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    Happy 1st Anniversary, Baby!

    10th of May 2011 is and always will be a special day to Roy and I because it was the day we officially got together. I remember this time last year, we were both fresh out of our previous relationships and we were lost. But we found each other. It was funny really… because if you know me personally, he actually was my boss! I’m not gonna divulge any information about his company, haha if you’re observant enough, you’ll know! It’s amazing how we started off as complete strangers, to boss & worker, and then lovers.

    Let me share some of the mindfucking drama that happened when we met. (You can skip this part if you hate reading, just scroll down for pictures)
    The day before I was supposed to report for work, Lisa and I were stalking his Facebook at Starbucks @ The Cathay. Guess what? When we headed to Plaza Singapura for dinner, Lisa and I spotted a tall good looking man and I thought to myself, “oh cute guy.” and then Lisa went “EH ISN’T THAT YOUR BOSS!?” Hahaha I can never forget that day.

    That same night I took the train home and alighted at the train station, guess who I saw again? It was him. I swear I was completely mindfucked I nearly died on the spot. I immediately called my bestfriends and went crazy. Well, yes I was crazy over him.

    The next day at work was awkward. We had lunch together after work somewhere near Toa Payoh HDB Hub and because I had to wait for my friends to meet me, he accompanied me at a nearby fastfood restaurant. So… my friends finally reached Toa Payoh and for God knows what reason, it started pouring. Yep we were caught in the rain. THE MOST DRAMATIC MOMENT CAME WHEN WE HAD TO RUN ACROSS THE ROAD TOGETHER IN THE RAIN. HAHA DRAMA.

    I thought I was in some cheesy Taiwanese drama or something. Hurhur I guess that was kinda how it started. We started skyping every other night, couldn’t stop tweeting each other. It was our exam period and all we could do was to tweet each other. We finally got to hang out after exams ended and we would hang out really late near our homes (we stay in the same area coincidentally!) He was somebody I could pour my heart out to. I would talk and talk for hours, and he would just sit there and listen to me attentively. It felt like he was somebody I could rely on. I couldn’t think straight, all I knew was I wanted to be with him and boooom we got together!

    Some of the pictures of us when we first got together:

    This was our 2nd day of being together lol. And er yes I wear specs, #dontjudgemeplease.

    This was taken on the day he first met my Dad. He was hiding in the room and was scared to say hi.

    It wasn’t easy for us because I had to leave for the US for 2 months when we just started. When I was in the US, I had to wake up at 5am every morning just to skype him. Sometimes I would skype him till I fell back asleep. It really does take a lot of effort and dedication to make a relationship work, I’m glad we made it through. 🙂

    I surprised him at his office when I returned from the US in August. It was awkward because we were still a “new” couple and we were apart for quite some time. We spent time together for one whole week when I first came back and we couldn’t care less about anything else. He didn’t go to work, and I was just bumming around. Haha we never left each other since then.

    As you can tell, we are very very comfortable around each other.

    I love to watch him sleep. And I would always wonder to myself, “What did I do exactly to deserve such a beautiful person in my life?”

    This is the man, I wake up right next to every morning. This is the man who sends me and picks me up from work, every single day. This is the man I love.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Thank you for tolerating my nonsense and my tantrums. Thank you for withstanding all my emo bitchfits when I get pms-y. Thank you for loving me, baby. I love you.

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