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    Yeppy! If you haven’t realised, I changed my blog layout. 🙂 Stayed up late last night to complete this because my previous layout had some problems, especially with my archives. How do you like the new Urbandoll layout?

    Now, you can access my archives easily on the right side bar, at the bottom. Yes and you can see my blog is currently less than 11 months old, and we are turning 1 in April! Hip hip hooray~ It’s really great to see my blog growing everyday. Thank you, thank you for reading even when I don’t update every single day. I’m trying my best to. I have been snapping some photos for product reviews and have a truckload of beauty products in my room waiting to be up on my blog!

    Another piece of good news is, I AM GOING TO DUBLIN! And that means I’m going to Europe. My FYP team paper has been accepted by an international conference which is being held in Dublin, late June. We are thinking of travelling around Europe, and this is my dream come true. :’) Because I was initially thinking of Europe for grad trip but none of my friends were interested. Heh, now I get to go there! So stoked! Can’t wait for it to happen. And I can’t wait to share with you my experience in Europe!!


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