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    Fabfad’s latest collection

    While many spent their Good Friday in church or sleeping the day away, I was at work:)


    (First two pictures taken from Zoe’s blog!)


    A pretty sweet looking dress suitable for a casual date!

    I like this piece the best, think this is what I would wear^^

    Holding a(n) Ukelele for show haha.

    This top is asymmetrical at the sides!

    Yes, seems like peterpan collars are back for good:) Do check out Fabfad’s 50th collection!

    After the shoot, Roy and I both went to Nex at Serangoon for lunch at Prata Wala! I swear they serve one of the best Nasi Briyani (costs $6.90) in town. We would always try our luck at Prata Wala whenever we go to Nex because the seats are always filled. And getting seats doesn’t guarantee you a delicious plate of Nasi Briyani, it is always sold out too:( We were lucky last Friday I should say. heheh.

    Another reason why we love Nex is because of the SkyGarden. We usually head there with a cup New Zealand Natural’s Hokey Pokey ice cream and spend a good few hours watching kids playing at the water playground and cute little puppies interacting at the dog park. The next time you don’t know where to head to with your bf/gf, try Nex! 😀

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