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    Malaysia: KSL City!

    The weekend is finally here! Roy and I decided to make a trip to Malaysia yesterday just for fun since we stay in Woodlands which is approximately.. 3km away. The last time I went there was with the Bs and it was so much fun:D

    Decided to just head to KSL City as I was quite worried about our safety. We first bought tickets to Mirror Mirror and decided to walk around before the movie started. And I chanced upon this shop called Paradise – they sell a lot of peter pan collared tops! Check out the pictures below:

    Yeah no kidding, 2 pieces of clothes at RM 50 (approx. SGD20). I bought myself 2 pieces of tops hehe, who can ever resist such cheap deals?

    After the movie, we walked past a cute ice cream shop. Girls will definitely stop by for a second look.

    I tried their ice cream once last year and it didn’t taste so good, maybe because I was too full. You should still give it a try! At least it looks cute haha. My suggestion: Never ever pick gummies as your toppings! Pick chocolate or marshmallows, you can never go wrong with them! If I’m not wrong, they also have Cocoa Krispies too:) You know the one that looks like rice and when you stir it in milk, your milk turns chocolatey? Price starts from RM4.90.

    OMG no girl should ever miss this push cart! This push cart is filled with hair accessories. I wanted a piece of all their designs but ugh $_$ They have hair ties, hair bands, hair clips, bun clips, whatever you can put on your head. Too cute! And most of the designs are made of ribbons. They have polka dotted ribbons, striped ribbons, plain ribbons. Spoilt for choice! I think the ribbons are mainly inspired by Ferragamo. If you can’t afford expensive accessories, you should totally opt for this:)

    Later on I passed by another push cart that sells similar hair accessories but of limited designs at 4 for RM10. It is somewhere more secluded I don’t even know how to explain where it is hahaha.

    And I present to you.. The hair accessory shop that is a million times better than Chameleon or Aries! When I initially walked in, I was about to dismiss it as the normal kinda accessory shop that sells overprice small black hair clips at $2 but imagine my surprise when I saw these….

    Sooo many wire ribbons for bunny hair bow! I didn’t get any of these because I don’t think I look too good with them. Heh, they’re about SGD2.50 each. So cheap lor call me sua ku, maybe I’ve never seen these in Singapore that’s why.

    Check out what else they have in store:

    When did scrunchies become so pretty? Lovely scrunchies for bad hair days when you have to tie your hair up. I got myself 2 scrunchies:D These scrunchies prices start at RM4.90

    Some random push carts that I saw. Pictures from here on are taken from my iPhone because my camera ran outta batt. Didn’t charge if before heading out because I wasn’t expecting to take pictures.

    I love those Hello Kitty contact lens cases I bought 2, one in pink and the other in purple! Saw another push cart that was selling the same type of contact lens casings but at a higher price. I was lucky!:)

    I also couldn’t resist those cheap rings. Usually if we buy them from fleas, they are about 3 for SGD10 or sometimes 4 for SGD10. Assuming that the exchange rate is 1=2.4. These rings from KSL cost less than SGD1.50. Cheap thrill much!

    Lastly.. after a long day of walking, we decided to dine at Manhattan Fish Market. Honestly I’ve only tried it once in Singapore and that was an awful first experience at the Central outlet. But Roy has been raving about Manhattan Fish Market being better than Fish & Co. Okay I decided to give it a try at Malaysia.

    We ordered a promotion set which included a plate of  Caesar Salad, a Seafood Olio, and one plate of baked fish & rice & 2 drinks. Oh we also added Fried Mushrooms at 50% off. hehe.

    It wasn’t too bad, and it was hwelly cheap! Our total bill came up to about RM50, which is approximately SGD21. That’s about SGD10 per person.

    This entry pretty much sums up my day at Malaysia KSL City! Can’t wait to go back there for more goodies:)

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  • Reply rina

    Should try sutera mall alot of variety and also escape roomrin. If you love ksl. Sutera mall has a bus link to sg. You can ccheck the bus schedule.

    October 26, 2014 at 3:40 pm
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hi Rina,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Will definitely keep it in mind when I travel to Malaysia next time! 🙂

      October 29, 2014 at 3:53 pm

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