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    LunchActually – Get your free date here!

    Ever tried dating apps and met people who are weird, or don’t meet your criteria? I know it gets quite frustrating having to always swipe left at those who don’t meet your requirements (be it looks, heights, age, career, etc). I’ve seen my friends using such apps – Most of the time; they are always swiping left and unable to find a suitable match online.

    Even when you actually match with someone, it’s very rare that you actually go out on a date. Most of the time you’ll be stuck with texting for very long? Or the conversation will just die down, and you won’t actually get a chance to meet that person.

    But all these are not as worrying as the factor of SAFETY – You wouldn’t know who you really are talking to until you meet up with him/her. I have had many people coming forward to tell me that people are using MY photos on dating apps. An example is below:


    Those accounts definitely don’t belong to me!!! I am not 21 for sure and I’ve never worked at Llaollao before.  Imagine talking to someone you haven’t seen in real life, developing feelings for him/her only to realize the person isn’t real and this whole thing was a lie. You wouldn’t know what other information the person has fabricated.

    And this is why Lunch Actually is here to help. I’m sure this name will come as familiar to many of us. Lunch Actually is a highly reputable dating agency, it’s actually the largest dating agency in Southeast Asia and it was founded in Singapore 12 years ago! I also went to check out their office and it’s very conveniently located (at Somerset) and very nicely decorated as well. They have tons of pictures of success couples on their walls – these are the people that they matched up, and subsequently got married!

    So how does  Lunch Actually work?

    • Upon receiving an enquiry, they will invite you down to their their office for a friendly chat to get to know you better.
    • All clients have to submit their ID for verification purposes. They will also check with the Registry of Marriages to make sure all their members in the database is single. They will also verify other information such as job, pay, etc.
    • Using their SoulSeek system, they will match profiles to you based on your preferences and the opposite party’s preferences. (These preferences include but are not limited to age, religion, career, income, educational level)
    • And tada, a date is set for you! The consultants will reach out to you and share with you about your potential date. If you like the sound of him/her, just let your consultant know, and they will go ahead and schedule your date.
    • After this, all you need to do is just turn up for the date at the scheduled venue. Even the restaurant will be booked for you already!


    Basically Lunch Actually helps you filter and narrow profiles according to your preferences. What Lunch Actually promises is the privacy and confidentiality of all clients’ information. Sometimes when you use a dating app, your co-workers or friends of friends may accidentally chance upon your profile online. This is an issue that many professionals are worried about; some of them who wish to keep their lives private. I’ve had university classmates telling me they saw our fellow schoolmates on dating apps and it could get quite awkward when they see each other in real life! Hahaha. T_T

    The other thing is – if you’re a working professional and you’re very successful, it would make sense that you want to meet someone who is equally successful or at least at a certain stage in their career. You’ll be more likely to meet people like these on Lunch Actually, rather than on any other dating app (where there is no minimum criteria to join!)

    Understandably, many working professionals are not able to do lunch dates because of busy work commitments. You can also request for dates to be scheduled after office hours, in the evening or even on weekends.

    With 85% satisfactory rate and more than 10 years of proven track record, it is no wonder why Lunch Actually remains as the leading matching making agency in Singapore.

    After getting to know more about what Lunch Actually does, I would see myself trying their services if I was single because that increases the chance of me meeting people of my lifestyle and career similarities. (I were have gone for a blind date via Lunch Actually if I was single now just to try out their services hahaha)

    Here’s some good news to share! Sign up for a complimentary consultation for their dating consultants to know more about your profile and if they have any suitable matches for you. Lunch Actually is also extending an extra free date for the first 20 people who enquire through this link, so what are you waiting for? Just leave it to the professionals 🙂

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