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  • I am zi lian.

    And because this is my blog so I have the liberty of spamming this space with a lot of my pictures so here are some self-shots of me I took on Sunday while on the way out.

    My lipstick looks kind of smudged here. I hate how my lips are not well-defined and it’s hard for me to apply lipstick on nicely.

    Lydia and me working yesterday at NUS. The Gatsby girls are gonna be at NUS Matriculation Fair till Friday so come catch us and get your free samples!

    I love this picture! 🙂 Did an outdoor shoot for Lastbusride last afternoon after the Gatsby event, I can’t wait to see the pictures. Can you see my chio pink ends? hehe. The collection is gonna be up this Sunday so I’ll post the behind the scenes pictures later this week^^

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