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  • oyster Mee sua

    Food food and more food: Sushi, Oyster Mee Sua and 51 Soya Bean!

    How’s everyone doing? Was out one day with Roy roaming around Causeway Point because it’s the nearest mall to my place. Causeway Point recently went through some major revamp and is now one of the best heartland malls ever, especially the basement! HAHA there are lots of food there and I loveeee food! Where this is food, there is Keline.

    This was me having lunch. The size of my arms is directly proportionate to my portion of food… not!

    Cute sushis waiting to enter my tummy. 😀 My favourite of them all has to be Ebiko Sushi, the orange ones on the left and right. I can never get sick of them!

    Hur, four pathetic pieces of sushi for lunch? My appetite isn’t that small. And no, I am not anorexic or suffering from any eating disorder in case you’re wondering. I was obviously still hungry and we walked past Snackz It (this Taiwanese shop that sells Fried Chicken like Shih Lin Chicken). There I spotted Oyster Mee Sua! I’ve been dying to try it because the queue there is always long and the Oyster Mee Sua is always sold out. So I was like I HAVE TO TRY THAT!

    Hiak hiak I finally got my hands on a bowl of Oyster Mee Sua! Now time for me to savour it~

    My verdict? I love it and I am addicted to Oyster Mee Sua already! I tried the Shih Lin one just yesterday and I must say I prefer the one from Snackz It because the Shih Lin’s Oyster Mee Sua is a lot saltier.

    Nana a picture of the Shih Lin Oyster Mee Sua I tried yesterday.

    Also a picture of my boyfriend for his fangirls.

    Hehe now I have yummy Oyster Mee Sua just a few bus stops away from my house. 🙂

    AND AND guess which new player just opened a shop front at Causeway Point??

    *Drums Roll*

    Lo and behold, the 51 Soya Bean!

    51 Soya Bean

    If you’ve never heard of 51 Soya Bean, you must have at least heard about Lao Ban Beancurd right? Well I think 51 Soya Bean is a perfect substitute for Lao Ban Beancurd actually. I tried it once at Old Airport Road because the queue at Lao Ban was ridiculously long and I thought heck it, I am going to try another stall nearby! So I walked to 51 Soya Bean… there was no queue at all, and nobody was patronising the shop. I bought a bowl of it and… THEY TASTE THE SAME, if not 100% then 99%. There really isn’t much distinctive difference, except that Lao Ban’s beancurd is a lot sweeter.

    I love Causeway Point now that there are so many nice food stalls there. I can never resist food hehe. Today I just had dinner at 10pm and then at 11pm I was out having McDonald’s for supper.

    *inserts filler camwhore image of myself because I have no more pictures* kthxbye.

    P/s: I AM GOING TO F1 THIS SATURDAY TO WATCH MAROON 5!! YAY YAY! My brother got some free tickets so he passed them to Roy and I. So thankful. 😀 Otherwise, I probably might not spend a few hundred bucks getting my ears blasted. Last year I went to watch Maroon 5 with my little sister (she won some free tickets!) and this year I am seeing them again hoho^^ Anyway, I’ve created a formspring account recently, you can ask me questions here! 🙂 Ciao, x

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