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    Eurotrip 2013: London Travel Blog Day 1, Day 2 and a bit of Day 3

    We arrived in London on 27th of June in the morning & took the tube (their version of MRT/train) to our accommodation. Our accommodation was booked via www.airbnb.com. OMG this is the best website ever if you didn’t know. I booked my accommodations for the US two years ago from the same website. Basically, if you have a budget that doesn’t allow you to stay in a hotel and you don’t fancy hostels, airbnb.com is where you can find people who rent out their rooms or entire apartments out to travellers all around the world. I super love this website!

    My apartment was closely located to the tube station: Bethnal Green, which is on the Central (Red) line. It’s like a condominium where you need an access card in order to enter the estate. The estate was perfectly safe. When we first arrived in the apartment, we were like wow! It’s very new (about 2-3 years old), our room was clean and modern. AND AND AND best part was we had our own bathroom! We were surprised because we only rented a room and thought we had to share the room with others or the owners of the apartment but they allocated a bathroom for us. Let the pictures speak for themselves.


    Our kitchen was free for us to use! Some hosts do not allow guests to use their kitchens in case you’re wondering. Our host, Nick, was very generous and friendly. We would have chats almost everyday. He would recommend us all the nice places and eateries around, living life like true English people.

    The apartment was modern, sleek and clean.bethnalgreen-3

    Our own private bathroom. Trust me, it looks bigger than in picture. I don’t think my house toilet looks even half as nice as this lor. If you’d like to stay here for your trip, feel free to contact me! I’ll pass you the host’s contact!

    After we placed our luggages in our room, we left for Trafalgar Square. Gosh the weather was good! It was very cooling, heh. It started to drizzle a little but everyone didn’t seem affected at all.

    london-1 london-2 london-3

    Trafalgar Square was such a lovely sight! There were couples and families just sitting by the fountains and chilling in the cool weather. Would have loved to sit there to spend some time but it started to drizzle and we were rushing off to somewhere else.london-4

    On our way to Big Ben, we passed by the Guards Palace and saw a guard on his shift! So we couldn’t resist snapping a photo with him hehe.


    I wonder if the guard ever feels uncomfortable in his head gear because it seemed to be blocking his vision and just look at that strap blocking his mouth. london-6 london-7

    Please forgive my touristy photos, I am but a tourist and it was my first time there hahaha.


    We also took a walk to the Big Ben and had the best crepe ever! london-9

    You can never miss Harrods when you’re in London. This place is an iconic departmental store (mostly for the rich haha) and you know, I just had to go in for the sake of fulfilling my touristy achievements. I got myself a pair of UGG there which is funny because I could have gotten myself a pair in Australia (where UGG comes from) a few years ago. My feet were hurting so bad as I was wearing a pair of oxford shoes with a slight heel and it wasn’t comfortable walking in it, AT ALL!! So I HAD to get a pair of comfy shoes and opted for UGG. They didn’t have my size at the adults section so guess where I went to? The kids section of course! And yes I got myself a pair of kid size (34) UGG shoes at 99pounds.

    P/s: I threw away my oxford shoes at the end of my Eurotrip before returning back to Singapore because I decided that I should never forgive uncomfortable shoes haha.

    If you are intending to go to London or just anywhere in Europe, please swear by a good pair of shoes. Sports shoes are fine as long as you can carry them off with your outfit. I swore by my trusty pair of UGG throughout my entire 3 weeks in Europe. My legs could have never made it if it weren’t for this pair of shoes. I’m not saying that you should get an UGG, but I just want to advise on a good pair of shoes (not slippers or sandals as the roads are usually rocky and not smooth!)

    Day 2 of London:


    My first OOTD with my trusty pair of UGG! This was taken within my apartment estate. We were headed for some shopping and business networking session.


    This is where you need to go if you want some shopping in London, Oxford Street. The nearest train station is Oxford Circus Station. They have brands such as H&M, Primark (!!!) La Senza, you name it they have it!

    Here are some snapshots that I took at Primark! There were simply just too many things to shop, spoilt for choice!


    Bags going at 8pounds!! That’s SGD18.40, tell me where in Singapore can you find nice bags at this price?!primark-2

    Lots and lots of them! These clutches are 4 pounds only!primark-3

    Sheesh they even have luggages too! I think these are for shopaholics who can conveniently store their massive buys in the luggage after shopping.primark-4

    Super cutesy and pretty socks. I swear I didn’t know what to do when I was there because there were just too many things! I even texted my sis, “omg I’m at Primark and there are so many things to buy. I don’t even know what to do.”

    There were 3 Primark stores just along Oxford Street itself and we didn’t know. I went to the biggest Primark store with 4 storeys. Ibro and I agreed to meet at Primark but we couldn’t find each other after an hour. Turns out he was at another Primark down the street!


