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    Get rid of morning breath with Dentiste Toothpaste Singapore

    Get rid of morning breath

    Do you know what bugs me the most every morning? To wake up and not give my fiance a good morning kiss because of bad breath. I did a little research and realised it’s called morning’s breath. And I absolutely hate it. Sometimes, no amount of brushing your teeth or gargling mouthwash in the morning is able to get rid of it.

    Roy always leans over for a morning kiss but I would shun away and immediately get out of bed just to brush my teeth first simply because I don’t want to spoil his morning with a bad morning breath.

    The reason why morning breath (also known as Halitosis) occurs is mainly because our saliva flows a lot lesser at night than it does in day time. When we are awake, our own saliva washes away food particles that linger and collect bacteria in our mouths. BUT when we fall asleep, our salivary glands stop producing that much saliva. This means that the bacteria will grow and inhibit your mouth during the night. These bacteria produce nasty smelling sulphur compounds that cause bad morning breath when you wake up.

    I am so thankful that Dentiste Nighttime Toothpaste is here to save the day!

    Dentise - 2

    Dentiste is the first 100% Natural Toothpaste in Singapore. It contains 14 types of natural extracts that are antiseptic and anti-bacteria. Chemical toothpaste can irritate our oral tissues while natural toothpaste can help to reduce chemical toxicity.

    Dentiste - 3

    One of the main ingredients of Dentiste Nighttime tooth paste, Xylitol, is a natural substance that is already produced by our own bodies. It helps to prevent bacteria from staying on your teeth and multiplying. We need to get these nasty bacteria away from our teeth in order to main good oral health.Dentiste - 4

    There is also stable Vitamin C from Switzerland that helps to increases antibodies for our mouths to have healthy gums.

    Dentiste - 1

    After Actions -6 Dentiste - 7

    I trust Dentiste as its a natural toothpaste has:
    NO SLS
    NO Preservatives
    NO Parabens
    NO Triclosan
    NO Flavorings
    NO Fluoride
    NO colorings

    From the above, you will see something familiar.. Fluoride. Why no fluoride, you may ask? Fluoride has been widely used for its anti-cavity properties, but fluoride overuse may cause yellowish teeth.

    I had a classmate who had very damaged front teeth, it was brownish-yellow. She revealed to me that she brushed her teeth everyday! In fact, she brushed her teeth excessively, especially at the front. Now I’m guessing it could be the fluoride that broke down her teeth and turned it brownish-yellow. 🙁

    Dentiste - 12
    The Dentiste 100% Natural Toothpaste uses Natural Sodium Bicarbonate to whiten the teeth instead of using bleaching agents that can cause or worsen sensitive teeth. My sensitive teeth cause me to experience sharp pains whenever I take cold food like ice cream. I always tend to avoid ice cream touching my teeth cos I don’t want to experience the pain 🙁 Now, I know at least Dentiste can help to prevent and ensure my teeth don’t feel this way anymore.
    Dentiste - 14Dentiste - 15

    We usually come into contact with sugar while eating & drinking. Sugar plays the biggest role in tooth decay! Sugar is broken down into acids in our mouths and these acid causes destroy your tooth enamel, thereafter causing cavities (tooth decay). This is why dentists always remind us to stay far away from sugar. Dentiste Toothpaste and products help to inhibit the bacteria that damage your teeth caused by your sugar intake.

    Dentiste - 16

    Dentiste - 9

    With the Dentise Nighttime Toothpaste that helps to inhibit bacteria when you sleep, you can now bid good bye to awful unpleasant bad breath in the morning!

    Dentiste - 10

    Dentiste - 11 Dentiste - 17

    Waking up to a fresh breath is now possible with Dentiste!Dentiste - 18 Dentiste - 19

    Dentiste isn’t just restricted to a certain group of people. I feel it’s suitable for everyone, especially if you get to meet people everyday. Well, if you’re a student, you will meet friends in school right? If you’re a working adult, you may have to meet clients, customers, or colleagues in your office.

    If you drink coffee or tea like ME (*hands up!!* I drink at least 3 cups a day #guilty), you will need a trustworthy toothpaste that helps to whiten your teeth and fresh your breath without damaging your precious enamel.

    This is good for Roy as he is a frequent traveller. Sometimes, he has to fly overseas and rush for an event or meeting immediately after. I’ll definitely slip the Dentiste Travel Kit in his bag when he flies so he can brush his teeth before and after his flight to avoid embarrassing moments. 🙂

    Don’t wait till someone starts avoiding you because of your bad breath, start now to improve your oral health!

    Dentiste - 20  Dentiste - 22
    Roy and I both tried the Dentiste Toothpaste and we are very satisfied with it! It has a very faint sweet taste and foams lightly (unless you add a lot of water). It left us with a very fresh breath… all ready for a kiss! 😀Dentiste - 23 Dentiste - 24

    Sharing some of the photos taken of me at Singapore’s 1st Dentiste Kissing Silhouette Event.

    Dentiste Event - 1 Dentiste Event - 2

    Here is Roy and my kissing silhouette, hehe.

    Got to take part in the lucky draw. Dentiste Event - 3Dentiste Event - 6
    And got a Dentiste Gift set, yay!!
    Dentiste Event - 7

    To healthier teeth and gum with Dentiste!

    LIKE Dentiste Singapore Facebook and watch the Singapore’s 1st Dentiste’ Silhouette Event video HERE. Dentiste’ products are sold in all major retail stores! Do check them out!


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