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    F1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX 2012 and Maroon 5

    My apologies for the delayed post because last week was hell week for me. I had lots of presentations and assignments to rush. And I am now partially liberated from school haha, till next week. Which means I’ll have more time to catch up on my readings (ugh) and also go shopping or visit more food places in Singapore! So anyway, last Saturday after my brunch at Toby’s Estate, I went to the F1 to catch Maroon 5 hehe 🙂

    We got free tickets from my brother! ^^ Anyway if you’re wondering what foundation I am using, it’s Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow.

    My act cool boyfriend. Yep my captions are this boring.

    And this is me. HURR.

    It was our first time at the F1, and also first time there together so we snapped a lot of tourist-y pictures. Aiya but who cares? Everyone else was doing it too!

    Let me tell you we had to queue for this. There was a queue of people waiting in line to take pictures with the backdrop, and me included.

    We proceeded to take our seat. It was pretty empty and then people started streaming in slowly.

    A pissed me pushing the ear plugs into my ears. For some reasons I can never use in-ear ear phones, they never fit. So I had a lot of trouble trying to get the ear plugs into my ears 🙁 Anyway I got the squishy kind of earplugs from Watsons at a box, with 3 pairs at $5.50. Earplugs are also available for sale at $2 per pair at the F1 area.

    Top: Floral Bustier from Lastbusride
    Bottom: Light Denim Highwaisted Shorts from Chatuchak, BKK, at $8

    Thankfully I wore this outfit instead of leggings and heel because it was sooo hot and crowded. I wonder how Roy survived in his long sleeve shirt.

    I like this picture because I took it.

    Okay so a group of drummers came out of nowhere together with a bunch of skimpily dressed dancers. And guess what Roy did? RAN OVER AND TOOK PICTURES OF COURSE. IN THE NAME OF SNAPPING PICTURES FOR MY BLOG OH YES. If I’m gonna be judged as a jealous and possessive girlfriend after this, it’s fine. So Roy followed the dancing crew TWO SECTIONS down and I couldn’t even find him at all. I just sat on my seat tending over his belongings. Pissed I was, because I never liked to be left alone. And the thing is, the other photographers and boyfriends all returned back to their seats, EXCEPT HIM. RAWR I was pissed pissed pissed.

    Nana pictures of the dancers for the viewing pleasure of the male readers on my blog. Note all the si bian tais and perverts surrounding those girls and snapping away! Okay wait my boyfriend was one of them…

    Only ONE lady was taking pictures.

    See the crowd that was seated down, all ready for the action!

    The only clear picture Roy managed to capture of the racing car. So the race started and we were very lost and couldn’t hear the commentary at all because of the earplugs. But we couldn’t remove the earplugs because the sound from the cars was deafening!

    We left and went to recharge for Maroon 5! Walked to the nearby Marina Square for a quick fix at Long John Silver’s! The food sold at F1 were so expensive. A set of Fish & Chip would cost $12. So if you’re ever going for the F1, you can just exit to Marina Square for cheaper alternatives!

    I love the skin on potato chips.

    I’ll always order the 2 piece chicken meal whenever I’m at Long John Silver’s!

    Best Clam Chowder from a fastfood restaurant!

    My happy expression whenever I see food HAHA.

    nom nom. After eating we immediately rushed back to the F1 but it was sooo packed because everyone was rushing to see Maroon 5 too! Had I known earlier I would have skipped my meal just to be early and chope a seat! BUT BUT we were lucky enough to squeeze into the concert area which was blocked out by the time we got there.

    We were still quite far away from the stage. Thank God for the huge ass TV monitors.

    Omg look at the tattoos on his biceps! #fangirling

    And I shall end this entry with a video of Maroon 5’s latest song, One More Night Live at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012!

    It was overall, an enjoyable experience! Hmm I probably won’t wanna spend a bomb on the tickets, let’s hope I’ll get some free ones again haha!

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