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  • Jones the Grocer Dempsey Hill

    I went to Jones the Grocer at Dempsey Hill on Tuesday afternoon with Lisa and Jaslin. Yep we had a meeting over lunch there, and we were pretty disappointed with the menu.

    The menu was confusing – like it was categorized into breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, etc. I initially wanted to try their breakfast but realised they don’t serve all-day breakfast. Breakfast is only available from morning till midday. Brunch is only available during the weekends. So we were only left with the lunch menu with only five mains. seriously, five?!

    White walls and beer barrels welcomed me when I first stepped into the restaurant.

    Despite it being a weekday afternoon, the restaurant was filled. I had to sit outside before being allocated a table in the air-conditioned hall.

    As its name suggests, Jones the Grocer  is really where you can get all your kitchen necessities neatly displayed on shelves like these. All the packets of pasta, bottles of prego sauce, boxes of chocolates, etc.

    For drinks, I orderd Ice Chocolate with ice cream. It was not too bad.

    Jaslin and I both ordered the Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets. And it came with three cutlets on the plate.

    Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets on roasted eggplants & zucchini, vine tomatoes and chimichurri sauce – $27.50

    Mouthwatering lamb cutlets but too bad the serving was a bit too small. The lamb cutlets were juicy and nice aww I want some right now. I think they should serve in 4-5 pieces instead of 3.  And we were still feeling peckish so we decided to order something else.

    Sauteed potatoes came with the Braised Leg and Breast ! I love everything sauteed like mushrooms and potatoes heh.

    ‘Coq au vin’ red wine braised leg & roasted breast, french beans, bacons, shallots mushrooms and jus with roasted potatoes – $27.50

    It tastes exactly like how it looks – just like any other ordinary dish I can have at home. We should have ordered another place of Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets instead. At least that tasted better!

    I think the food is overpriced considering the small portions. My stomach was still growling even after the two dishes.

    Jones the Grocer Dempsey Hill is located at:
    12 Dempsey Rd
    6476 1512


    Gonna be at SP Food Court 5 with the Gatsby Girls later at 12pm -3pm. Come say hi if you see me! Anyway I just created a Formspring account last night. You can start asking me questions over here. Ask away ~

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