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    Floral Nails by Simplicity Nails

    Hiiiiiii! As some of you may know, I get my  manicure regularly done at Simplicity Nails and I went to get my nails done a few weeks back 🙂 Simplicity Nails is a cozy home-base salon located at Taman Jurong, and is operated by Trina.

    A happy me with my pretty floral nails! 😀 😀

    Trina took a picture of my nails,

    Let me show you the condition of my current nails…

    STILL PERFECT! Except that my nails have grown slightly longer. Please ignore the China Glaze logo because I wanted to pose with a bottle of nail polish haha. THIS WAS DONE WITH ANGEL PRO GEL POLISH. This is why I love gelish and Trina’s patience in drawing my nails. Gelish stays A LOT longer than normal nail polishes. It has been three weeks and the nail art is in perfect condition, and my nails did not chip at all! 🙂

    Look! My nails are still shiny even after three weeks! I think once you go for gelish, you will never look back. I can never look at nail polishes the same way again. Will probably start grumbling if I get my nails painted with normal nail polishes and then they start to chip off within 2-3 days.

    A closer look at the intricate designs on my nails. You know ever since I’ve gotten regular manicure sessions at Simplicity Nails, I ALWAYS get compliments about my nails wherever I go. And when I mean wherever, it happens in school, outside, and even at the supermarket! I was just at NTUC Fairprice the other day and I was placing the items I wanted to buy on the cashier counter and the aunty went… “omg your nails are soooo nice!! can I take a closer look? Where did you get it done at? It’s so nice!!

    Also in school during lectures, acquaintances (my friend’s friends) seated behind me will go “omg I love her nails!” This is all thanks to Trina from Simplicity Nails!

    I have received comments from people requesting me to take photos with Trina so here they are,

    Pretty Trina and I in her beautiful princess room hehe. I like that Trina talks to her customers, I can never sit still and not talk at all. And interactions like this allows us to get to know each other better. You know how sometimes you go outside to get your nails done and both your manicurist and you just keep quiet awkwardly..?

    This is why I like the idea of home-base salon because you know your manicurist is dedicated and makes the effort to talk and understand you better. 🙂

    Look at the comfy sofa and pink wall designs at the back. I love her princess room! Thank you Trina for always making me feel welcomed. 🙂

    Once again, thank you Trina! You always give me pretty nails T.T I can’t thank you enough for beautifying my nails every month.

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    You can contact Trina through Whatsapp at 8112 5274 or drop her an email at! 😀

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