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  • Inflatable Swimming Pool for dogs

    Previously, if you followed my Instagram (@urbandollsg), I brought my 20 year old dog, Mickey, a silky terrier, to a pet swimming pool called Sunny Heights. I think it was previously called K9 Kulture. He had never swam in the past 20 years and we wanted him to try. It would also be good for his legs as his hind legs are quite weak now. We brought him there twice and have been infatuated with the idea of my dog swimming ever since lol. Not to the extent of forcing him to swim la! He quite like the place there, I think because he can walk around and pee/poo everywhere he wants LOL. From then, I wanted to buy an inflatable swimming pool for dogs so he can freely swim at home whenever he wants.

    When we were at Malacca last month, we chanced upon this shop called Mr DIY and being the aunty that I am, I insisted to go in for some shopping. Other than the usual household stuff like washing sponge, stationery, water jugs, etc, there was this section for swimming products. I saw some swimming floats and then my eyes landed on an inflatable swimming pool which was huge enough for my dog to swim inside! There are many different types with different shapes and sizes.

    I needed something deeper since it was for my dog to swim vs a regular water pool for children to splash water in. So we found this massive big one and took at least 30 minutes to inflate it. We were super excited about it!

    We took it out one Sunday for my dear dog to try and here are some pictures of the session:

    Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool-1

    Initially, he was quite excited about the huge pool of water. I think he must have thought they were for his consumption.Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool-2

    Then he started to have some second thoughts while approaching the water.Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool-3

    Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool-4 Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool-5

    My dog is partially blind and so he cannot balance himself while swimming. If we were to let him swim freely, his body tends to lean towards one side and then he will panic. So we usually hold on to his tummy while he paddles his front legs.Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool-6

    He liked it.. and then he disliked it after 10-15 minutes. This is how he looked like,Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool-7

    So we got him out of the water because he looked too pitiful.

     You can get this type of inflatable pool at Toys R Us too if I’m not wrong. But the bigger ones come with a heavier price tag. I think it might cost at least $50-$70 for the big ones. For me, I bought it at Malaysia and it was RM60, quite a steal!

    Do you bring your dogs out for swimming? If yes, I’d love to know what other dog swimming places that are nice, clean and fun! So far, I have only been to Sunny Heights and the admission fee is $8.00 for a small breed dog. It is free for any humans! Do leave a comment and I’ll be sure to check the place out with Mickey one day. 🙂


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    This is the cutest!! <3

    May 11, 2015 at 7:59 pm
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