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    Not all who wander are lost

    Roy and I finally got our lazy asses up on a Saturday and went out for a shoot. It was drizzling but oh well, I should be glad it wasn’t pouring. We managed to get some decent shots I can’t wait to share them!

    So far I’ve only put together one collage. Will do up the rest when I have the time. Okay I promise to do a few more collages tomorrow! Have to get some things done before my internship resumes. I would call this my first photoshoot since the rest I’ve done were for blogshops only.

    Hmm, gotta work on my posing. Practice makes perfect! By the way, the outfit I was wearing is the one featured below except that I wore my new Jeffrey Campbell Foxy knockoffs I got online (shopdiygalore). Been trying to get a pair of JC Foxys since forever but online stores like and always run out of size 5. #sucktobeme These new pairs are quite light, or should I say too light? My (real) JC Litas are so much heavier than these. The heels are made of plastic and rubber while I suppose the real ones are made of wood as seen on my Litas.

    That’s about it. Should update with more pictures tomorrow:) Good night!

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