicer.

    In order to get to Tower Bridge, we took a 15 minutes walk pass the Hays Galleria with lots of atas shops and cafes.

    london3-londonbridge3 london3-londonbridge4


    And there, presenting to you the Tower Bridge.london3-towerbridge london3-towerbridge2

    Watch the video of us below!


    We were also very lucky to have witnessed the Tower Bridge open to let a ferry pass it.

    That was the end of our Day 3! We went to so many places I almost died. We went to Portobello Market, Roy’s business meeting, Borough Market, London Bridge and Tower bridge. It was physically and mentally draining as we had to travel around and the business meeting was a great eye opener but really damn headache to listen too all those businessmen talk.

    On Day 4 we got up later than we were supposed to! We were supposed to be at Buckingham palace by 1030am but reached only at 1130am. Gosh the crowd….

    By the way we were enjoying our hot chocolate before leaving our apartment haha, watch the video!

    By the time we reached, the crowd was massive and it was hard to get a good spot.

    london4-buckinghampalace london4-buckinghampalace2

    Thank God Roy is quite tall haha.

    The guards marching into the palace!london4-buckinghampalace4 london4-buckinghampalace5 london4-buckinghampalace6

    LOL, this is Roy’s view of me everyday?!?!london4-buckinghampalace7 london4-buckinghampalace8

    Then they marched out. You can watch my video here, hehe I was sitting on Roy’s shoulders.

     After the changing of guards parade, we were famish! We were looking for a nice place to dine in at happened to chance upon The Royal Quarter Cafe!

    london4-royalquartercafe london4-royalquartercafe2 london4-royalquartercafe3 london4-royalquartercafe4 london4-royalquartercafe5

    BEST EGGS BENEDICT EVER!!! I swear!! I’m so thankful I lost my eggs benedict virginity there HAHAHA. I’ve never tried Eggs Benedict before in Singapore, I always opt for scrambled eggs. So I decided to give it a try at The Royal Quarter Cafe. Best decision ever made. It was simply too good. Even Roy (he loves Eggs Benedict) said this was irresistible! london4-royalquartercafe6

    They had a good range of desserts and pastries there too but we couldn’t bear to part with our money haha. london4-royalquartercafe7 london4-royalquartercafe8 london4-stjamespark london4-westminister

    The Royal Quarter is located somewhere near the Westminister Chapel I think.


    At Oxford Circus, I finally got to try the McFlurry Flake!!! It was awesome! You know the Cadbury Flake Chocolate? I’m not sure how many of you have tried it but I love it!

    Anyway I asked Roy to take a picture of the ice cream but he took a picture of the ice cream AND ME. -.- Love that my skin looks flawless here thanks to my skincare regime hiakhiak.



    Anyway if you guys want to change your money, do visit small shops that says “Bureau Du Change”, they’ll hang a sign there. These shops have A LOT better rates than the other money exchangers.


    The one that I went to was opposite The Body Shop, Clarks, and Monsoon.

    Then we were off to Kensington Palace for picnic!!!


    Before we reached the gardens, we dropped by Whole Foods Market to get some food. Everyone else also bought their picnic food there! My first time at Whole Foods was at Los Angeles 2 years ago, there was one really near my apartment. Love this supermarket!london4-wholefoods2 london4-wholefoods3 london4-wholefoods4

    I made my own salad hehe! 😀london4-wholefoods5 london4-wholefoods6

    So Roy was snapping photos and this woman beside me said rudely, “Please stop taking photos! You can’t take photos in here!” WTH. I just thought she could say nicely like “hi, you can’t take photos in here, it’s not allowed in Whole Foods.” Okay so even if Whole Foods have a ban photos policy, it’s not your problem. The staff who walked by didn’t even stop us.


    Studying the map of Kensington Gardens and figuring the way.


    Oh and we managed to spot a real London bus on the roads!! The rest are the modern versions.


    There were friends and families enjoying their day out at the gardens. Playing volleyball, suntanning and walking their dogs. Was a really happy sight.




    We went into the Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana used to stay in but it was a disappointment. There wasn’t much to see.



    london4-kensingtonpalace11 london4-kensingtonpalace13 london4-kensingtonpalace14

    We laid here for the longest time, enjoying the cold breeze against our faces. I was hoping we could be there forever, and then I fell asleep hahaa. It was our last day in London and we didn’t want it to end because everything was perfect. *sob sob*  I MISS LONDON ALREADY.london4-kensingtonpalace15

    YAY omg finally finished this entry! It usually takes me 3 hours to resize all the photos and add watermark. I rarely photoshop my photos except for the colours. Gosh I wish I could just blog with a snap of my fingers. Rawr. I have so so so many backlogs I really don’t know what to do. T.T

    The next travelling post will be about PARIS!!! 😀 Stay tuned. And really, thanks so much for reading my blog even though I don’t update regularly. :’)

    Take care and see ya!


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