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    Food poisoning is no fun

    I’ve been down with food poisoning since Sunday and haven’t seemed to fully recover. On Sunday while dyeing my hair, I experienced some discomfort in my stomach and thought it might be gastric pain because I was too hungry. I also felt queasy. So Roy came over to the salon and bought me some bread. Then I felt some stirring in my stomach, and quickly rushed to the nearest public toilet. There, first round of diarrhoea. After I was done with my laosai session, I started puking straight away. Omg gross. I had to go back to the salon to complete my hair dyeing treatment. And then I decided to go to the doctor. Guess what? The waiting time was 3 hours, and it was 10pm! So I went to another doctor.. while waiting, I rushed several times to the toilet again – to puke and to laosai. Hurrr it was really bad. And, I had a test the next day!

    Went home, took my meds and thought it was gonna be okay. But my puking session started again. Zomg I hate this. Roy and I both had a sleepless night. I woke up every 30mins-1hour interval and puked. I lost count of the number of times I puked. The last time I remembered, 16. I would wake up, nudge Roy, get the pail and started puking… then fell back asleep simply because I was too tired from all that vomitting. All the hot milo, water, and bread I took came out. And then I started puking bile, some kinda yellow liquid in the stomach. Omg it was so painful.

    The next morning, the puking session continued. Took my meds, and I slept the entire day away. Not forgetting waking up because of diarrhoea.

    It has been almost four days. I’m much better now. I don’t puke anymore although I do experience nausea and I do have diarrhoea still. And.I.cannot.stop.farting. HAHAH. Too much gas in my stomach. No good huh. My shit consists of 80% water, that’s like peeing through your ass. HAHAH sorry too much details.

    The past few days at home have been wasted away. I spent most of my time in bed and rushing to the toilet every now and then. Or trying to figure out how to let out the LOUDEST FART. Okay yes I am crazy like that.

    And my fart is usually silent, and NOT DEADLY. But okay now that I’m down with food poisoning, I can say my fart smells worse than my dog’s. Okay enough about farts.

    I also haven’t been eating a lot because I lost my appetite. Or rather, I have a phobia of puking right now. So if I take in too much for my sick tummy, I might start vomitting all over again. I want to know how much weight I’ve lost (not in a good way) but I can’t seem to find the weighing scale in my house. -.- I must have lost a great deal of weight I look like a stick insect now. HURRRR T.T Give me back all my weight!! Can’t wait till all these stop so I can start gorging myself with nice food again. I can only eat porridge 🙁 And I’m not sure if it’s the side effect of the medicine but I HAVE LOST MY SENSE OF TASTE. Not entirely but I can’t taste anything sweet. I’m serious! The other day Roy brought me for Gelare (which I only had a few mouths) and I couldn’t taste the ice cream. AT ALL. Let’s hope everything gets better. It will!


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