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    Reliving my summer memories – Part 1: New York

    This time last year, I was having the time of my life travelling from New York to Miami and different parts of California. I must have done something great my previous life to deserve such an opportunity haha. Hmm I left for the US early June last year and was there for about 2 months for summer school.

    My first stop was in New York with two of my friends, Lisa and Allen (whom we so affectionately call Alien hahha). I remember us dragging our heavy luggages across 20 over streets just to reach the Grand Central Station. We rented an apartment in New Jersey, just across the Hudson River. In order to travel to and fro New York & New Jersey, we would take a 30 minutes transit bus.

    11 June 2011
    Our first night in New Jersey was… pathetic. We randomly walked into a Spanish (I’m not even sure if it was!) bar/restaurant and had some mediocre tapas and pasta. I honestly can’t recall a single thing about that cold windy night, except that we had to walk a long stretch of dimly lit path.

    12th June 2011
    The next day was spelled awesome! We woke up early and I skyped Roy at the backyard.

    Of course, our first stop was to Times Square!

    There, we first saw a 5-storey Forever 21 across the street!

    And then we were stucked there from 9am – 1pm. Hurhur, that was 4 hours of some crazy shopping.

    The entire day was just shopping, shopping and MORE shopping!

    My legs were sore from all that walking and shopping in heels, I sat down in the middle of the streets and changed into my sandals HAHA. Because I am aunty like that.

    Lunch was at Five Guys.

    Our nanny, Alien, who was in charge of.. basically everything including buying of food and carrying our shopping bags.

    Century21 is where you can get branded goods at cheap prices. I think the Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren boxers & underwear I got for Roy cost less than USD10 each!

    Then we went to the M&M’s World!

    Just look at the wall of M&M’s chocolate behind us. That’s Lisa, Me and Darius, our friend who was already there for 6 months.

    Erm yes, 3 full floors of M&M’s shopping, I walked out empty-handed.

    Ooh we also sat on the Times Square steps watching the Tony Awards. That’s Neil Patrick Harris hosting the awards.

    Okay so unglam but this was us sitting on the floor of the bus terminal while waiting for our bus back to New Jersey. We were so so so tired from shopping haha.

    Just take a look at what I bought on my first day in New York haha! These are all my loots 🙂

    All mainly from Forever21 and H&M^^

    13th June 2011
    We visited the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island. We camwhored along the streets while waiting for the transit bus to New York.

    If you know me in person, you’d know I’m actually quite crazy and aunty-like.

    Bought breakfast from one of the shops at Grand Central Terminal.

    Okay we were taking a touristy shot with the Staten Island Ferry sign above us when a guy just randomly walked in and joined our photo. LOL look at Lisa’s expression.

    On the ferry to Liberty Island.

    Hello there Statue of Liberty. Look at all the people trying to get a nice picture haha.

    I can sit on comfy carpet grass~~

    Visiting the Statue of Liberty took half our day away. By the time we reached Manhattan, it was evening already.

    We rushed to the Brooklyn Bridge to take some obligatory touristy photos and ran all the way to the famous Broadway just to catch Avenue Q. It was good, but I fell asleep HAHA. I was THAT tired.

    14th June 2011
    My last day of New York was spent shopping at every possible store and maxing out my cards. I remember revisiting certain stores just to make sure I bought everything I wanted. Yep, I confess I’m a hopeless shopaholic.

    While waiting for the transit bus near our apartment to Manhattan.

    Guess what’s the name of this noodles!!

    We spent the entire day at Jersey Gardens, an outlet mall. Then night came and we made our way to the Empire State Building. The view on top was breathtaking. Except that I was moody by then because my eyes were feeling extremely dry due to my contact lenses and the strong wind at the top. I didn’t even take any photos. It was so cold I went to hide instead of admiring the view and taking pictures from every possible angle.

    That about sums up my short stay in New York last year. I felt like I was living in the movies, because it was exactly how I saw it on TV. Busy streets, lots of people, and yellow taxis! My next few days were spent frolicking in the sun in Miami. Hehe stay tuned if you wanna read more about my summer 2011 memories in the USA!

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