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  • Marche Vivo City | My kind of Saturday

    There was a question of Formspring that went “What are your Saturdays like?” My response? Sleeping in late in the afternoon and having a nice dinner with my love. And that was exactly how my Saturday went!

    It felt good to wake up late on a Saturday because that is the only day I could laze around in bed, tucked under the covers and not having to endure my Mom’s nagging or my maid going “Keline……Keline… wake upppppp”. First week of school was almost hell already, almost. I’ve been sleeping at 3am or even later for the past week. So sleeping in on a Saturday was the best thing that happened to me last week, besides getting the courses that I wanted.

    Roy and I went to Vivo City for a pleasant dinner at Marche.

    I like this app it makes me look so fair lol. But in real life I am this tanned…

    I love Marche!! If you haven’t been to Marche… where have you been living all your life? Marche is a European restaurant with a marketplace concept. So when you walk into the restaurant, you feel like you’ve been teleported to a Swiss marketplace with food stalls selling fresh food and ingredients. The vibrant ambience makes a happy setting. 🙂 There was once my bestfriends went to celebrate my birthday at Marche (because they know I love that place) WITHOUT ME. I think I was overseas or I wasn’t allowed to celebrate my birthday or something I can’t remember but yeah.

    There are two dishes that I always order whenever I dine at Marche: Rosti and Crepe (Mushroom & Ham) But this time round we didn’t order the Crepe because I thought I should try some other dishes. Seriously for the past few years I’ve been to Marche, I only ordered Rosti and Crepe. Yep that’s me for you.

    First we ordered a plate of Rosti with Chicken Sausage $14. Hmm~ I love potatoes and I love Rosti! I like that the Rosti is always slightly charred and the sour cream that goes with it makes a great combination. The Chicken Sausage wasn’t amazing. I’d suggest you go for Pork Sausage if you must. Otherwise, you can always have the Rosti plain. 🙂

    Marche Vivo City - Rosti

    Anyway photography is not allowed in the restaurant so I could only secretly snap some photos with my humble iPhone.

    Wait.. What is going to Marche without having some Root Beer? Root Beer is a must-have whenever I go to Marche heh.

    Marche Vivo City - Root Beer

    Then we ordered some Grilled Lamb Racks – $19. They were nicely grilled and juicy.

    (hahha this picture is without filter. Sorry all the pictures in this posts are a mixture of pictures from my camera, and iphone with different apps)

    My first time ordering a grilled item from Marche and it wasn’t too bad. I even wanted to order another plate of it haha. The queue at the Rotisserie is always the longest in Marche, so I guess a lot of people must really love the grilled food they serve there. I also noticed many customers ordered steak! If you’re a meat lover, you know where to go at Marche!

    We later ordered a plate of Pan-fried Snapper Fillet that was honestly quite mehh.

    The skin was too charred and the fillet was dry. Both Roy and I didn’t really like that dish but we finished it anyway because we were still hungry.

    After dinner, what was supposed to be window-shopping became…

    We both got ourselves a pair of Aldo shoes each hehe!

    Hello look at Roy acting cool behind me.

    Anyway if you like the pink top I am wearing it is from thecolorIS. The material is made of comfortable chiffon and is slightly sheer. I like the golden collar tips and the studden button area. The buttons are hidden by the way.

    Another piece of clothing that I took home was this Asos Inspired Skater Dress! So pretty. I took the black one but now I think I should have gotten the white on instead. ANYWAY both colours are pretty hehe!

    So if you like the clothes that I was wearing in the pictures above, don’t forget to check out thecolorIS. The clothes will be available for sale at 5pm today 🙂


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  • Reply Anti chong ching

    Didnt like it but finished it anyways….. Thats Classy

    October 29, 2013 at 11:50 am
    • Reply urbandoll

      Well, we didn’t our money to go to waste!:)

      November 1, 2013 at 1:30 pm
  • Reply vipul

    I dont know what you see in this place.

    This place is the worst place you can go to in the whole of Singapore. It is costly, but the service is horrid and the food is about the worst I have had ever.

    January 12, 2015 at 10:32 am
    • Reply urbandoll

      I’m sorry to hear you encountered bad service there. Perhaps you can write in to them. 🙂

      January 14, 2015 at 2:16 pm

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