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  • My 22nd Birthday Celebration – Part 2

    Hehe on my actual birthday, I had an extremely hard time dragging myself out of bed in the morning because it was sooo comfy.

    We had breakfast downstairs,

    Some photos of the Loft Suite in case some of you are thinking of booking the hotel for a celebration!

    We checked out at 2pm then I kept bugging Roy to tell me where he was bringing me to and he couldn’t stop giggling to himself. I asked if there was any hint, and he said “if I say just one word you’d know what it is about already!” ANDDDD it just suddenly struck me that it could be “SPA MASSAGE!!” So yeah Roy brought me to Spa Republic for a massage. We went there previously in March on his birthday haha (I brought him there) and had quite an enjoyable experience.

    By the way if you are thinking of going to Spa Republic, you can get the some discount packages on deals websites, it should be about $88 per person!

    While waiting for the room to be prepared, we snapped some pictures!

    Forcing Roy to pose with the Hello Kitty.

    Please pardon my incurable eyebags because I didn’t have makeup on except lipstick since we were going for a spa massage.

    I even brought my Hello Kitty into the massage room and guess where the massage therapist placed it at? In the jacuzzi tub! Haha.

    Anyway, I had the Apple Scrub with Aromatherapy Body Massage and Roy had Apple Scrub with Deep Tissue Detoxifying Massage. While I was relaxing and enjoying my massage, Roy was in total pain haha because it was a deep-tissue massage which involves more pressure. Poor Roy!

    Felt really rejuvenated after the massage teeheee. And we headed to Marina Bay Sands where Roy tricked me into believing my family was gonna be there. So I stupidly brought my small walking Hello Kitty to MBS for my nephew to play. I walked the Hello Kitty alone to TWG when Roy went to park his car and prepare his upcoming surprise. I sat at TWG for the longest time and he finally came, without my family. I thought maybe they would appear somewhere somehow after the dinner.

    I got a table with three seats and conveniently placed my kitty on the chair.

    I had Rose Boudoir Tea. I’ve always have something for rose-flavoured drinks like rose coffee! Omg I remember TCC used to serve rose coffee but it was removed from the menu quite some time ago 🙁 If anyone knows of any place that sells good rose coffee, please let me know! 🙂

    Pan Fried Snapper Fillet

    And Roy’s dessert which came with his set meal but idk the name of the dessert.

    Normandy Apple Tart

    After dinner, Roy and I walked around MBS aimlessly and then he brought me to this place which I thought was the casino and I was like “Why are you bringing me to the casino!?” and when I was about to start nagging about how expensive the entrance fee was gonna be.. I realised it wasn’t the casino. It was the MBS Theatre and OMG HE WAS BRINGING ME TO WATCH JERSEY BOYS.

    Okay I was dying to watch Jersey Boys after Lisa watched it and showed me some YouTube videos. But Roy told me the tickets were too expensive and since Roy isn’t the kind of person who appreciates musical, I thought he most probably wouldn’t wanna go. I did catch him singing to Sherry a couple of times when he left home for work, trust me he sang so loudly at the lift lobby I could even hear him in my sleep. YAYYY SO WE CAUGHT JERSEY BOYS! It was my third time catching a broadway musical. My first was Rocky Horror Show at Esplanade in 2010 and second was Avenue Q in New York at the Broadway district itself in 2011! Broadway productions never fail to impress. If you have the chance, do watch a broadway production I promise it’ll definitely be good!

    I must say I really enjoyed myself thoroughly this birthday celebration. Thank you so much baby for planning my burden birthday. I know it must have been tough on you during the period before my birthday, especially when you were extremely busy and caught up with work. Nobody’s gonna love me better. I love you. 8)


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