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  • Forty Hands Coffee – Sweet Sunday

    Met up with my best friend of seven years, Andee, and he suggested Forty Hands cafe.

    We arrived at about 330pm and the place was filled with people, gathered in cliques and chit chatting together. It was a nice sight to see people enjoying themselves, but that also meant we might not have seats to ourselves:( The cafe is separated into two main areas: airconditioned and non-airconditioned (at the back). We changed our seats thrice!  haha, first we were ushered to a wooden bar top table, then a guy from behind offered his table to us because he was already leaving but it was so hot and stuffy outside. A nice staff then got us a seat inside the cafe but… with the wooden bar top table and awkward wooden chairs that we both didn’t feel comfortable sitting in. And finallyyyyy we got a table with nice cushion chairs. That was when we could finally enjoy our food comfortably.

    Ice Chocolate – $7

    Nice cold drink, away from the scorching sun tyvm. I like this drink, the right amount of undissolved cocoa powder, and the right amount of ice to keep the heat away.

    Truffle Fries – $8

    The truffle fries were served piping hot in an old-fashioned metal bowl, but I thought they were quite disappointing. It was overcooked and the smell of truffle was very mild. Didn’t think the fries were worth the amount of money I paid.

    Walnut and Chocolate Chip Cookie

    I don’t like how the shapes of the cookie and the plate don’t go together. But yeah, rooster printed plate. Good attempt to relive those nostalgic memories.

    Awkward face I give when I don’t know what to do in pictures. #pleasedontjudgeme

    40 Hands – A nice place to spend my afternoon at, just perhaps not on Sundays when the crowd is in.

    My outfit of the day:

    It was so hot that day my makeup melted even before I could take any pictures.

    What I like about this dress is the golden details of the neckline.

    All decked in red.

     It was a good few hours spent catching up with my best friend. I’ve known him since I was 15, back then I was… childish, and ugly, and everything I am not now. I’m extremely thankful that I’ve met such a beautiful person. He was there when I was foolishly falling in and out of love, struggling with school and handling different phases of my life. It is really good to have somebody standing by you despite all your flaws and imperfections. I love you b 🙂

    You’ll come to a point in life where you realize who are the important people in your life. And when you do, treasure them.

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