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    First Year Anniversary Dinner

    Wow, I can’t believe my first year anniversary post generated the most amount of views on my blog! Hahah, thanks for the support guys! Anyway, if you haven’t read about how Roy and I met, check it out here: http://www.urbandoll.com.sg/happy-1st-anniversary-baby/

    On the actual day, both of us had work so we spent the entire day in our offices. I almost had to OT and didn’t mind doing OT but hey it was our first year anniversary! So I left the office and we went to our favourite restaurant, Al Forno (East Coast). He first brought me there sometime last year with a bunch of friends. Let me tell you, my experience there was unforgettable and I had been dying to return there again!

    The last time we had pizza and pasta, we also had the same dishes this time round! Both of us are the kind of people who would always stick to our favourite dishes. Well, we aren’t exactly risk-takers and would prefer staying in our comfort zones hahaha.

    This is me using my phone. I’m always using my phone whenever I’m out and I swear Roy hates it. Aiya need to tweet that I’m having my anniversary dinner right!

    Decided to camwhore and divert my hunger! Please excuse our tired faces from a whole day of work. I remember I was rushing an important proposal with the two other interns.

    Please don’t ask me why he always has the same expression.

    Enough of lovey dovey pictures, here comes the food!

    Prosciutto e Funghi Pizza (Tomato, mozarella cheese, ham and mushrooms) $23

    Omg this pizza is awesome, it’s the best I’ve ever had in Singapore! The crust was baked to perfection and the mushrooms were juicy. I brought 2 slices back home hours later for Kay. She heated them up and had them for supper, she even tweeted it was the best pizza she ever had. Even as leftovers! nomnom I wanna have this pizza again.

    Linguine Al Aragosta (Linguine with Lobster in cherry tomato sauce) $33

    The previous time I went there, this was the dish that left the deepest impression because it was too good. But this time round, it was quite disappointing. The pasta was tasteless, we had to send it back to the kitchen. When it was served the second time, it still didn’t taste as nice so we asked for a switch to another dish which was..

    Spaghetti Cicale (Spaghetti with Crayfish in garlic and tomato sauce) $25

    This dish was okay. I think by then we were full from tasting and re-tasting the linguine and worn out from work.

    For dessert, we decided to settle for something simple at Dessert Story @ Kovan. We always frequent this place when we have nowhere to go and it’s a good place for a quick & cheap dessert fix! We had our usual Mango Snow Ice 🙂

    That weekend, we dined at Graze! It was supposed to be a proper dinner since we didn’t enjoy ourselves on our anniversary day itself. I originally planned to bring Roy to Graze at Rochester Park for dinner during his 25th Birthday celebration in March but I was sooo sick that day (I vomitted 10 times in the hotel, no kidding), we had to give it a miss. Our anniversary was a good opportunity for us to try out that restaurant so off we went!

    It was our first time at Rochester Park and it was hard for us to locate the restaurant. I had to call them several times for directions :/ We sat al fresco and the place was dark. The pictures are a million times brighter than in real life. Thank God for ISO lol. But as you can see, the image quality was affected due to the noise level produced by the high ISO.

    Ah, see I’m using my phone again ahhaha.

    Me trying their Lychee Freeze.

    Roy’s plate of Pan Seared Duck Breast (wilted spinach, fennel wafer, blood orange caramel) $30

    And my Pan Roasted Snapper (crushed potato, spearmint, lime and pomelo salad, house butter) $31

    We also ordered a side dish.. And the serving was huge.

    Handcut Sweet Potato Wedges, Rosemary and Green Chilli Mayo $7

    I didn’t expect so big a serving because it was a side dish. I only had half of a potato wedge and Roy ate one potato wedge.

    To be honest, the food was meh. It definitely didn’t taste bad but it surely wasn’t impressive. The food wasn’t to-die-for and yep we probably won’t patronise Graze anytime soon.

    Al Forno is located at:
    400 East Coast Road 428996
    Tel: 6348 8781
    Website: www.alfornoeastcoast.com.sg

    Graze is located at:
    4 Rochester Park 139215
    Tel: 6775 9000
    Website: www.graze.sg

    By the way if you didn’t notice, I have included a review score at the top of the entry hehe 🙂 Hope you find this post useful!

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