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  • Hello from Mobile!

    Whoops hey! Trying to blog from mobile and am unsure how the alignment will look like. It’ll be sooo much better for me to blog on mobile especially when I work for long hours everyday. 


    I managed to wear makeup to work the entire of this week and I have to give myself a pat on the back haha! This is because I rarely wear makeup to work and always look very restless. I love how makeup can enhance your features and also makes you feel good about yourself! This week, since I wore makeup to work, I also made an effort to dress up too. And I felt great about myself. 🙂 so if you ever have a shitty feeling when you wake up for work, dress up and put on some makeup. You’ll feel a lot better. 

    Sharing about my life right now: 

    1. Hmm, the past month and past week have been hectic and I am not complaining one bit. Work atmosphere is great and I am glad things are improving! I really hope to do my best and bring the company far with whatever I have. 
    2. Roy and I have less than a year to our wedding but nothing is done or planned yet because we just do not have time for it. Lol. We are always tied down at work from 9am – 10pm, and are usually died in bed by the time we reach home so we rarely have time to sit down and talk over coffee. So nothing is planned yet!
    3. I went to Bangkok, Tioman and Malacca last month in March and I must say it feels really good to be out of the country for many consecutive holiday trips. I lost track of time and left my woes in Singapore. 
    4. We are going to JB tomorrow just because Roy randomly said he wants to go to the HUGE Giant which I’ve never been to before. I am also looking forward to the Jelly Bunny store! :3 Last night, I chanced upon Jelly Bunny at Plaza Singapura and thought the shoes are pretty cute and comfy. They are also a lot more affordable than Melissa though I have to say that Melissa shoes are more solid, structured and feels heavier. Jelly Bunny shoes are priced from $15.90 onwards (that was the cheapest I saw) and I think it will be even cheaper in JB. Hehe, wish me luck! 
    5. I signed up for Snapchat (@urbandollsg) and have been updating my Dayre (@urbandoll) daily. In case you can’t find me, hope over to Dayre and I’ll be there, for as long as I can be. Haha. I’m trying to make an effort to stay active and remain relevant online!! 

    All right, I’m off to put on my facial mask and get my much needed beauty sleep. Gotta leave my home early tomorrow for our trip across the causeway. Good night! 

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