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    Dinner at Nakhon Kitchen

    Haven’t been updating for a while because I’m soo busy with school and the only thing I do when I reach home is SLEEP. I don’t know if it’s me growing old or what. I just get so lethargic lately.

    Anyway, on Sunday evening, Roy brought me to Kovan/Hougang for some authentic Thai food for dinner at Nakhon Kitchen. It was my first time there and it was full house when we reached. There was a short queue and we waited for about 10-15 minutes, not too bad! While queueing, we were allowed to order our food in advance so the serving time wouldn’t take too long when we got seated.

    As there were only two of us, we didn’t order too much. Hehe we’ll bring Hanisa and Cherhow there next time as one of our double date outings!

    I think the guy on the left in the singlet is the boss. He kinda looks Thai but speaks fluent Singlish. The rest of the waiters are Thai. They are all very friendly (esp the boss!) and efficient. They can clear plates by stacking plates and bowls on their arms. Not just 3-4 plates, they can clear dishes from 3-4 tables! Now you know why they are so buff. Seriously all their waiters have big biceps O.O Well for the girls out there, you know where you can enjoy Thai food with eye candies!

    Sweet and Sour Prawn – $12

    Roy and I both enjoyed this dish. The crispy flour coating and the succulent prawns.. hmmm~~~!

    Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables – $6

    I like mixed vegetables!

    Tom Yum Soup (Chicken) Clear Base – $6

    We were offered two choices of Tom Yum Soup: Clear base or Thick Base. I thought clear base was the normal slightly orange-y one we see outside so I ordered clear base. In the end… IT WAS REALLY CLEAR LITERALLY. HAHA. Now I know I should order thick base next time! I’d better warn you although the clear base does not seem to be spicy at all, it actually is VERY SPICY. When Roy first took a sip, he was like “woah I think you cannot take this.” Then I tried.. and started choking. If you can’t take spicy food (like me) but still love tom yum, I’d suggest you go for thick base and specifically tell them “less spicy”.

    Overall, it was a good experience! I felt like I was transported to Thailand. Ohhh now I wanna go to Bangkok again! Complimentary ice water was also readily available like the ones in Korena restaurants. Hehe. I think I’ll go this place pretty often if I’m ever around the area! Usually Roy and I will head to Punggol Nasi Lemak or the porridge place. Now we have a new hangout!

    Nakhon Kitchen is located at:

    212 Hougang Street 21
    6286 8785

    What is a blogpost without some pictures of myself? Haha here are some pictures from RESET. Took this set of photos about two months ago!

    Ciao! x


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