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    I’m writing this post as I’m prepare for my FYP report draft which is due tomorrow, eh no I mean.. today. And I’m getting dizzy from calculating the numbers and looking through the survey data. All I need right now, is sleep and I shall head to bed once I finish this blog post haha. It’s 3.30am right now, I have to wake up in a few hours’ time at 9am for work. And probably rush to the post office after work to pick up some cosmetics parcel which I missed during CNY (YES MORE MAKEUP TO REVIEW!!) and then rush home to complete the FYP report.

    So far, my FYP has been receiving a decent amount of media coverage. We have appeared on Zao Bao, 95.8fm, 93.3fm (I think), and some other Chinese news source. Yes we are making it~ We will soon make it to the English news in a few weeks’ time (hopefully) too. I have the urge to post the article of Zao Bao here but I don’t want SPH to call me up and say I have to pay for copyright so I shall just… not post anything. So thankful for my FYP mates, and the best best best professor. :’)

    Tomorrow (Friday), I’ll have Japanese test and in the night I’ll be working at Clarke Quay. Omg I’m constantly busy, either in school or at work. Actually I think I like this. I like being occupied so my thoughts don’t wander too much. Also, work means I don’t remain as a financial burden to my parents. Work means a more independent me – both mentally and financially. I can do this.

    My life is great. My life is great. My life is great. May all good things come to me, and you. 🙂

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