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  • Perth Itinerary: Day 2 – Caversham Wildlife Park

    Perth Itinerary Day 2 – Caversham Wildlife Park, Dinner at Ivy & Jack

    We went to Caversham Wildlife Park to feed kangaroos and pet koalas. Our initial plan was to visit Rottnest Island but the tickets were sold out 🙁 Nonethless, it was a good decision to have gone to there!! I will share about how to get to Caversham Wildlife Park in this post and our fun experience there watching the animal show, etc.

    From our Citadines Apartment, we walked to Perth underground (Perth Station) and took the Midland Line to Bassendean Station. The train journey was 16 minutes, there were 9 stops in total. 


    We made a small boo boo in the train and had to alight to take the other train back hahaha. When the train was arriving at our intended station, we stood at the door but the door didn’t open. I saw people heading out from the other door so we made our way to there, but it closed on us!!!!!! Guess why? We were supposed to press a button near the exit before the door would open for us.  Ah guys, been relying on too much automated technology in Singapore man.

    At Bassedean Station, you can take either Bus 955 or Bus 956 heading towards Ellenbrook. Alight at the bus stop outside Whiteman Park entrance on Lord Street. At the entrance, you can take a small shuttle bus into the center of the park where you walk 1-2 minutes before you arrive at Caversham Wildlife Park!

    Admission prices:
    Adult – AUD27.00
    Child – AUD12.00

    Roy lost track of me cos I got so excited and wandered into the place by myself hahaha.

    Saw a furry koala sound asleep in the enclosure! So cute!!

    The very first kangaroo/wallaby we spotted and went to approach. It was just lazing in the sun. The sun was very glaring and it made the kangaroo so washed out.

    Roy attempting to give it a massage lol.

    Just a mother-kid sun bathing session together.

    Hello white kangaroo/wallaby. Sorry I can’t differentiate which is a kangaroo or wallaby so I’m just gonna call them all kangaroos hahah.

    Honestly, I was really scared of approaching them because of their long heavy tails and hind legs that may kick. I wouldn’t want a flying kick in my face if they got provoked!

    Hehe, baby joey in the pouch!!

    Realised I had a selfie stick with me and took the chance to take a nice selfie with them hahah. Thanks for not kicking my face. 

    We were in time for the 1pm farm show. The timings are 10am, 1pm and 3pm for the farm show. You can expect to see a cowboy crack a whip, shear a sheep’s wool, swing a billy, bottle-feed lambs, etc. 

    What a large crowd turnout.

    It was quite scary to watch the cowboy shear the sheep wool because the sheep was struggling and it did bleed at some parts. 🙁

    After the farm show was over, we wandered around the place and found ourselves at Molly’s Farm.



    I specially went to search how you can tell an alpaca apart from a llama. While at the farm, I heard a father telling his daughter that alpacas a turf of fur on their heads while llamas don’t. Not sure if this is true.

    Llamas are a lot bigger in size than their cousins! A lot braver? For sure!!! Check out the gif of the llama attacking Roy here:


    HAHAHA!! It was sticking its neck out and biting his arm XD

    At Molly’s Farm (within the Caversham Wildlife Park), get close up encounters with lambs and calves. There are also guinea pigs, birds and other smaller animals.

    Then we went to a tentage where we could queue to take a photo with a wombat!

    My Supre AUD5 Knitted Scarf that I got the day before was doing a good job in keeping me warm. #goodbuy


    The queue was quite long so we took the time to take photos of ourselves lol. Wasted no time in capturing memories!

    Yay a photo with the wombat! It looks like a hybrid of a pig + rat + bear.

    Once we were done, we went to queue for koalas next!

    A baby koala and its mummy!

    Aiyo so cute!!

    Then we saw an evil koala!!!! This koala was creeping up on unsuspecting visitors and stretching her claws out at people.

    Just look at that face!

    I was so so afraid of getting close to it.

    Caversham Wildlife Park is located at:
    B/99 Lord Street, Whiteman
    Operating hours:
    9am – 530pm

    Show schedules are here:

    (Information taken from:

    Yep so the above is basically how you get to Caversham Wildlife Park via Public transport.

    1) Take the train to Bassendean Station
    2) Hop on Bus 955 or Bus 956 towards Ellenbrook
    3) Alight at Whiteman Park Entrance
    4) Take the small shuttle bus in
    5) Walk 1 – 2 mins to Caversham.

     Night came and we made our way back to Perth City for dinner.

    Dinner was at  Ivy & Jack, a highly raved restaurant/bar that opens till late.

    We ordered a 3 course set menu that was around AUD28. It came with a fries, french onion croquette (BEST THING EVER!!!) and Aglio Olio. There were different options within the promotion menu to choose from but I don’t remember all of them. Should have take a photo 🙁

    We enjoyed the French Onion Cheese Baguette or Croquette the most!! (Can’t rmb the name) Cheesy and crunchy. Yummerz. 

    I wish the Aglio Olio pasta was done al-dente because this was a bit over cooked and became slightly sticker.

    Ivy & Jack is one of the few places that opens till late in the night in Perth so you can check it out if you’re still exploring the city after 7pm. The kitchen closes at 10pm but they still serve drinks after that!

    Ivy & Jack is located at:
    788 Hay Street
    Operating Hours:
    630am – late

    As the night was still young, we ventured down the streets and found ourselves in a frozen yogurt store.

    Perth Itinerary - Berry Me

    Hee, had a cooling dessert to end off our day before we set off for Fremantle tomorrow!

    Although we didn’t manage to explore Rottnest Island, it was still a fulfilling day as we got up close with our furry buddies. I’ll be back for you next time, Rottnest Island!

    I am trying my best to churn out all my Perth Itinerary blogposts for you guys as many of you have requested. I hope you find my blogposts useful! Let me know what you would like to see here.  🙂

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