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  • NTU Convocation 2013: I’ve graduated!!!!!

    Wooohooo!! I’m proud to announce that I’ve graduated from Nanyang Technological University Wee Kim Wee School of Communication with a Bachelor of Communication Studies after four long years. Phew! This must be my greatest achievement of life, yet! I remember when I first attended school two weeks later than everybody else, I didn’t know a single thing about school. I knew nothing about course registration or where my classes were held at. My first year of school was spent getting lost around the huge campus and taking forever to reach my classrooms as I was never sure where my classes were held at. Lol actually I think I was lost like half the time during my entire four years of school hahah!! Anyway, back to me attending school two weeks later than everybody else.. it was really a hard thing for me because I was supposed to be attending school overseas but yeah I guess it was part of God’s plan to place me there. I just had to embrace it. It was tough, it really was. But I am so so so so very glad that I managed to pull through these years and am now a graduate from the best communications school in Asia. I never imagined myself to be able to pull through. There were many many times I considered quitting school and never turning back. Many times I cried to myself and wailed to Roy that I couldn’t make it pass the finishing line. Still, I did it!!! I really did it, this isn’t a dream right?!


    I look more unhappy than excited that I am graduating lolol.
    convo-2 convo-4

    Lisa, thank you. Thank you so much for sticking by me all this while. Thank you for making school better for me. Thank you for burdening me, scolding me and making sure I get to class or do my work. Wouldn’t have pulled through without you. :’) Will definitely miss us stalking people’s Facebook in class HAHA and our epic moments. convo-5

    Us with Darius, our fellow (super smart) classmate who stayed at our apartment for a short while in Los Angeles two years ago hehe. convo-6

    Jeng jeng!! The ceremony’s starting~convo-7

    Roy managed to snap a picture of me on the screen when I was on the stage heh.convo-8

    Erin, me and Alvin. We were all in Dublin, Ireland, just a month back!


    MY Bs!!!!! Thank you both for coming down readily. You guys have no idea how much it means to me!!!!! Love love you guys!!! My two bestfriends since JC, when I say bestfriends I mean we can really bare our souls to each other without worrying about being judged or anything like that. And we always tell the truth to each other. Love you both girls for always being there, and listening to my rants/complaints or listening to me cry over the phone hahaa. Thank you girls for walking this journey with me!! convo-10 convo-11

    Hello Daddy!!!! 谢谢你这几年来的养育之恩。谢谢你不断的鼓励我,奖励我。虽然我们在家相处的时间不多,我希望你知道,如果没有你的支持和鼓励,我也不会有今天。你的女儿毕业了!!!! We rarely get to spend much time together but whenever we do, my Dad will always discuss about politics and current affairs with me. Although my Dad isn’t highly educated, he is well read. Any of my friends who have met my Dad would know that he is. 🙂 I guess this is a major reason why I love to read. He loves reading the Chinese newspapers and would always force me to read a Chinese article for 5 minutes & later coming back to “test” me about the content. LOL I always play cheat by asking Kay to read for me first.

    My Dad never once questioned my capability, he has always believed in me even when I didn’t do well in exams. In secondary school and in JC when he had to attend meet-the-parents (and even the principal!) sessions, he never once scolded or reprimanded me for bad results. Eh you all don’t think I’m some high achiever ah. When I say bad results means really bad like 20/100 that kind. Instead, he would always keep calm and have a long talk with me at the dining table when we reach home. I am really grateful to have you, my ever supportive Daddy. 🙂 Thank you for believing in me.

    Sorry ah this blog post is like a thank you speech hahah. convo-12

    When I asked my Dad why he was looking at another direction he said, “I scared the camera flash!!” -.-


    My Mom with her super big grin HAHA. My Mom has always loved to show me off to her friends since young. I’m like a trophy. Today I am her official trophy already!!! I vividly remember in Primary 2 I had a Chinese test and my score was 98/100. Let me tell you she keeps harping on it till this day. I don’t know how to describe how my Mom is like. She’s very funny, and… her style of teaching is weird. When I was young, she expected A LOT from me. Like getting the first in class and having really neat handwriting. (Must be her OCD!) She would sit beside me everyday to practise my handwriting, and if my handwriting wasn’t nice, she would whip out her cane. As I grew older, she got busier with work and didn’t have much time to watch over me. She hired a maid since I was 8 to look after the children full time.

    So back to saying my Mom’s funny.. When I made it to JC, she said I should have gone to poly instead and would list down all the reasons why I should have never entered JC. By the way, JC was MY choice. And when I entered University, she never thought I could make it. I got really tired of her trying to put me down. But I guess maybe it was because I was always slacking around and wasn’t serious at anything. Maybe she was using the reverse psychology method haha! The more she said I couldn’t make it, the higher the chance of me making it!


    My favourite people in the world. 🙂


    With my super-parents! My parents know not a single word of English as they were Chinese-educated since young but they brought Kay (my sis) and I up to be effectively bilingual. Kay and I have relatively good command of both English and Chinese. My Dad stuck with his principle of teaching us Chinese (not just the language but the the entire culture including Confucius values and way of life) because he said he could leave the teachers in school to teach us English.

