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  • Girls’ Day Out!

    Met up with one of my Bs, Atiqah, on Tuesday for our girly meet-up. We hadn’t met in a long time, both of us were busy with school (we are in the same school but different courses), work, boyfriends, etc and we finally took some time off our hectic lifes to meet up! I’ve know Atiqah since I was 17, that’s about 5 years now. How time flies! Although we don’t meet often, but we know each other inside out and we stay in contact via whatsapp and we call each other whenever we are down or angry at something/somebody. HAHA. We also used to stay in hall (hostel) together, so we both know each other’s eating and sleeping habits, how messy we can get, and the best thing is we can just talk about anything under the sun.

    It was in the evening after my nail appointment, I met her at Bugis and we went window shopping at Bugis Street. I was quite sick of shopping already after my crazy shopping spree at Bangkok. I swear there are nice and cheap clothes to buy at Bugis Street, you just gotta dig more and look through the clothes! You can even get blogshop clothes there at half prices! For those who like blogshop clothes and have been to Bugis Street but always walk out empty-handed, try harder next time 🙂

    We walked for a while and decided to have dinner at Bugis+, previously known as Iluma. Dinner was at Manhattan Fish Market! While waiting for our food to arrive, we did what girls are best at: Camwhore!

    My pretty Atiqah, haha I know she has a Malay name but looks completely Chinese. She’s mixed^^

    My pretty tribal Gelish nails fresh from my afternoon manicure!! Will post about it tomorrow!

    And more of me…

    Jang jang, our food arrived! I like that Manhattan Fish Market offers two options of servings; Light and Regular. We both chose the Light serving since we were quite full from the milk tea from I love Taimei and Koi, and I had some snacks from ToriQ while waiting for her! I had Grilled Catch of The Day (Dory) with Garlic Rice.

    Atiqah’s Fish and Chips.

    We also ordered Atiqah’s favourite fried mushrooms.

    It was good catching up with her and knowing what has been going on in her life for the past 6 months. I’m glad for friends who make the effort to meet up even if it lasts an hour or so. I even met her the day before for like an hour because I happened to be at Ang Mo Kio area and we took the train towards Jurong East together.

    Would like to end this entry with this,

    How apt! 🙂

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