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  • National Day Parade Funpack – 2016

    This year’s NDP 2016 funpack is not just only lightweight, waterproof and multifunctional, it is also a great accessory to any outfit. The funpack, which comes in white and red, is surprisingly roomy and goes well with most attires. I was really happy when I saw the funpacks in front of me because I could already think of using it during my overseas snorkelling trips or picnic dates.

    Now let’s see what is included inside this mighty funpack!

    Other than food and welfare items, one of the things included is the LED Wristband (not pictured). This year’s NDP 2016 will see us adopting interactive technology to promote active audience participation. So what does this mean?

    For example, the LED Wristband given to all spectators are programmed and wirelessly synchronised with the show’s music and lights. This means that the audience can now play a part in the show, forming mass visual displays and immersing themselves in the environment while at it. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    The above souvenir magazine is embedded with digital content that hopes to engage readers in an interactive manner. With the use of augmented reality, readers can access additional content via the NDPeeps App on their mobile devices. What you need to do is to scan the pages on the NDPeeps App and a 3D video will appear! Very cool right!! It does help people understand more about our country while waiting for the show to start. I think it is a good teaching material for kids too. Different pages will showcase different aspects of Singapore. The younger generation can watch and learn how Singapore has transformed from the olden days to a successful city that we are today.

    Also, this year’s method of distribution of these funpacks will be different from the past. The funpacks will be placed on every spectator seat instead of people having to queue at the collection points previously. This will help aid in the crowd control and traffic flow during the event, ensuring that everyone has a smooth experience while celebrating our Nation’s birthday.

    There will be various engagement initiatives held till the days leading up to the actual National Day. Here are some of them that I would like to share:

    • More than 50,000 individual paintings drawn by Singaporeans will be digitally stitched together and digitally embedded with content, showcasing the collective journey of our nation.Mural
    • The physical mural of the above paintings will be displayed around the National Stadium from 23rd July – 9th August. You can download the NDPeeps App and start scanning the mural there to trigger additional content!
    • This year, more than 850 beneficiaris under the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) will be invited to the NDP 2016 during Preview 1, Preview 2 and National Day. They will be accompanied by youth volunteers who will ensure that the beneficiaries enjoy a comfortable NDP experience while taking part in the national celebration.
    • Last but not least, former TV Artiste, Mr Edmund Chen, has collaborated with children with special needs from Pathlight School in co-designing this year’s Pledge Card.
      NDP Pledge Card
    • This is to celebrate the artistic talents of these children and showcase their unique perspective of being a Singaporean. The pledge card can be accessed through the NDPeeps App from 7th July 2016, or by completing a hardcopy of the pledge card at the National Stadium during the preview shows and actual show. You are encouraged to pledge your love for Singapore on social media platforms with the following hashtags: #NDP2016 @NDP2016theme #NDP16 #NDP #NDP2016Pledgecard

    Now I can’t wait to join in the National Day celebrations!! Every year without fail, I will alway spend my National Day at home with my loved ones watching the live TV telecast of the NDP. We will always sing along and dance around at home. Sometimes we will attend the celebrations within our neighbourhood. How will you be spending yours? 🙂

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