    By the time we met, we were both worn out and HUNGRYYYY. Guess where we settled lunch at? McDonalds!! HAHAA because it was just across the street and we were really starving. Had a great catch up with my dear friend and listened to him share about his 6 months exchange in Istanbul, Turkey & his travelling adventures! 🙂 We went our separate ways after lunch because he was going sightseeing and Roy & I had to attend a business meeting. Sob sob. Roy and I spent 2 days of our time in London doing business-related stuff. Haha you can never separate Roy and the word, “business”. They come together, so I just had to accompany him. #goodwife

    Day 3 – Portobello Market portobello market-1

    We woke up late that morning as we had a long day the day before. BUT we still managed to get our asses up and travelled to Portobello Market. The nearest train station is Notting Hill Gate station, and you’ll have to walk for about 10-15minutes before arriving at this charming market.

    It would be a total pity if you went to London without visiting Portobello Market because there was just so much to see! It was our favourite place in London and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

    We arrived at the market at about 930am and it wasn’t crowded yet. We had a splendid time walking along the streets and enjoying the atmosphere. The crowd started streaming in after 11am, so be sure to go early!!!

    portobello market-2 portobello market-3

    Lots of vintage floral crockery up for sale.portobello market-4

    We passed by this little vintage store and couldn’t resist getting that nautical clock for our new house! (Our house will only be ready in 2016 and we just could not walk away without that clock!) It was 6pounds, slightly more than SGD12. QUITE WORTH IT RIGHT?!portobello market-5 portobello market-6

    CREPE!!! My favourite has go to be Nutella Crepe! It’s a very simple dish but everyone just loves it! You got to try it since we don’t have this on the streets of Singapore. Well I think Bugis street has a crepe store but that one tastes more like the one in Platinum Mall, Bangkok, which isn’t chewy or exactly delicious.portobello market-7

    You see!! Portobello Market is just rich with culture. I don’t know the name for these vintage cameras but I know for sure any camera junkie would have stared a lot longer at this stall.

    portobello market-8 portobello market-9

    So pretty the flowers!!portobello market-10

    Oh and if you are intending to be souvenirs, please get them at Portobello Market as well because it’s cheaper there!

    portobello market-11 portobello market-12


    After Portobello Market, we immediately went for Roy’s business session again. We went to some other places after his business thingy but I’ll post those in the next entry!

    I’m so sorry I have to split London’s post into 2 separate entries because there are a lot of pictures and I don’t want to bore you guys out with them. I will continue this entry a few days after this!! It will then be followed by Paris, Venice, Florence & Rome. YOU NEED TO READ MY BLOG IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE TO GET THE CHEAPEST PRADA AND MIUMIU BAGS. (I got a Miumiu bag for SGD374!!)Hehe I won’t reveal where now, you just have to read on!


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  • Reply Jimmy

    Hi, what a lovely trip to London! I got my accommodation thru airbnb.com during my last visit to HK and i quite like the site as well. Just one thing, I think you arrived on June 26th instead of July. Anyway great photos there! =)

    July 18, 2013 at 11:39 am
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hello Jimmy, I haven’t been to HK in a while. Maybe I should use airbnb.com for my next HK trip as well. Oopsy, thanks for telling me that, I shall correct it! Was falling asleep halfway while typing actually haha. Thanks!!

      July 19, 2013 at 5:06 pm
  • Reply Vivi

    Hi, the apartment seem nice. Can you pass me the host’s contact.
    Btw, got handy info from your blog.

    October 10, 2013 at 9:32 am
  • Reply airport transfer london

    Hii Keline, thanks for sharing your travelling experience of london with us…

    March 18, 2014 at 8:10 pm
  • Reply Ella

    Hi, where did you buy ur mui mui bag? I’m going to europe in Jul 14. Thanks in advance!

    June 16, 2014 at 11:49 am
    • Reply urbandoll

      Space outlet in Florence!! you HAVE to go there!! I haven’t wrote a post about it so please please add Space into your itinerary. It will be worth it!! xoxo.

      July 2, 2014 at 5:15 pm
  • Reply mei Ling

    Hi just to check do we need visa to visit london?Cause im planning to go in dec. Pls advise.


    September 8, 2014 at 12:00 pm
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hi Mei Ling,

      I did not apply for any visa to London. 🙂

      September 15, 2014 at 10:34 am
  • Reply Nur

    hi ,

    I could not find the post of where you get the branded bag at a cheaper price in London.

    Please advise.


    March 3, 2015 at 10:18 am
    • Reply urbandoll

      It is located at Space outlet in Florence, Italy!

      March 11, 2015 at 4:11 pm
  • Reply Ali

    Hi. I couldn’t access the URL for the apartment you stayed at. Possible to provide an updated one please? Thank you!

    April 12, 2015 at 12:14 am
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hi Ali,

      I received a similar comment from somebody that the URL cannot be accessed. It works only if you login your Airbnb account, then you can view the apartment. This works over at my side. Thank you! 🙂

      May 3, 2015 at 9:27 pm

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