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    Haven’t been updating lately because I’ve been busy with school πŸ™ I have tons of readings to do and night classes to attend. Well, I’m still a student anyway so I’ve got to live with it! So here’s a short update. Roy went for reservist a few days back and will only be back this weekend. The day before his reservist, we decided to go out for a while and spend some nice quality time together.

    Picture spam of myself here while on the way out~

    Was wearing Freshlook’s Brown contact lenses.

    If I look weird, it’s because I didn’t have eyeliner on that day.

    Just realised there is a dark spot on my nonexistent nose bridge.

    While he still had long hair.

    πŸ˜€ I love stealing glances of him while he drives. I don’t know why I just like to stare at his pretty face.

    Having his haircut lol. Life is unfair I hate his nose.

    Yay then we headed to IMM to run some errands and settled dinner at Fish & Co. Been a while since we last ate there so yep!

    Please excuse my awkward hand posture.

    Hooray our food came! Our favourite Seafood Platter for 2 – $39.95

    I am sadly, allergic to seafood but this is our favourite dish. HAHA. Too much prawns make me break out in rash. So I’ll finish most of the rice and fish, have some calamari and three prawns that’s all. Roy will finish the rest of the seafood!

    HAHA his stupid kuku hair.

    Some pictures of my friends and I taken during school last week.

    Our first day of school on Monday.

    Atiqah and me while waiting for Astronomy lecture to start. I went for lecture today and sat through the entire 3 hours alone! *Miss Independent*

    We had Ya Kun a few weeks back.

    For his fan girls. Seriously after the T-shirt printing video was released, there were people googling “Roy Ng Ministry of Print” and were directed to my blog haha. And he also started receiving friend requests from girls lol.

    Have to rush a proposal this weekend, go for some photoshoots, settle my courses and buy textbooks. It’s hard being a student and juggling part-time jobs, really. But I’m proud to say that I’m earning my own money and I don’t receive allowance from my parents. My shoes, my clothes, and bags are all bought with my hard-earned money. If anybody’s gonna say “your boyfriend is rich what he can support you.” Firstly, he is not rich. He does not earn a fixed amount of income. Secondly, I am not so thick-skinned to make my boyfriend pay for every single thing. Most of the time he does pay for food. But when I get my pay check, I treat him too! It’s only fair to reciprocate. So anyway back to where I was saying, it feels good to be spending my own money and knowing that I am making money for myself. hoho~ May more good things happen to me! And you who are reading this. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your weekend!

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