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    LOOF: Tonight we W.E.D Blue Print Welcome Party

    Since I’m sick at home and I should update a little more. Last Wednesday, my colleagues and I attended a party at LOOF. It was good food and good looking people everywhere!

    For some reason we all look so frail and sickly lol. Flash always makes people look ugly 🙁 But the caption of the photo makes up for it hahaa: “Gorgeous canape platter, gorgeous bubbly from Champagne G.H.MUMM, gorgeous faces.. gorgeous everything!” – Photos and caption taken from LOOF Facebook page.

    They had awesome beer ambassadors taking polaroids of us! We took home one polaroid picture each, how generous of them 🙂 Usually people would only take one picture and pass us one polaroid picture. This time we had 3 in total! ^^

    Terald, why your face like that? Hanisa and left early that night because I wasn’t feeling too well. Sorry to my colleagues, I promise I’ll make it up to you guys soon okay! Work hard, party harder 😀

    Some pictures of me at work hahaha:

    Check out the pimple scars on my face 🙁 Okay this was when the 3 interns were brainstorming for a proposal. Woohooo  I’m glad it’s over! It was a nightmare I swear it was haunting me everywhere I went!

    Eh one of my bosses on the left and my colleague on the right. As you can see they were all busy working while I was preparing to doll myself up. Note the M.A.C concealer in my hands hahaha. No I wasn’t skiving, I already knocked off from work!

    On a random note, I really love my job. There are definitely times when I feel stressed while rushing for deadlines but that’s agency life for you. I wished I joined this company much earlier, I would have learnt a lot more! I love my colleagues (hello 3 little pigs!!!) and I also love my boss. She’s the most understanding boss ever :’) I cannot be more grateful for an understanding and appreciative boss.

    Well, work resumes tomorrow and I hope my body recovers soon enought to conquer all upcoming deadlines!

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