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  • My laptop died :'(


    So I was ready to print my term paper for submission last afternoon and my macbook pro decided to crash on me. It still works perfectly fine except that I can’t use the Internet because it cannot detect the airport card.. which essentially means my laptop is a useless piece of aluminium right now. I read on forums and heard from friends that replacing the card at the Apple service center would cost about $280-$500 depending on the complexity of problem. I am seriously considering getting a new macbook pro instead. After all, I’ve had this laptop for about 4 years now and maybe it’s time to upgrade. But everything else is working fine!! I can run programmes like Photoshop and Microsoft Office fine. Ugh. Would be a waste if I chuck the laptop aside at home just because it cannot connect to the Internet. And having to spend a 4-digit sum on a new laptop is gonna burn a HUGEEEE hole in my pocket.

    I have class till late afternoon today and an individual presentation tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have class from 1030am – 730pm, which really is quite crazy. On Thursday, I’m going to do my hair and also submit my group project. I have classes on Friday. And I’m booked for Saturday. Sunday is Roy’s youngest brother’s birthday. It seems like I might not even have the time to get myself a new laptop at all. No no, I will make time. I can, I will.

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  • Reply Hui Yan

    Hello babe! ^^

    Get the macbook retina! If you do a lot of photoshop and video editing.
    If not, get MBA, just like me! Hahaha. I bring my laptop to everywhere I go cos it’s so light 😛

    April 11, 2013 at 12:45 am
    • Reply urbandoll

      Hello Hui Yan! Nice to hear from you. I just got a new macbook pro without the retina display as the retina display is not compatible with Adobe CS. I do quite a bit of photoshop and designing so I can’t live without Creative Suite. And the retina display doesn’t have a disk drive. Yep, so I got back the same heavy macbook pro haha 😛 Thanks for your advice anyway!! And yes the MBA is soo light and convenient to bring around! Wish I cld get that but I need a laptop for heavy usage hehe.

      April 15, 2013 at 12:12 am

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