    I really hope to clear my school loan ASAP so that my parents can rely on me financially soon. It hurts to know that they have to toil day and night just to make ends meet and putting my siblings and I through school. It’s time I give them what they deserve.



    My baby sister, Kay!!!!!! She is the best sister I could ever ask for. Actually, our roles are reversed. She behaves more like the mature elder sister while I’m always the crazy younger sister. Kay would always listen to me and give me advices. She knew how much I hated school and would always push me to hang in there. Thank you for being you. Peanut loves Xiaobai!!! (sorry this is our inside joke)


    My Mom insisted that Roy took a picture with us. YOU SEE HOW MUCH SHE LOVES ROY. convo-19

    My man. 🙂

    Roy is also one of the major reasons how I managed to get through school. I would cry to him at home about how much I hated school and all the assignments. He would always get me to cry it all out and then go back to finish up my work. Roy is a nerd. He always forces me to get my things done. In fact, he is more worried than anybody else about my school work! Without him, I think I might have died somewhere tearing up all my notes and smashing my laptop.

    During exams, Roy would stay up with me ALL night, keeping me company while I did my last minute studying. When it comes to work, I have never seen anybody more dedicated than Roy. He would worry about my school work more than me. He is a very serious man and would go all out to get his things done. This is what I love and hate about him the most, haha. But this is also why I managed to graduate!! 😀

    convo-20 convo-23

    Looking forward to our future plans and next stage of life together. 🙂


    Ati!!! Thank you for being so semangat to come down alone and getting balloons for Hanisa and I. I think I don’t have to say much because you definitely know how I am lucky to have you!! I will pay you back when planning for any of your birthday or events hahaa.


    With Hanisa, my fellow B!! She also graduated on the same day as I did, with a Bachelor of Business. Look at how tall she is, I was in heels and she was in slippers. I met Hanisa during the orientation camp in JC and we both hit off almost immediately, we never left each other ever since. 🙂 Was very happy and excited for her convocation as well. I was standing in front of the huge TV screen trying to capture her glorious moment on the stage hahah. HAPPY GRADUATION B!!!! No more unhappy stories about school, class, or group work anymore!!


    With Siva, my senior whom I stayed together with for 2 months in the United States two years ago!


    Me, Lisa and Feng Hui!

    Lol. The numbers shown by our fingers are indicative of our honors classes. AIYA I’m third class la!! Doesn’t really matter to me actually haha. Because I believe in reaping what you sow. I didn’t work hard in school, so I deserve a third class. Can’t expect a big time slacker like me to have good grades right lol. convo-28 convo-29

    Fail shot #1convo-30

    Fail shot #2 Okay forget it.convo-31 convo-32 convo-33 convo-34

    pink heart border

    You all wait okay, I’m finishing up already. I’ve been waiting for this day for very long already lol. Longest wait of my life!!!

    When I was in secondary school (I come from a normal neighbourhood school), I told my teacher and fellow classmates that I wanted to get an A for my Mother Tongue and I wanted to go into a JC, a random guy shouted in class, “aiya tyco one la!”. I did it.

    In junior college year two, I did extremely badly for my first common test somewhere in Feb-April. I was one of the unlucky ones to be called to the principal office. Freaking intense man I tell you. My Dad had to go down to school TWICE. All because the school wanted to persuade me to drop out and go to a polytechnic instead. I THOUGHT THE PRINCIPAL WAS A LOVING TEACHER (well at least that was the image she was trying to portray.) So I told her my genuine expectations for A levels, that I wanted to get an A for General Paper and an A for H2 History. SHE SMIRKED AT ME. The principal offered me a school withdrawal form. I went home, TORE IT LIKE A CRAZY BITCH AND CRIED FOR 2 WEEKS. Don’t tell me that was reverse psychology because everyone involved at the time knew very well it wasn’t. Well okay, I DID GET A FOR GENERAL PAPER AND A FOR HISTORY EVENTUALLY.

    And I was one of the small amount of people from my JC who made it to a public university. Please thank me for making up that percentage leh.

    I remembered my brother even had to come down to school because my Dad couldn’t communicate in English so this was the thing he said to me when we left the principal’s office, “你不要suay给人家看。” (which kinda means don’t let people look down on you in English.) YEP..




    I just want you guys to know that, you should never be affected by anybody who tries to put you down. You are you, and your life should not be dictated by anyone else. Should anybody try to put you down, COME AND TALK TO ME HAHA. I HAVE MET TOO MANY OF THESE PEOPLE. How I react to them now is, roll my eyes, flick my hair, and walk away. 🙂 You don’t even have to say anything to them, just prove them wrong with your actions.


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  • Reply Jasmine (Ur pri sch fried)

    So proud of you girl! Congratulations!

    July 27, 2013 at 4:27 pm
  • Reply Cherry

    Well done girl! Just chanced upon your post and read it all. Good job for proving others wrong! I know how you feel, because my relatives used to look down on me (not like my results very jialat lor), and luckily i graduated with a decent honours – from NTU too 🙂 And, at least you’ve found a job! (Y)

    August 4, 2013 at 4:57 pm
  • Reply Lesley

    although u are much younger than i am, this post of yours motivated me and to be honest, it is quite a touching read.
    Congrats and very touched by your genuine love and gratefulness to the ppl ard u.

    August 5, 2013 at 10:35 am
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